U.S. deploys advanced electronic warfare aircraft in Mideast

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[ Editor’s Note: God bless the internet. We have an independent observer picking this up and sharing. Thank you for the update, Mr. Gomez. Can you tell us how you knew what it was?

There is no way to know now if this is offensive preparation or defensive, but not an unusual move by any means, under the circumstances.

We had conciliatory statements from Trump and Bolton today about not wanting war with Iran, but you cannot be assured of anything they say reflecting their real intentions. The last thing they would tell us is that they are preparing to strike.

It does not really make any difference. Iran has been preparing for an attack for a long time, so everyone there knows the drill, which would include everybody pulling 12-hour shifts so they have a 24-hour guard on all the time.

If there were a Western coalition attack, expect to see F-35’s used to take our radars and air defenses after dummy US missiles have been fired to light up all the radars. Then it will be a game as to who has the best jamming and anti-jamming equipmentJim W. Dean ]

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USAF EC130 Compass Call

– First published … September 19, 2019

The U.S. military has deployed at least one EC-130H Compass Call electronic warfare (EW) plane in one of its bases in the Middle East.

On September 18, Manu Gómez, an observer of civilian and military aviation, spotted the advanced EW plane over the eastern Mediterranean. The plane flew over Israel than Jordan before turning off its transmitter.

Manu Gómez@GDarkconrad

USAF EC-130H Compass Call 73-1580 AXIS41 Electronic warfare/SEAD aircraft heading towards the Middle East (no position)

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Manu Gómez@GDarkconrad

I sure don’t like what I see…

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The EC-130H may have landed in Jordan or continued its way towards Saudi Arabia or one of the U.S. airbases in Iraq, the UAE or Qatar.

Built on the base of Lockheed Martin’s C-130, the Compass Call is a heavily modified variant designed to disrupt enemy command and control communications, perform offensive counter-information operations, and carry out other kinds of electronic attacks.

The deployment of the EC-130H EW plane in the Middle East appears to be a part of measures employed by the U.S. and its regional allies in response to the September 14 Abqaiq–Khurais attack.


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  1. If I were the leader in Iran I would make it crystal clear to Israel that Tel Aviv would receive the full brunt of retaliation of a proxy attack from the US/SODOM Arabia proxies.

  2. Remember the saying from Trump’s cronies in New York: “You might as well cooperate because we are going to kill you anyway.” This is the dictum they operate under. This is why it is a foolish mistake to wait around until they “start the war”. Iran must get their licks in while they can. Aid could be forthcoming from friends.
    Trump obviously hates all the same countries Israel hates doesn’t he? He does not have a functioning brain.

    • Everyone must remember the con of 9/11/01 done by Israel and the U.S.
      These two countries are international criminals and outlaws.
      They have no conscience.
      They hate all Muslims and almost all other races.
      Trump even reportedly converted to Judaism recently in New York although he was likely a defacto Jew anyway just to get as far as he did in New York. They used nukes to bring down the towers.
      They lied about it all. Believe nothing they say. Only actions count. These are pathological liars and cheaters.
      They don’t know what truth is.

  3. Whatever the evil monster US has in mind it will involve a false flag event to blame on Iran. So why wait around? Why not gain the advantage of a first strike? Israel lover Trump is a pathological liar. If you have nukes better get them out because liar Trump will likely use them on Iran. Israel will too.

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