Act of Terrorism, According to US Law: Trump in Mass Killing Video, Made With Presidential Approval, Funded by GOP (updated)

Trump ordered Google to censor this video, thus our version is from France


Note: When I originally posted this article this afternoon it featured the whole video which was posted on You Tube. Within 20 minutes of the time it went up on VT, Google was ordered to remove it. Fortunately, we were able to find the French video. Unfortunately, it has been greatly sanitized from its original state. The video was much more graphic than what the French show.

Apparently we hit a nerve as Google is not usually this quick to act. I guess we are doing something right.  M.C.

Introduction by The Senior Editor

We try to give him a chance over and over but no matter what we choose to overlook, the video depicted here, approved by Trump personally, is, in itself, an act of domestic terrorism.


At a campaign event at a Trump property in the Miami area last week a video was shown which was allegedly a spoof of Donald disposing of people who he disagrees with. The video was screened at a three-day event held last week by a pro-Trump group called American Priority for the president’s supporters at the Trump National Doral in Miami.

Though he probably did not directly make the video (He is not nearly smart enough to do this type of video editing) someone high up in his campaign had to approve of its showing at the event. In the video which is taken from an action movie with Trump’s face superimposed on the shooter’s body, Trump is seen killing reporters from several news outlets as well as Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and several other prominent members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Though Trump has not personally denied knowing of this video, a spokesperson for the White House has condemned it.

The video was shown to potential contributors to the Trump re-election campaign as well as Republican Party officials. The crowd included the current Governor of Florida as well as other Republican bigwigs. Among the scheduled speakers at the event were the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and his former spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders.

Supporters claim that this was just a joke and those who object are “snowflakes.”

If the video in question featured anyone other than the President as the shooter, Federal law enforcement would view this as a threat upon sitting members of the US Government and those involved could face prosecution.

When Kathy Griffin was shown holding up a Trump Halloween mask which allegedly resembled his severed head, she was investigated by and was interrogated several times by the Secret Service for making a threat on the President’s life. She was also placed on the terrorist watch list and the no-fly list for a period of time.

With all of the hate now being exhibited and so many crazy and obsessed people in this country and around the world, even joking about killing people is very dangerous as certain people would see this as a suggestion rather than a joke. Sensible people on the Right and the Left are condemning this type of inflaming of hatred.

It used to be possible for those of varying opinions to disagree on beliefs while remaining respectful of each other. Now it seems that those who don’t agree 100% with your opinion are fools and need to be hated.

Watch it soon before You Tube removes it.



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    It cannot have been good viewing for Trump – maybe a little schadenfreude for me, to see how many enemies he has to contend with being flailed on an unfailing daily basis. In the video he seems to have exacted an unusual degree of jollification from putting the unfortunate Maxine Waters through the ringer. Good girl Maxine, may you live long into and beyond a hoary old age. A mere misguided 14% of Americans and 13% of British readers actually trust their news media. Is English like the truth dying out?

    Watched the first episode of the CNN Veritas exposé earlier and being faced with Zucker’s mind-set, is it any wonder people distrust not only CNN but all news outlets across the country. Never saw anything in the NEWS for years now being devoid of all moral and political direction: just like weather-beaten signposts or creaking weather-vane lost in some forlorn outback pointing aimlessly – (N)orth (E)ast (W)est (S)outh. Flying past in the tumbleweed maybe a tattered page of a sun-scorched and very faint print New York Times – Westchester Edition, (or any national paper for that matter) blown out of a nearby gulch along Death Valley by someone maybe venturing on to Ventura 323 miles away as the crow flies and dies somewhere along the way.

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