Stop the VA’s “Lie, Delay and Deny Until You Die” Assault on Elderly Veterans

…by Robert Rosebrook,

One tough Vet, in one tough battle, the Los Angeles, VA

[ Editor’s Note: Bob Rosebrock and his crew have been fighting the LA VA for over a decade now, over its taking a premier donated property for VA care and allowing it to be used as a Christmas stocking for the wealthy neighborhood that feels it should have it for their needsJim W. Dean]

Left in perpetuity as a home for Veterans, until others wanted to use it for something else

– First published ... October 12, 2019

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans

Robert Rosebrock

Judicial Watch’s lawsuit on my behalf against the Secretary of the VA, Executive Director of the Los Angeles VA, Chief of Police of the Los Angeles VA and three VA police officers for assault and battery, false imprisonment and violation of Constitutional Rights, etc., has been shamefully delayed again — third time / 120 days — by the U.S. Attorneys Office representing the aforementioned defendants.
See attachment.

Judicial Watch Sues Veterans Affairs Police, Other VA Officials for Violating Veteran’s Constitutional Rights

This lawsuit should have been settled long ago or it should have gone to the scheduled jury trial in Federal Court on April 16, but the defendants have no defense other than to implement the VA’s standard strategy for dealing with elderly Veterans and that is to “Lie, Delay and Deny Until You Die.”

It’s time to dissolve the dysfunctional, corrupt and mismanaged VA as we know it and merge it into the Department of Defense.

The new Executive Director of the Los Angeles VA is a retired Physician (30 years) of the U.S. Army. It seems this is something he would support unless he wants to continue being a defendant in lawsuits involving VA police and VA’s illegal land lawsuits, etc., like his two predecessors who were not Doctors, nor were they Veterans.

They were nothing more than VA administrative bureaucrats following orders of the wealthy and powerful non-Veteran entities who’ve defraud disabled Veterans of their benefits by illegally controlling this sacred land deeded as a National Home for Disabled Veterans.

Consider the following:

‘We Don’t Need A Department Of Veterans Affairs’ – Dr. Ben Carson

“Time to Abandon the VA” — Canada Free Press
<< It’s time to dismantle and abandon the dysfunctional VA and efficiently merge its true responsibilities into the Department of Defense for unified and solidified professional care of our U.S. Military Veterans.>>

Congress May Fix VA Hospitals By Merging Them With Military

The Solution To VA Reform Isn’t The Private Sector

Clearly, this is something that President could champion, as he’s been a big supporter of our Veterans, and he wants to merge the Labor and Education Departments.

Stop the VA’s never-ending “Lie, Delay and Deny Until You Die” assault on elderly Veterans and operate the VA with Military honor, respect, discipline, decorum and patriotism.

“Save Our Veterans Land” and “Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.”

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!


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  1. Thanks Gall … You are right … American Flag in distress means that “life or property are in danger.” Both Veterans property and their lives are in extreme danger, same as the Native American Indians, as declared by
    Chief Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux: “They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it.”

  2. Thanks wjabbe … Indeed, we need support from the young Marines at Camp Pendleton, et al., as this fight is in their behalf to insure they will have a National Veterans Home for their entire life. The Old Veterans Guard is dwindling … I’m pretty much the surviving ‘youngster’ at 77, as this past year we lost three WW II Veterans in their mid-90s and many of the Korean War Veterans in the 80s have passed on. They VA has used every illegal and immoral attempt imaginable to destroy the OVG but we must stand and fight our own government / VA (the domestic enemy) on American soil.

  3. Notice the deafening silence of the big mouth draft dodger from New York as this continuing scenario plays out under his watch for a change. Has the cat got Trump’s tongue on the Veterans he purports to love for selfish political reasons? Trump could care less about Veterans especially in a rich elitist neighborhood on the West Coast where one can be sure Donnie hop nobs with some rich elitists too. He could end this nonsense in a minute with his pen and big mouth but observe he remains SILENT this time. This silence is no accident. Trump is the biggest lying coward hypocrite on planet Earth and he knows it down deep. He represents the cowardice of America to their Vets from the TOP down. All Vets must be permitted to go to any local or regional public hospital so others can observe just how corrupt the VA really is. America is a shameful disgrace today. The foreign Legion is also a public relations joke. Never donate to these public relations organizations which are little more than places Vets become alcoholics.

    • Everyone must seriously boycott UCLA and give them as much bad publicity as possible on this. Write to that disgusting worthless President of the University of California and demand and end to use of this property belonging to Vets. Do not donate one dime until they change their ways. This is the dark side of the University of California. UCLA has become an elitist rich kids school like its sister USC. Plenty of rich alumni exchange money for their kids entrance bet on it and no one got prosecuted either. UCLA should be booted out of the UC system over this. As a graduate of two campuses of the UC system, Berkeley and Riverside, I am ashamed of UCLA and its role in this mistreatment of Veterans.

    • President Janet Napolitano has been the worthless lying lawyer head of UC since 2013 about to retire on undeserved lavish pension for life. She must be fired not retired. She was once heard on hot mic at a Regents Meeting about to hear from students on serious issues, “Let’s get out of here”. She is a disgusting politically correct disgrace. The first President of UC John Le Conte, M.D., a top physicist from Georgia in 1868 put her to shame, along with this brother Joe LeConte, M.D. a top geologist, friends of John Muir, charter members of the Sierra Club, etc. John was considered Father of the University of California and set the high standards which were to come in the next century. Read: “From Physician to Physicist: The Scientific Career of John LeConte, M.D. 1818-1891 by John Samuel LuPold, Ph.D. Dissertation, Dept. of History, University of South Carolina, 1970.” These are the giants from Georgia who built UC into greatness, not lying lawyer hacks like Janet Napolitano who should be fired. Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, Ph.D., Physics, U.C. Riverside, 1966.

  4. The VA’s real purpose is to kill veterans, to keep an eye on veterans so they don’t become a threat to the establishment. Red Flags have been around for a while and that will never go away. I try and stay way from the VA as much as i can, i only see a Social Worker and Once i’m able i wanna live off the grid and stay away from the VA if possible.

  5. Thanks to Mr. Rosebrook for his continuing fighting for our L.A. V.A. This facility and it’s grounds belong to the veterans only! Thanks to many others that are helping and understand how important this matter is to us veterans.

  6. PS: Thanks for the photo at the top of Rees Lloyd displaying the American Flag upside down as a signal of distress that Veterans lives and their property are in extreme danger.

    Mr. Lloyd is a major member of the American Legion and a Constitutional attorney, but it is Judicial Watch that is defending our Constitutional Rights.

    The American Legion and other VSOs have been completely silent in fighting the corruption and land fraud at the Los Angeles VA.

    Thanks to members of the loyal members of the Old Veterans Guard, many who have passed on, that stood up and continue to stand up against the crime and corruption at the Los Angeles VA.

    God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

  7. BIG THANKS to Jim Dean and Gordon Duff / VT, for their long-term support in our never-ending battles with the Los Angeles VA, the biggest and most corrupt in the USA. Truly appreciate this unique platform to be the voice for voiceless Veterans who are disabled and homeless in our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.

    Robert Robert Rosebrock
    Director, Old Veterans Guard

    • Thanks so much Mr. Rosebrock for all you have done and endured from the expletives deleted running that park there, and all the court appearances they lost! Is there any way you could persuade some the Marines at Camp Pendleton to drive up on a weekend and share the pain with you? We are just too far away at the other end of the country. I have a friend who was in the Army in Germany. He learned Russian at the Language School at Monterey. It is too hard for him to ride down there. But you have given it all. I refuse to ever fly on another airplane and have my Constitutional Rights Obliterated by thugs in Gangland Security. How about it Trump why not fly out there for a day and demonstrate against his own appointment?

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