SPECIAL: Who Programmed the Eco-Terrorism Zombie? UPDATE 9: Wrong!


Here is the comment I posted at YouTube, where I expect the comment to be deleted because YouTube is very much a part of #GoogleGestapo in service to the  cabal:

What mind-controlled Hollywood idiocy. I am reminded of the US Congress pretending it did not know that the alleged witness to Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwait babies out of incubators and against the wall, was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Washington and was never, ever, near the combat zone. Has anyone bothered to listen to every word of this? This was a professionally crafted script delivered by a mind-controlled zombie.

This kid was sold by her parents, shopped by her parents, to the forces of evil. This child appears demonic in this photo, because she is.  She has been possessed. I would not be at all surprised to learn that she has been raped at an early age and is being groomed for a global tour that will include her being loaned  to local elites for their abuse as she  tours.

Just in from an Alert Reader, a pointer to

The Disturbing Cult of Greta Thunberg

The Cult of Greta Thunberg is an extremely disturbing one, and one which marks a new low in the drain-circling that Western civilisation seems bent on. Even if I happened to believe that the naturally occurring gas that each of us breathes out many thousands of times per day, and which plants use for photosynthesis, is going to end up being the death of us, I would still be profoundly disturbed by the use of this girl — who is very clearly mentally unstable — as the poster-child for the agenda.

Read full analysis.

In my personal view, the time has come for the USA to leave the UN entirely, and to throw the entire UN organization out of New York City. The Specialized Agencies do not respond to the Secretary General and are simply a variation of Central Banking (the WTO and World Bank for instance, create poverty while helping the Central Banks loot countries full of natural wealth).

Enough already.  Hats off to President Trump for getting it right, and shame on any fool that believes this child is anything other than a scripted mind-controlled fraud.

BONUS: Just in from Ben Garrison — talking (programmed) doll indeed.

Re-Published with Permission.    Visit Ben at https://grrrgraphics.com/.

Ben Garrison @ Phi Beta Iota

UPDATE 1: Smashing the Programmed Child’s Cover Story

Alert Reader writes in:

Allegedly suffering from Asperger’s, a condition often associated with toxicity from aluminum from vaccinations but… Sweden does not impose any mandatory vaccinations.

Sweden Decides NO Mandatory Vaccinations

And there is a lot more wrong with her than just Asperger’s (Some APA diagnosis, not even recognized worldwide. Please !)

She is obviously mentally disturbed, it goes way beyond autism, and it has become obvious to anyone with any common sense, including parents of so-called Asperger’s kids.

Things were done to her at a very young age. Looking in her family history would go a long way toward figuring out what.

That kid had no business speaking at the UN. How did she get that far? Can anyone speak at the UN as a self-employed homeowner from Ohio or Nebraska?

Theater of the absurd pushed to extreme. I refuse to pay for any of it. One more reason I will work until I die but I will not pay federal taxes or social security I will never collect anyway, to fund insanity I never chose to pay into.

It is a very bad play I never bought a ticket for. Your blog and many others shed the light we all need.

Time to pound on:
1) How does one get “invited” to speak at the UN?
2) Who makes the decision, based on what and how?
3) Did Assange ever get invited to the UN? If not, why not?
4) Shouldn’t he be?
5) What is the UN anyway?
6) Who pays for the UN?
7) If we pay for it, where is the accounting by country and by citizens of those countries?
8) What has been the return on investment per country?
9) How come the UN Wikipedia changes members as it suits it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_the_United_Nations
10) How come Yemen was a full-fledged member in 1947 and no longer is?
11) When did that new list come about and based on what? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_United_Nations_Security_Council_election


We are all so screwed that it will take a few years of unlearning and relearning. It can be done the quick way by starving the beast, questioning everything and refusing to pay one cent toward insanity. Since people want a JOB, no matter where from, it will take a long time.

UPDATE 2: Eco-Terrorism Child Grown by the Deep State?

Eco-hysteria girl “Greta” a victim of extreme psychological terrorism by radical left-wing handlers… it’s time to #RescueGreta

(Natural News) The eco-fascists have now turned to terrorizing and mentally abusing their own children as a tactic for social influence. Greta Thunberg — the hysterical 16-year-old girl who has been rolled out by her Antifa-linked parents to lecture the world about the climate change hoax —  is apparently a prisoner of a torturous brainwashing / indoctrination scheme that has terrorized the poor girl into believing she will literally die if global warming isn’t stopped.

Read full article.

UPDATE 3: Deep State Agenda Behind Zombie Child

Alert Reader says:

Yes, that kid is only a pawn in the hands of who profits from that insane “climate change” propaganda.  And her (famous) parents are throwing her to the wolves because… they too profit from it.


On October 17, 2018, days following the EU agreement at the One Planet Summit, Juncker’s EU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Breakthrough Energy-Europe in which member corporations of Breakthrough Energy-Europe will have preferential access to any funding.

The members of Breakthrough Energy include Virgin Air’s Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, HRH Prince Al-waleed bin Talal, Bridgewater Associates’ Ray Dalio; Julian Robertson of hedge fund giant, Tiger Management; David Rubenstein, founder Carlyle Group; George Soros, Chairman Soros Fund Management LLC; Masayoshi Son, founder Softbank, Japan.

Make no mistake. When the most influential multinational corporations, the world’s largest institutional investors including BlackRock and Goldman Sachs, the UN, the World Bank, the Bank of England and other central banks of the BIS line up behind the financing of a so-called green Agenda, call it Green New Deal or what, it is time to look behind the surface of public climate activist campaigns to the actual agenda. The picture that emerges is the attempted financial reorganization of the world economy using climate, something the sun and its energy have orders of magnitude more to do with than mankind ever could—to try to convince us ordinary folk to make untold sacrifice to “save our planet.”

Back in 2010 the head of Working Group 3 of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Otmar Edenhofer, told an interviewer, “…one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.” Since then the economic policy strategy has become far more developed.

UPDATE 4: Mental Issues & Money Behind Zombie Child

The Greta Thunberg Show: Public Child Abuse, Hanne Nabintu at WND

The use children as bait to create media sympathy for various causes, is an increasingly used method in the West. Latest, the public child abuse of Greta Thunberg, the Swedish 16 year old lured into the role as “media puppet for climate change.” She recently spoke at the UN, probably without a clue of the sinister political game she is a useful tool for.

The teenager is even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, which she might get judging on the politicized way that the Norwegian Nobel Committee picks its candidates. Whomever is popular in the ultra-liberal mainstream media has in recent years suddenly also been awarded the Prize, disregarding the requirements stated in the will of Alfred Nobel, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report, at World Net Daily, one of America’s leading Conservative outlet.

Swedish Greta Thunberg has a known past with mental issues, a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism, depression, a history of self-starvation and obsessive compulsive disorder.

This is the child now pampered by power structures in society to travel the world with the mainstream media covering her every step as she gives apocalyptic speeches and end-of-the-world threats. As the world searches for heros, someone in powerful places has decided that Greta Thunberg is what we need. Let us guess that it will remain that way for as long as Thunberg and her parents allow the abuse of the girl to continue.

The young girl initially found world fame just a year ago, after organizing school strikes in her home town in Sweden, skipping school and demanding climate change to be taken seriously by world leaders. Then someone paid for the community organizing of similar protests in over a hundred cities. Since then, someone has organized an unbelievably long Wikipedia bio, has paid for her being forefront at the World Economic Forum in Davos, in front of the British Parliament, at UN Climate Talks and taking center stage in mainstream media. After dropping school, again, to travel the world and perform theatrical, angry speeches, one wonders what benefit it will bring her later in life.

The world truly has gone mad. Thunberg, now used by the highly politicized “climate change” industry is only 16! The child is allowed to give hysterical, rude talks about “the world at mass extinction, entire ecosystems collapsing, the end of the world stories.

Read full report.

UPDATE 5: 10 Reasons She’s a Fraud

UPDATE 6: Cult Money Herding Youth

Unpacking Extinction Rebellion — Part III: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

“idealistic youth are simply being herded into pre-approved movements to create the illusion of a popular mandate for what the ruling classes have already determined to be the best course of action for preserving their dominance and control.”

See Also:

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree of Lipstick and War Crimes.

UPDATE 7: Unhinged Fake Saint

Greta Thunberg: History’s Warning about Secular Child Saints

Child polemicists have almost always had the dubious distinction of being indicators of movements that have gone to seed. As formerly stable paradigms of thinking and doing reach exhaustion, new leaders tend to embrace extremism in order to keep true believers in the fold. Sometimes childish and unstable rantings are regarded as signs of exceptional and unassailable devotion to truth.

UPDATE 8: Deep Fraud in Pictures

Global Warming Fraud Exposed In Pictures

  • When cosmic rays went up, temperatures went down. When cosmic rays went down, temperature went up.
  • Climate is controlled by the clouds. The clouds are controlled by cosmic rays. The cosmic rays are controlled by the sun.
  • Vastly different records come together beautifully.
  • It all comes down to the sun, not CO2.

See all pictures, graphics — compelling!

UPDATE 9: Wrong!

‘There Is No Climate Emergency’: Scientists Call for Reasoned Debate


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  1. Update 10: Greta is a Poster Girl for Green Bonds BIS Agenda
    “Climate. Now who wudda thought. The very mega-corporations and mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy over recent decades, whose pursuit of shareholder value and cost reduction who have wreaked so much damage to our environment both in the industrial world and in the under-developed economies of Africa, Asia, Latin America, are the leading backers of the “grass roots” decarbonization movement from Sweden to Germany to the USA and beyond. Is it pangs of guilty conscience, or could it be a deeper agenda of the financialization of the very air we breathe and more?”

    Also on New Easten Outlook:


    Now we know why this GW scam was propagated so intensively, and even on VT some GW denying links were pasted :O

    What’s next: Disputing British Imperial Darwin theory – better called Jack the Ripper theory instead???? That would be faaaaar beyond Alien Agenda even…

  2. Young protesters as a whole do not differ in the reasonableness of the demands made. During events, young people periodically demand an immediate transition to communism, an end to conflicts and an immediate direction of the economy in a “green channel”. Of course, that the politicians who have taken place will always treat such demands with a share of healthy skepticism, since no one is going to follow the youthful maximalism of the protesters, despite their fiery speeches.

  3. She looks like an actor in a Ingmar Bergman satire. “I loathe your soul with existentialist fear and loathing, Sven. You fill my very being with nausea for you leave all of humanity with no exit but that of death! How dare you?”

  4. Thanks for a voice of sanity among all these poor angry souls so infuriated by a little girl’s passion for justice.

    If there is even a remote chance, let alone the body of evidence we now have, that we are damaging the planet’s capacity to support large human populations, why is it imprudent to commit whatever resources it might take to deal with it? Instead, the same public relations firms that lied on behalf of the tobacco lobby are generating reams of pseudo-science to support the crackpot theory that economic growth is magically immune to natural limitation.

    Long ago the great philosopher Plato observed that humanity has a fundamental deficiency: we are irresistibly attracted to the irrational. We will fight to the death to preserve our right to deny reality. Our illusions warm our hearts and appeal to our vanity; but reason, which demands humility and rigorous honesty, leaves humans generally frustrated and dissatisfied.

  5. I think the main question is, why was Greta send there in UN just to make the gap between greens and not that much greens even bigger? Those supporting Greta are mostly big City bureaucrats producing nothing, and those opposing Greta are mostly rural area people, who has all the potential to make green energy a significant matter in enrgy market. And of course those 21th century multiculti boomer town rats, Branson and Goldman Sacks, who are planning to buy evacuated rural area very cheap.

  6. She looks like a kind of Hitler spirited or even poltergeist in making (jet UN Dome didn’t turn black?) This could mean that Thule and Vrill are on the ramp, this time they’re after western teenage girls who are programmed to believe that they’ve lost there childhoogwash, very unlike kids in Jemen…

  7. RDS you have a great wealth of knowledge and keen intelect. I believe that is what blinds you from some of the most criticle issues that affect civilisation, which you appear to be concerned about. I you look beyound ‘global warming’ you will see the age old problem of polution. It appears that your supperior intelect has caused you to ‘shit the bed’. Just one small issue of concern may allow you to rise above the fog of your arrogence. We are said to be currently eating, breathing and drinking micro-particles of plastic. According to science. This is a global problem. Also you appear to have some very important information about Greta and your experience with secret inteligence would lead me to believe you could do a great service to humanity by outlining in greater detail how she was MK ultra’d into the person you claim to see. Instead of ridiculing the young women who you seem to know much about you could actually facilite her recovery from the ‘slave’ state you claim she is in.

  8. As we all remember the time between 10 and 20 years old it is the most disturbing time of our life. I was only 12 years old when on a sunny morning is school during English lessons I thought “why should I learn this, soon I will be dead again” . And in the following years I had enough to deal with that this day in mind vanished. Try to remember how you felt in this days and age. An easy prey for every kind of attention you could grab.

  9. Therefore, do not hesitate: we have something to think about in connection with the visit of Greta Tunberg to New York. This is not just a visit and “Yaroslavna’s Lament”, but a completely cynical and well-adjusted step with far-reaching consequences. And her mental status is the last thing worth paying attention to … Those powers that manipulate this kid are to be blamed.

  10. Thank you Johnny for pointing out the obvious. This girl see everything in Black and White, the schools, scientists and government, have told her the world could end because of CO2. If you thought this too be true, and had her condition, of course you would be angry that the buffoons in power sat by idle as the world burned. And of course she is being manipulated to push a meme, but stick to the facts instead of grade school bullying and name calling. This young girl has already been on a hunger strike (depressed) that it almost killed her because she was so distraught over this issue.

    The Technocratic dictatorial forces that are using her is who you should direct your attention on instead of this poor child.

  11. She has Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s, is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication. This explains her “robot” look.

    If you disagree with her position on Climate Change, run with it. But going after her “look” is at best ignorant. At worst, it exposes your complete absence of character and decency. Very ugly indeed

    • I was going to do a general comment, but yours is a good lead in. To wit; Don’t paint all Aspers with the same brush. Aspers have the unique ability to see outside the societal norms, but if caught at the right time by the wrong people, can be turned into what can only be called an MKUltra wet dream. They are also extremely intelligent with very high IQ’s. This also makes them socially isolated since by comparison their classmates would appear to them to be talking wolves.

  12. Great to hear from Russia. Here in the USA it is still not widely known that we killed 11 million Germans AFTER the war ended; that Germany is a vassal state to the US Deep State; and that the rich Zionists in Switzerland refused to pay the $3M that Hitler agreed to for the immediate evaluation, with their belongings, of all Jews in Germany. The Zionists WANTED a Holocaust. We need national open source intelligence agencies that can re-write history and stop all this fakery.

  13. Good article, Mr. Steele! We, in Russia, share the same opinion. Maybe, this girl is the product of Scandinavian juvenile system. Who the hell let her in the UNO – i don’t know, but her show really smells demonic…

    • BTW, we had sort of similar situation, when a teenager Kolya from Novosibirsk arrived to German Bundestag among delegation and started to express croc tears about killed German soldiers in USSR during WW2. It looked like a great sorrow that we fought the Germans and killed them. That was liberals traitors act. What idiot and for which reason gave Kolya that text to voice – we know. Another brick to rewrite the history.

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