Intel Drop: Show Us the Line and We Will Cross It


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Some hard words and not just for “Trumpies.”

    We’ve walked away, run away, turned away and surrendered to the scum of the earth.

    99% of journalists, bloggers and pundits are their fiends. Every voice you hear, every word you read that sounds good, that makes sense, is engineered to draw you in and cage you in kindergarten.

    Trump has demonstrated to a majority of informed leaders, political, diplomatic, judicial, military and business, that he is insane. His call to Ukraine, dangling $260 million in US money, most of which is earmarked for bribes, to Ukrainian leader Zelensky who was asked to empower an investigation against Joe Biden and his son using manufactured evidence and perjury is proof.

    We know this to be 100% true.

    We also know Trump asked for cash from Saudi Arabia to send American troops there — deals that Jared Kushner will be closing in secret meetings which he will later blab about to everyone he knows.

    Everyone around Trump has been recorded over and over, the Russians, the Israelis, Saudi Arabia, the NSA, the FBI, Turkey, Pakistan’s ISI, India’s RAW, MI 6, DGSE, crime after crime.

    The whole Venezuela thing involved deals for oil and drugs with Trump family involvement.

    Domestically, Trump began with an overall 12% income tax hike and a $1 per gallon gas increase, yet is running trillion-dollar deficits.

    His trade policy, tariffs on others which are 100% paid by American consumers is insane.

    In Washington, we all expect idiots and scumbags, a White House filled with restroom “glory hole” loverboys who play tough guy with big arm gestures on the golf course and threats spewing out of law firms paid by ADL cash.

    I am not going to say what comes to mind here, but I grew up on the streets of Detroit and tend to look to a hardware store rather than courtroom when solutions come to mind. Thank goodness I am a “stable genius.”

    Defining what “informed” means is impossible. Here is why we are going to have this talk.

    Trump’s call to Ukraine, which was “beautiful” and “perfect” is, obvious to anyone, a whole bunch of crimes. In it with him are Barr and Giuliani, for sure, but no one is surprised by that, both are lifelong scumbags working for a con man.

    Let’s take another second and discuss Michael Cohen and why he is in prison. He was put there by Barr’s best friend, fake Russiagate investigator Robert Mueller, who spent two years silencing people who could send Trump to jail as a shill for the Kosher Nostra.

    Take Michael Cohen, who had evidence of what he claims are 500 people he threatened on behalf of Trump, and our sources say few threats involved civil issues, sexual assault, theft, mail and wire fraud, blackmail, racketeering…

    And now Cohen is in Barr’s Federal prison system, without any of his information given to prosecutors or congress, held just like Epstein, silenced by Mueller and Barr, who began their partnership, according to Gene “Chip” Tatum working as “fixers” for the CIA as early as 1974.

    Outside the US, everyone is watching. Most feel sorry for Americans, assuming they know their government has been taken over…

    By whom?  Not Trump certainly, that drooling moron and the petty thieves around him.

    Here in the US, and most will understand, we have reached a point where we don’t discuss politics.  We have defined Trump supporters as “White Supremacists” or the angry and poorly informed.

    Truthfully, all of Americans are uninformed, and the fake political spectrums of left and right are constructs of military psych warfare programs.

    It’s like, for instance, why do we hate Russia? OK, “we” really don’t but, if you don’t say you hate Russia, the FBI and DHS will be up your ass as though you were a Bush White House intern.

    Russia?  Yes, there’s Putin, a bible thumping “queer hating” Marlboro man type of guy who, when he opens his mouth, is thoughtful and diplomatic. When Putin doesn’t talk, Lavrov does and Lavrov is brilliant.

    Russia, at this time, is pure capitalism, more mobsters than America, a few more anyway, much more religion, almost fanatic Christianity, a small defense budget and they don’t really bother anyone.

    Their legal positions are exactly that, “legal,” they stick to treaties (mostly, especially when watched closely), continually reference international law and may well end the years of patience they have shown. That would be a disaster.

    But none of this is about Trump or Bush or left or right.  It’s about sick schools, and it began 60 years ago, about building a slave society out of the US, deindustrialized, racially divided, a home for extremism, a nation of strong divides…

    Do remember, the regionalism we know today grew up steeped in blood. The hatreds of the Civil War were strong until the 1970s, and are now back, much stronger than ever. The “new South” is the militia-ridden West, where fake patriotism and childishness rules in communities that otherwise…except maybe for the heroin, oxy and meth epidemic, are nice places to live…for white Northern Europeans with money.

    To survive, Americans have resigned themselves to looking away, to not seeing tyranny, to pushing away the few millions that the internet throws at us, the clinically insane that suffer from amplified personality defects when exposed to dangerous propaganda.

    Then who am I addressing?

    There are no more patriotic Americans, not really. We are so obviously the bad guys that even the Israelis look down on us.

    The Taliban feels sorry for us.

    To blame? My generation, those born after World War II, we did it. When it was time for all Americans to get rid of the fake democracy that killed a generation in Vietnam, and I mean overthrowing the government, cleaning it all out, cutting off heads, mass executions, just like in Russia 1917, we “went chicken.”

    The last straw should have been when they murdered Bobby.

    That was the real day “the music died.”

    For those of you old enough who still have living friends, do this:

    Gather somewhere, get a legal pad and big marking pen, because if you are like me you will be blind as a bat, and begin.

    Let’s look at 1968.

    I was in the Marine Corps then, the end of the year anyway. Look around the world as it was — the jobs you had, the life you led, the stores, how people talked and felt. Then look at what you expected, not just for you but your children.

    We thought we won World War II. We believed we were destined to lead the world to democracy, which we defined with our standard of living. But then of course, after 1974 that standard of living died, and it wasn’t just because of the oil embargo. We began on a slide to eternal poverty and fear for America’s working class — it began then, it rules today.

    Americans living one paycheck away from fear.

    We were going to turn Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, all into little Ohios and Indianas.

    Colonialism was gone, and once we beat communism, every nation of the world would have car factories, great universities, highways, free health care. But then those nations that did that, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Cuba, became enemies.

    The countries we helped, like Ghana were I advise the government, were crushed with 3 CIA coups, their industries gutted, their banks crushed and their people impoverished for decades.

    I can name 40 nations we did this to, with full criminal intent. I know exactly how we did it, why it was done and who benefited.

    Instead of factories, we are still “talking about” things like toilets, clean water and electricity – things denied a billion people living under virtual American rule, living in pre-bronze age conditions.

    And if they try to crawl out of the bronze age, American B52s will bomb them into the stone age.

    As a postscript. A million years ago, as with so many other Americans, I walked out into the jungle or was it a desert or the snowy forests of the Ardennes, a citizen soldier en-wizened by months of military training, steeped in hypocrisy and corruption, sent out to kill or die for international bankers.

    In 1812, Americans openly spoke of such things, in latter days the only solution was to eliminate the citizen soldier entirely, PMC’s and a so-called professional military armed with space weapons that fail miserably against tribesmen with ’03 Enfield rifles.

    The war is afoot, mankind against evil. Ain’t nobody gonna save us but ourselves.

    Begin by assuming every word you are told is a lie.

    If you can’t see it, taste it or feel it, it ain’t real.



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    1. Epstein’s case by all appearances is one of a person being moved to the witness protection program. Robert David Steele says Epstein is laughing his ass off in Israel.

      VT also seems oblivious to the heroin epidemic in our country as our troops remain in Afghanistan to guard the poppy fields and cargo drones bring heroin in by the ton as the CIA conducts business as usual.

      Also, there is nothing about the international pedophile rings.

    2. A couple of new details, but nothing here surprising or shocking anymore.

      I wish someone could put percentages to those who are informed but lack the power to change things for the better, those who are in denial, and those who are informed and activity assisting the evil overlords of humanity.

    3. “The last straw should have been when they murdered Bobby.” That has been my conclusion as well. Years go by now waiting for some opportunity, a moment offering some leverage, but there are none left to wait for. I used to think it was bluster to call yourselves at VT “the last man standing,” but pretty much it is so. It ain’t much to offer, but I want to say thank you Gordon Duff for posts such as these, offering at least an orientation to those who might still care as to what is at stake.

    4. First photo is really creepy. During all the Epstein thing we never heard a peep from the “Me Too” brigade in support of the victims.

      • I would like to see Trump ride the motorcycle on some county highways, since there is a really, really, really good chance he would crash it.

    5. The 60’s were definitely the time for revolution. The government was doing their part. A youthful pissed off population was ready. The Vietnam War squelched the passions needed for revolt and citizens chose denial over the slap in the face reality that was happening daily. The sad thing is, the revolution would have been a cakewalk. America would have been rejuvenated. Warnings were given, but no one listened.

    6. The year is right – 1968 – but the most significant event was the enactment of Regulation Z under the federal Truth in Lending Act. The U.S. made it mandatory under federal law for all creditors to employ the same formula for the disclosure of annual interest rates – and for the calculation of interest charges – that was being more or less simultaneously banned in the U.K. as criminal fraud on the grounds that it is “false and seriously misleading”. That is why today I can show virtually anyone the following excerpt from the CBC website in Canada:

      “How much do payday loans cost?
      They are the most expensive legal way to borrow money
      Typically, you can expect to pay up to $100 in interest and fees for a $300 payday loan. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada says that amounts to an effective annual interest rate of 435 per cent on a 14-day loan. ”

      And they won’t have a clue about what I am getting at. People are mathematically brain-dead. The rate of interest objectively defined by the transaction is 180,754% per annum and not 435%. The private financial system is sucking wealth and liquidity out of the global economy at brutal and truly breathtaking real rates while “disclosing” a form of “logarithm” of the real rate in accordance with the “Truth in Lending Act”. 1968 was also the year that banks more or less globally were first allowed to own real estate in their own right. Think there might be a connection?

    7. but johnny-boy hagee keeps telling us every sunday that those who bless israel will be blessed. what’s wrong? the United States has been blessing israel every year with untold billions $$$ and more. hey, we’re blessed! we’re better off in 2019 than 1974. the bible (and johnny-boy preacher) tells me so.

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