Britain was never “Great,” and America was “Snuffed Out” long ago

The Library of Congress has now digitized American newspapers from the late 19th through late 20th century.  You can search births and deaths, bankruptcies, news analysis, shopping, anything.
This was a vast undertaking and quite revealing, let me tell you why.
America was founded by largely slave owning farmers who took advantage of cheap labor and free land.  However, within half a century, trade and industrialization had transferred most financial and governmental functions of the US to the same group in Europe that controlled Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, in fact all of Europe.
You see, as the Founding Fathers fell to the wayside, new “familes” emerged, American sounding names, Astor (Astorga-Sephardic), Cabot (Cabota-Sephardic) or Rockefeller, Bush and even Drumpf.
For fake German families like the Drumpf’s, minor functionaries for the Rothschilds, running whores for the gold fields of California or the Yukon led them to controlling gold claims, and later establishing themselves in the world’s largest trafficking industry, the immigration boom of the 19th century, whores, Irish to fight the civil war, more whores, and the slaves that filled the immigrant neighborhoods of New York, Boston and a dozen other cities that organized crime, not Irish, not Italian but RKM, lived off then and still lives off today.
When you hunt for births, deaths, land purchases, family relations, all the things millions of Americans have mentioned in news snips now in the Library of Congress, these families won’t exist.
Their history will be a fiction.
More often than not, when looking at the Skull and Bones families or the Robber Barons, one finds wealth originating from New York banking houses that were 100% “European” owned, meaning formerly Sephardic Spain, then Venice or Genoa, then to Frankfurt or Amsterdam and on to London, all owned by the same people who now control the Federal Reserve, the RKM and the State of Israel.
We see a pattern.  The “West” was developed through St. Louis where Kuhn and Loeb, of the Rothschilds, outfitted wagon trains, later took over rail roads, then the cattle business, then the oil business and of course the grain business and then the exchanges, commodities and stock markets.
They were aided by Jacob Schiff, who ran America’s banking, JP Morgan was a front so was Harriman.  Behind them the mysterious Bush family, who some claim to be of the “Scherf” Nazi clan but others who use more recent sources now see as of the family of Schiff, the original family of Zionism, the Jakob Schiff who maneuvered Russia and China into war in 1905, brought the US into the “Fed” and World War I and II and, later on, through “agents,” came 9/11 and the War on Terror.
William of Orange – Jewish donkey and homosexual

William of Orange, known to his bum buddies as Billy the Pink, was a Dutch nobody who was picked up by the Amsterdam Jews with a very particular purpose in mind. The Jews had been run out of England by King Edward I in 1290 for their usury and several of their members being convicted of holding human sacrifices with Christian children as their victims.

The Jews had found England a very profitable place indeed, and made many attempts to regain entry – including funding Oliver Cromwell, who toyed with the idea of giving Ireland to the Jews as a New Zion – once he had completed the extermination of the Irish people. In the end, Cromwell never did allow the Jews back into England – though he had taken their money.

The Jews had been the backroom boys of the Roman empire. They followed the Legions around Europe, buying conquered peoples as slaves – particularly blond haired Celtic and Germanic girls who fetched a high price in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. They had also amassed a fortune by lending at interest to the Roman officers and soldiers – knowing that the Romans would simply rob what they needed to pay back the loans.

The main reason that Julius Caesar conquered Gaul was because he was up to his neck in debt and his family was in danger of being declared bankrupt and their estates foreclosed. Caesar boasted that he murdered a million Gauls and enslaved another million – that’s a million Celtic people sold to the Jews as slaves. That was the worst Holocaust in European history – and all because one man was up to his neck in debt.

Following the collapse of the Roman empire, the Jews fell on hard times. Both Christianity and Islam tried to stop the Holocaust that usury had created, and for a few centuries the people of Europe had a little bit of peace and comfort. But, the discovery of the Americas by the Spanish gave the Jews a golden opportunity to get back to their old business.

They funded the ships – there were even a large number of Jews on Colombus’ first voyage – Conversos, Jews who had pretended to convert to Christianity for the purpose of business. By the time Cortez reached South America, he was up to his eye balls in debt. And even though he looted untold billions worth of gold and silver in today’s money – he died a poor man in debt.

As in the old days of the Roman empire, the Jews made sure the Spanish soldiers were nothing but their donkeys. And the more these donkeys fell into debt, the more vicious and genocidal was their behaviour towards the native people, as they desperately tried to rob enough gold to get ahead of their debts.

The Spanish conquest of South America left Spain with crippling debts – and the Jews with unimaginable wealth. As often happened over the course of history, the Spanish became very hostile to the Jews who had tricked them out of a vast fortune. So, the Jews moved their money to Amsterdam, where already a Liberal mindset ruled.

The Jews got back to work and soon the Dutch empire overshadowed the Spanish empire, and Jewish profit soared. But, Amsterdam was always under the the influence of the Spanish king – and sometimes under direct Spanish occupation.

It wasn’t an ideal situation. But, there was one place that was well out of Spanish control, had turned its back on Rome, and, most importantly, was protected by the sea. England was like a massive aircraft carrier off the coast of Europe. Near enough for business purposes – but far enough so that the Pope and the King of Spain couldn’t dominate it. But, there was one very big problem – the Jews were banned from England.

Enter William of Orange. The Catholic King James had irritated the English Protestants, and they were looking for someone to overthrow him. But they didn’t have the resources or the organisation to do anything about it. The Jews had both.

But they wanted their man on the throne of England – not just any Protestant. After all, they had funded Cromwell’s wars only to end up with nothing. Well, the rest is history. What’s interesting from the point of view of this topic is the price the Jews extracted for their support of William’s invasion of England, Scotland and Ireland.

The ban on the Jews entering England was immediately lifted. But, even that was not the big prize. The big prize was the founding of the Bank of England. The Jews had founded the Bank of Amsterdam in 1609. It was the world’s first real Central Bank. In 1694 William granted the Bank of England its charter.

It was a private bank. It’s shareholders were full of Jews with Spanish sounding names – Da Costa, A Fonseca, A Mendes, A Nunes, A Henriquez, Rodrigues, A Salvador, De Mattos, De Medina. But although it was a private bank, it immediately acted as if it were the government. Because it had huge capital compared to native English banks, it could put any English bank out of business instantly.

It could do this by simply calling in all the paper notes of any English bank that displeased it. Since at that time notes had to be backed up by gold, the Bank of England would simply buy up all the notes of a rebellious bank – and then present them all at once demanding gold in return. When the victim bank couldn’t hand over so much gold – it would be declared bankrupt and closed down.

And once the Bank of England made that point clear to everybody, it made a rule that any other bank that wanted to stay in business had to deposit a certain amount of gold in the Bank of England – or be closed down. The Jews had English banking by the balls. From now on, the banking and financial system of England and the British empire was, in fact, the banking and financial system of the Jews.


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  1. Being of Irish and Scottish ancestry (with some Saxon thrown in), I have more than a passing interest in what happens on the “ould sod”. If fact my family name goes back to post Roman Britannia, when the Irish were called Scots and the people in what is now known as Scotland (the lands of Stratethclyde) were called Picts. I have been to Scotland several times (oh to be sailing up the Clyde in the spring again!) and they are truly an independent bunch who have not forgotten their history either. NEVER call a Scot an Englishman if you want to keep your face.

  2. I do not immediately jump on to all the ethnic conspiracy stories one encounters. But I do believe anyone brought up under the tyranny of a “Jiddishe Moma” — no matter which ethnicity — gets installed with what the FT editor has so aptly termed a “pre-traumatic stress syndrome” and will want revenge on anybody except the feared manipulating mother of such f…ers.
    Not sure about the “ritual murder” angle either — too much angeling for the complete angler. But I should wish some VT editor took a new look at the Leopold and Leob murder case trials of Chicago three or four generations ago, where two scions of very plutocratic families had murdered and mauled another young boy (probably of not too rich extraction). This was the first great instance of defence lawyers calling in psychiatry to bear witness that the two rich men’s sons were victims to a bout of temporal insanity and thus got them acuitted. Bears re-examining!

  3. The Jews? Tools.
    The tools owners? That’s the question….

    And when things go south as they always do there “They” are to blame as how convenient.

    Just an observation.

    Then things move along and start over with the same patterns.

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