The martyrs children in the Christians’ nightmare. Dams bombed in Rojava, now without drinking water

Erdogan exterminator as Stalin:
100thousands of Assyrians and Kurds
run away from Syrian’s north-west lands
Nato’s crazy mission with Italian soldiers
in defense of the Turkey’s border
29 Us Republicans deputies ask sanctions
against the Ankara’s Islamic regime.
An Isis car-bomb killed three persons
by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

Sara was only 10 years old. Sara was with her family in the city with many Christians of Qamishli, in the fringe of land in the North East of Syria called Rojava since 2012. So named since it is controlled by the SDF militias, commanded by the YPG Kurds, after the outbreak of the civil war for the regime change against Bashar Al Assad, funded by the US, and supported by other NATO countries, primarily France and Great Britain.

Sara was with her parents, probably she was so scared but she felt a little protected from them. Perhaps he was praying after all the town had begun to feel strong explosions, to see high clouds of smoke confirming the beginning of the “Peace Spring” operation, started by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the bombing raids of the F-16 aircrafts and then with the firecrackers of tanks and land artillery.


A flurry of 15 rockets hit Qamishli, an important urban settlement of about 80 thousand inhabitants, mostly Christians, where there is also a Kurdish symbol: the University of Rojava. Sara, on Wednesday 9 October 2019, was seriously injured in a leg that had to be amputated. After a few hours of agony, the doctors’ attempt to save her failed: she died!

Sara, only 10 years old, died in Rojava from Erdogan’s army rockets on the Christian city of Qamishli

She died in one of the hospitals visited by the Orthodox bishop of the Iraqi Christian Foundation who tried to bring comfort to the wounded and the families of the victims. There are no definite evaluation of the massacre but adding the multiple sources the civilians dead would already be about twenty and a hundred wounded. One hundred thousand displaced from the North East of Syria, mostly Kurds but also tens of thousands of Assyrian Christians.

Her tiny body didn’t hold up. Her open arms of the photo posted on Twitter recall the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the God of Abraham in which father and mother, devoted to the East Church, had taught her to believe. She is the first Christian martyr of a merciless, ferocious and wicked ongoing massacre precisely because for a long time meditated by Stalin of the Third Millennium.

Yhe other child died in Qamishli

We would like that the mainstream media, so generous with photos of suffering migrant children, honored this girl as the martyr of a vile and absurd war in which a murdering dictator intends to repeat Afrin’s experiment on a large scale, where torture, rape and murderers of children are the grim everyday life ignored for over a year by Turkey’s NATO allies. To tell the truth, it was another child of the Assyrian community who died first, unfortunately remaining anonymous even on social networks…


In previous reports, I compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu to Adolf Hitler for his furious fury in persecutively “persecuting” Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian Shiites in accordance with the consent of his Sunni friends Waabiti of Saudi Arabia. Precisely because he is possessed and mad Zionist, Bibi has never paid much attention to diplomacy, being able to avail himself of the most murderous intelligence in the world, the Israeli Mossad, for every need.


This has caused him to lose support and credibility abroad and at home where he was defeated in the recent elections (obtaining a mandate to create a government that is difficult to fulfill). Erdogan remembers instead the subtle diplomatic malice of Josif Stalin, the terrible secretary of the Soviet Union, who agrreed with the Germany of the Reich with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to avoid fighting and dividing Poland. Then supported the Anglo-American allies and with them went to divide the Polish territories devastated by two bloody occupation: the Nazi and the Communist ones, as Karol Wojtyla always remembered, the miner who became first Pope and then Saint John Paul II. But since Stalin was also consecrated as ones of the winners at the Yalta Conference no one cared more about his ruthless crimes and his purges that he could hide in Siberia much better than Hitler did in concentration camps.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan who finances and arms the jihadist terrorists of Al Nusra-Al Qaeda in Syria

Thanks to this wicked political cunning today Nazism is cursed by the whole world while still some linger to theorize and write that in Communism there was and there is something good, forgetting that this term was coined artfully by the Masons of London to exterminate the European aristocracy (Habsburg and Romanov) and establish plutocracy. Forgetting that even today in deference to Communism there are two regimes (China and North Korea) that torture and easily execute their peoples.


Erdogan is very similar to Stalin because he bases his strength on a radicalized political belief on a religious faith. If Stalinism was based on atheism, in effect a sort of agnostic religion, the Muslim Brotherhood, thanks to which the president of Turkey can afford to strike terror into the world, constitute one of the most important international Islamist organizations with an approach of political type to Islam. They were founded in 1928 by al-Anasan al-Bannāʾ in Isma’iliyya, just over a decade after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Muslim Brotherhood is of fundamentalist Sunni confession and has a very explicit historical motto: “God is our goal. The Prophet is our leader. The Koran is our law. Jihad is our way “To die in the way of God is our supreme hope.”


But Erdogan is not theocratic and does not even want to be. He is a politician capable of scuffling the US and Russia while assessing whether to buy Patriot or S-400 air defense missile systems. He is above all a skilled military strategist capable of building secret pacts within NATO so as to make it impossible for the Atlantic Pact to take any action against him. Suffice it to say that right now even the neutral Italy is engaged in a mission on the scorching border.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio has summoned the Turkish ambassador to the Farnesina because he condemns and considers Turkey’s military initiative in Syria unacceptable, which would have already killed about ten people, half of them civilians, and caused the flight of dozens of thousands of people – reveals an interesting article by L’Inkiesta – There is, however, a small but significant detail that makes the Italian position grotesque. The small detail is called Operation Active Fence. At this time, Italy is deploying a contingent of one hundred and thirty men, a battery of Aster SAMP / T ground-air missiles and some logistics vehicles right on the border between Turkey and Syria, but beware: in defense of Turkish airspace, that is to say protection of those who are systematically killing the Kurds “. Until December they will be Italian and Spanish to manage Active Fence in these terrible circumstances.



In the previous report on the aggression of Turkey at the Rojava controlled by the SDF army (or QSD in Arabic) we explained the purpose that goes far beyond the creation of an immense “safe-zone” 30 km deep from the Turkish border and 460 long km, from the towns of Afrin and Kobane, already controlled by the Ankara army through the operation Olive Branch, olive branch, and Euphrate Shield.


These are two military operations of 2018 entrusted to unusual “contractors”: the jihadists of various Islamic terrorist groups including the most famous is Ahrar al-Sharqiya. In this Qaedist-type terrorist organization, according to multiple tests revealed by the Kurds of the Rojava Information and cited in the prevoius article, have assumed the role of commanders some ISIS leaders from the provinces of Deir Ezzor, in which there’s the Euphrates Valley, rich in oil, that’s probably the “promised land” in the mirages of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood. To these, however, as a primary objective it seems sufficient to steal 13,800 km of Syrian territory: an area larger than the surface of nations such as Qatar, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus and Luxembourg.

The map of the attack in Syria drawn by the specialized site of geopolitics and war zones INSIDE OVER – click to read the reportages

To do so, Erdogan must wipe out the atavistic Turkish enemies Kurds and, as a radical Islamist, he has certainly no problem in exterminating the devotees to the Christian Church of the East.


“Here everyone has their own interests and Christians pay the consequences. I invited the Kurds to desist from their plans to create an autonomous region, to which they have no right. Now the conflict has become even more serious than before and I fear that many will emigrate. Since the start of the war in Syria, 25 percent of the Catholics of Qamishli and 50 percent of the faithful of Hassaké have left the country along with 50 percent of the Orthodox. I fear a similar exodus if not greater. Europe should make mea culpa “.

These phrases come from Monsignor Jacques Behnam Hindo, Syro-Catholic archbishop of Hassaké-Nisibi, who for years has been repeating that “the Kurds want to eradicate the Christian presence from this region of Syria”. He declared them to the pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACS) as reported in italian magazine Tempi in which it is recalled that last year the Kurds closed four Christian schools in the north-east of the country because they had refused to take the measures of education policy issued by the local government, which includes texts inspired by Kurdish nationalism.

The Orthodox bishop of the Iraqi Christian Foundation visiting Rojava hospitals

“Christians in Syria are scared, they don’t know where to go or where to hide. The Turks attacked their Qamishli neighborhoods, but they did it to respond to Kurdish fire, which is using Christians to fight a media war, “said Afram Yakoub, 39, general director of the Assyrian Confederation who lives in Sweden over the years Ninety but is originally from Qamishli, where many of his relatives still live.

The expatriate Afram probably does not remember that if in 2012 there were no Kurds to lead the Syrian Democratic Forces thanks to their military experience in the YPG organization, allied to the movements of identical ethnicity of Kurdistan (Turkish PKK and Iraqi UPK) and sustained by the Peshmerga fighters, the jihadist army of the ISIS of Al Baghdadi, it would have exterminated for a long time all the Christians, the Shiites and the Kurds of Rojava.


Moreover, as reported in the previous article thanks to the detailed information of Syrian Arab New Agency the Turkish attack with air raids, invasion of columns of armored vehicles and tanks, and terrestrial bombing has targeted 26 positions SDF but also the electricity line of the water station of the Alouk dam that feeds the capital city Hasaka (188 thousand inhabitants) and the al-Mansour dam power station which guarantees drinking water to another 2 million Sunni, Assyrian and Kurdish Syrians. Therefore, there is a factional controversy over Turkish: because if civilians and children are not killed by bombs they could die of thirst within a few days …

“The Alouk dam which supplies 1.5 million people has been hit by Turkish bombardment and is now widely damaged. The people of Hasakah, Til Temir, Til Baydar and Shadadi will not be able to access drinking water soon,” Mustafa Bali, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, wrote on Twitter. But there is also an emergency in the Raqqa Governorate as confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: “the SOHR has received information on the fact that the al-Mansour dam in the Malkiyyeh area has gone out of service, after being been targeted by the Turkish forces “.

The Al-Hurriya dam in the town of Tabqa, 20 km west of the capital Raqqa

The Al-Hurriya dam was founded in 1986, in the city of Tabqa, 20 km west of the capital Raqqa, near the city of Mansoura, with the aim of regulating the flow of the Euphrates river for electricity generation and a fish farm. During the war years it suffered extensive damage due to fighting and was almost completely out of service due to tunnels dug by Daesh in its vicinity. The structures had even been flooded with water.

After SDF freed the region from ISIS and formed councils and civil institutions, its recovery began. Last July, the first maintenance works were completed by starting up a first group to transform the electricity produced by the dam on the local network. The dam is generating 50 MW / s because each turbine with a dam capacity is 25 MW / h. It is now known that the hydroelectric power plant is no longer in operation so as to create a light and drinking water emergency for 2 million people in the Governorate of Raqqa and nearby areas.


Ankara’s soldiers, equipped with military means much more powerful than those of the Kurds, advance again east of Euphrates and increase to 11, the number of villages they have taken in the areas of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn since morning, and civilians die for Turkish army snipers in Darbasiyah. “The Turkish army is carrying out an intense artillery attack on Kobanî from Euphrates to Tel Abyad. A new wave of humanitarian crisis is underway unless it is stopped “, tweeted Mustafa Bali, SDF spokesman who was the first to announce the conquest of Bagouz, the last stronghold of ISIS, with the exception of Idlib where jihadist groups prevail neighbors of Al Qaeda (as Front Al Nusra) in which the fugitive leaders of the Daesh have infiltrated.

An eloquent map of Rojava oil fields controlled by Americans and Kurds

Where the Black Caliph of Mosul has failed, due to the US-backed SDF resistance to oil from the fields of El Isba and Al Jafra (where they steal it with the complicity of terrorists), now Erdogan, the heir to the Ottomans defeated at Vienna on that fateful September 11, 1683 which inspired the revenge of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001, wants to succeed in the strong enterprise of the international weight of Turkey, a country born in 1952, and a trading partner of Israel and Russia, above all for military supplies.


However, global reactions are becoming more and more decisive. Norway first intervened to announce the interruption of all arms trade with Turkey. The Netherlands did the same. But, while the children die, the US and the EU announce that they are considering sanctions. The EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Federica Morgherini intervened in front of the European Parliament inviting Turkey to stop the unilateral action.

In response, Erdogan, a veteran of a diplomatic meeting already set up with NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg obviously inconclusive because he cannot issue intimations to the most powerful army of the Atlantic Alliance, replied in a public speech to be ready to pour 3 million refugees accepted by him in the European Union. An American deputy instead led the protest and the request for an immediate intervention by Washington that, after having withdrawn the troops from the Syrian areas of the North East bordering with Turkey, has in fact left free action to the killers of Erdogan.


Liz Cheney of Wyoming, chair of the GOP Conference of the House, leading a group of 29 Republican deputies announced the imposition of new sanctions on Ankara. “President Erdogan and his regime must face serious consequences for mercilessly attacking our Kurdish allies in northern Syria, who incurred thousands of casualties in the fight against ISIS and helped us protect the homeland,” Cheney said in a statement.“If Turkey wants to be treated like an ally, it must begin behaving like one.” Russia Today reports also a bipartisan angry reaction in Washington

US President Donald Trump confirmed that sanctions will be launched against Turkey, but not immediately. A decision which, added to that of the withdrawal of the Marines from the north-eastern border of Syria, seems to sound like Pilate’s decision to wash his hands with innocent blood.


Meanwhile, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde has today argued for an EU embargo on arms supplies to Turkey. But the exodus of Christians and Kurds began in Rojava. A displaced emergency that adds to the dangerousness of Camp Al Hol, the refugee center with 70,000 people including ISIS family moles, and the threat of Erdogan to send migrants to Europe, hosted in Turkey by virtue of the lucrative agreements signed by Ankara with Brussels.

During the day, a car bomb went off in the city of Qamishli, as Kurdish sources reported, reporting that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. According to the Syrian news agency Sana there were serious consequences: “Some civilians were martyred and others were injured on Friday due to a car bomb explosion in the western part of the city of Qamishli. The SANA reporter stated that a van exploded in Munir Habib Street near the al-Omari restaurant in Qamishli on Friday afternoon, martyring a number of civilians, injuring others and causing considerable damage to the property. “

The black flag jihadists took advantage of the Turkish invasion to launch the first military attacks as if they were well synchronized with Ankara, as claimed by the Royava Information Center which considers them coordinated by MIT, Erdogan’s secret service.

ISIS is the biggest concern of international intelligence. Not only because of its recrudescence in the area but also because of the risk that Islamic terrorists may confuse with refugees to reach Europe en masse. But we will talk about this emergency in the next report: with the names and the faces of more ferocious Foreign Terrorist Fighters imprisoned…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization




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