Shining Example of Exorbitant Healthcare Costs


Which Was Worse: The Bachelor Party Hangover Or The Hangover From The ER Bill?

By Markian Hawryluk Kaiser Health News

DENVER — Two days before his wedding, Cameron Fischer had one heck of a bachelor party, hitting a few bars in the Old Town section of Fort Collins, Colo., with his friends into the wee hours. The next morning, the 30-year-old IT professional from nearby Loveland woke up with a killer hangover.

“I couldn’t keep anything down,” Fischer said. “I just felt miserable.”

He was in such bad shape that, with their wedding day fast approaching, Fischer’s fiancée urged him to leave their rehearsal dinner in Denver and head to an emergency room to be rehydrated.

That resulted in an even bigger headache: a medical bill that was initially $12,460, all told. That was more than twice the cost of their wedding.

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  1. Dear zman, if you think $12,460 for some hangover rehydration treatment is “non-profit”, you keep it! I’ll continue to keep my reactions!

  2. Outright medical racketeering best describes the way patients are tricked into using hospital’s medical services. Doctors receive benefits for farming out patients. These medical con artists will do anything they can talk a patient into, whether it’s real or not. Emergency care centers are the new ERs and the ones I’ve been to have good doctors, reasonable costs and get you out quickly. Family and aquaintences say the same. Having good insurance may be hazardous to your health and well being. Hospitals and doctors have created another minefield and a broken system.

  3. This is the result when gov becomes controlled by corporate entities. Most hospitals are supposed to be non-profit. Well, you could have fooled me. Hospitals are the biggest gouge artists there are. These huge bills are designed to do one of two things. Launder money from drug and insurance companies or to promote the notion that privatizing is the way to go. Providing affordable healthcare is not even close to the goal. Now that the vast majority are insured, we are supposed to be reaping the benefits of hospitals that are no longer stuck with unpaid bills, the horseshit we were sold. Like all other insurance scams we were sold, that when all are insured the costs will go down. Anyone here EVER see that happen? I just had a 2″ splinter removed from my calf. It cost $908. If I would have had to pay for it, I would have cut it out myself. I just received notice that insurance refuses to cover it because my GP could have done it. Yeah, after waiting for my appointment to come around after 3 weeks, then he could have removed half my leg from infection. What a scam.

    • I read a lot about American medicine, how it works and what crazy sum patients receive in payments. I think that doctors use the illiteracy of the population in terms of self-diagnosis of elementary diseases that people in my country treat themselves by buying drugs worth no more than $ 10-20. In the USA, starting with a paid consultation, then 3 skins will be removed from the poor fellow by sending him a check for any treatment. I’m not talking about dentistry – this is probably some kind of financial gap. Of course, if there is no insurance. Etc.
      The same goes for higher education prices. If the youth is smart and talented, but there is no money to study, should I become a seller in Publix or KFC?
      And what are these crazy prices for paper-and-wooden houses that are blown away by the wind? Boards and plywood, beautifully painted – up to $ 500,000. Yes, for such an amount I will build 8-10 f….ing good houses from brick,stone (in Russia, of course). It turns out: take a loan for this chicken coop and pay it all your life. So we are driven into credit bondage.

  4. I’ve noticed the cost of everything government imposes itself into (because after all all, it’s government for the people); health, education, and housing, are the biggest drivers of runaway inflation in the cost of living. Make these people and institutions compete!

    • This is exactly the reaction they want. To compete, they would ‘have’ to be privatized, the end goal. The Postal Service was privatized by Reagan, go look at the cost increases before and after. That is the kind of ‘competition’ you can expect from privatized hospitals. The only way privatized anything can be cheaper than non-profit is if the non-profit is intentionally compromised. The schools here found this out. They privatized school maintenence, instead of keeping their own maintenence crew. This came about after a change in admins after an election. Now the teachers have to clean rooms and bathrooms, because companies only provide employees for 4 hrs a day, or they can’t make a profit. If there is a plumbing problem, they now have to call a plumber. They are now dropping this and returning to the previous plan…along with an investigation into how the contracts were awarded.

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