United Arab party makes history in Israeli politics today

The Joint Arab Party proudly walks up the red carpet to see Israeli President Rivlin to give their coalition votes to Benny Gantz

…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

VT called it on election night, that if the United Arab Party did well, it would probably throw their endorsement to Benny Gantz as Prime Minister. But what that would lead to, no one knows at this point.

Arab Party Leader Ayman Odeh’s mandate was to end Netanyahu’s political career, a victory in which all Arabs could share; but they will not be joining Gantz’s coalition, choosing instead to accept their new role as leader of the opposition with its guaranteed privileges, such as face time with world leaders and even security briefings.

Odeh told Israeli President Rivlin, “We want to live in a peaceful place based on ending the occupation, the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel, true equality, on the civil and national level, social justice and certainly democracy for all.“

The Joint Arab Party pow-wows with Israeli President Rivlin, who is playing the evangelical preacher

Yes, even if Bibi gets thrown over, it will be bittersweet for the Arabs, as Gantz is not expected to bring with him any major changes in the majority Jewish rule situation in Israel, or in Gaza or West Bank chaos. The Deal of the Century is still breathing.

Gantz has overseen a lot of destruction in Gaza, but the Arab United party wears no rose-colored glasses. Their stance was a pragmatic one. They wanted Netanyahu gone, and hence are solid allies with Gantz on that one issue; but on what else, it remains to be see.

Rivlin gave no indication who he would pick as a first choice to form a government. But the situation will put a lot of pressure on Bibi to step aside, or even to negotiate a promise of a pardon on his legal issues which, if he does not get, he could throw another election out on the table.

Netanyahu, who had referred to the Joint Arab Party as “the enemy” said, “As we warned, the Arab parties that oppose Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and glorify terrorists recommended Gantz for prime minister.”

President Rivlin weighed in saying that there cannot be a stable government without the big parties, and Bibi said he would not join a coalition with the Arab Party. Gantz has said no deal to anything that leaves Bibi standing, so we still have a classic cliff-hanger, even though the election is over. Welcome to Parliamentary politics Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. Even with the larger population of the U.S. all minority parties have been swept under the rug. Either they play ball with the totally corrupt two party system or they don’t exist in any practical sense. Even Ross Perot when he garnered a massive roughly 20% back in 1992 got nowhere and even he and his family were threatened. He put the fear of God in the crooks running our country with only 20%! Both corrupt political parties in the U.S. must be abolished along with all the corrupt illegal laws in all States promoting this massive corruption. But of course this won’t ever happen. Frankly the U.S. is just as corrupt as Israel only on a much larger scale. Churches own some of the most valuable property in all cities. Why do these religious bigots get fancy tax exemptions? Let’s tax all these disgusting churches who promote much of this tyrannical behavior against minority groups and even engage in child or teenage pornography as the Catholic Church Priests do while using easy money donated for church purposes to hire lying lawyers to get these sexual predators out of criminal charges!

    • That very tall but short brilliant American Ross Perot came onto the stage and declared:
      “We need to clean out the barn in D.C.!” That was about 27 years ago. People can smell the stench all over the world today can’t they? If you want to smell something unspeakably bad, take a whiff of a meat locker with a power failure. Well this is what Washington, D.C. smells like and worse today. Those brief 9 words put the fear of God in the crooks running this corrupt cesspool. That is why they made sure he would never occupy the front office.

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