Does the Presidential Order on Financial Sanctions Against Those Promoting Terrorism Apply to Israel and Saudi Arabia?


Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Modernizing and Expanding Sanctions to Combat Terrorism

National Security & Defense

September 10, 2019

I have issued an Executive Order to modernize and expand sanctions to combat terrorism. The Order enhances our ability to use powerful sanctions to target terrorists and their supporters and deprive them of their financial, material, and logistical support worldwide. Foreign financial institutions are now on notice that they risk sanctions if they knowingly conduct or facilitate any significant transactions with designated terrorists and terrorist enablers.Since my first day in office, my Administration has worked tirelessly to preserve the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. The United States and our partners have liberated 100% of ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq and dealt significant blows to ISIS, al-Qa’ida, and Hizballah’s financial and operational networks around the world.

The United States will continue to aggressively use all levers of American power, including financial sanctions, to target terrorists and those who enable, facilitate, and finance their heinous acts.


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And does this apply to US citizens and US private military corporations and the CIA and the Pentagon?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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  1. just on saud…she is about to end the war with yemen, she is doomed. she is also about to find out how many friends she does have, pakistan maybe??

  2. “The United States and our partners have liberated 100% of ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq … .” President Trump, if you, by chance read this comment, I am calling bullshit on you. Without Russia’s help the USA would have turned Syria into Libya II.
    Anyone who has been paying attention knows what really happened, and is continuing too. Withdraw all of our assets, and with hold money and arms from Syria’s al Queda, Al Nusra Front, ISIS, SFA, et al, and the Syrian Arab Army would bring peace back to their country. Instead you are complicit in allowing the inter-national oil companies to steal Syria’s oil, ditto in Libya. How Dare You!
    Other than this complaint, your’re not doing too bad of a job. Just get 100% control over our foreign policy, and then deal fairly with Palestine.

    • Not only Russia, and then Iran helping, but how about the Syrian Army and the National Guard that Iran helped organize to defend static positions so the army could remain mobile to have superior numbers when attacking. Before that the SAA was spread out all over trying to defend position and being picked off in ambushes on their supply columns. I remember watching a video if a 15 truck SAA supply column moving at night, that rolled right into a string of IEDs that blew them all to smithereens. Trump forgot to tell about the the Qatar ex-FM and PM admitting on the Charlie Rose show that the US coalition had spent $160 billion trying to bring Syria down, arming anyone that would fight, including the terror proxies.

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