Controversial: Why Do Russians Always Win?



Galima Galiullina, PhD

For VT

On September 19, 2019, the European Parliament “paid tribute to the victims of Stalinism, Nazism and other totalitarian and authoritarian regimes” in a resolution adopted with 535 votes in favor, 66 against and 52 abstentions, officially declaring that now there any mention of Soviet warriors as the liberators will be interpreted as a “distortion of history” and prohibited. In addition, EU deputies called on Russia to repent for the liberation of the world from Nazism.

If 27 million Soviet people killed in the war against fascism could today rise from graves or ditches, where they were often buried alive, to look into the eyes of European parliamentarians on September 19, 2019, maybe these living corpses in elegant costumes would die from shame?

The degree of moral decline of the European lawmakers who adopted this Resolution is such that I do not see the slightest hope for Europe in the future to save the European Union from collapse. Each member of the Union whose parliamentarian signed this resolution can expect a long and painful agony of degradation. For the abuse of the sacred memory of the brave Soviet soldiers and officers who died at that war and the innocent children, old men and women killed by the Nazis, over the memory of the great victory in the most terrible war of all times and peoples will not be forgiven by either people or God.

Moscow in 1947, dances. Most of class-mates of this beautiful girls were killed in the battles of Great Patriotic War (just 3% of men born in USSR in 1923 came home…)

Stalin and Hitler: The West Makes Bets

Why did Hitler send Ribbentrop to Moscow to sign a non-aggression pact? Focusing all the forces of the growing German military industry on building up the power of the military machine, Hitler wanted more time to create the material base for an unconditional victory over the USSR. The pact gave such a reprieve.

For Stalin, the postponement of an imminent war was also a blessing, the factories that they began to build in 1929 with the help of American industrial architect Albert Kahn were ready in almost three years, but the necessary logistics system had not yet been created that would turn the country’s industry into a single living organism. Stalin foresaw it still took several years to provide the needs of industry and the scientific base for it depended with trained personnel to achieve military parity with an emerging Germany. There was also an urgent need for training Soviet military personnel.

Hitler did not have a special need to conquer European countries; he knew that they would easily fall into the winner’s bed so as not to lie under his boots. His main goal and cherished dream were in crushing the USSR. The boundless expanses of the Heartland, having taken possession of it, would take control of the world.

Hitler and those who fed him for war had several reasons for their particular hatred of the USSR:

  • The USSR in the 30s became the model of the most successful state development, a state where thousands of factories, power plants, scientific institutes, universities were erected at an incredible pace, the population showed miracles of labor enthusiasm and social optimism. If in tsarist Russia only 5% of the population was literate, in the USSR a universal education system was created and by 1940 literacy was achieved, and the majority of the population had secondary education.
  • The reality of socialist industrialization became a menacing and graphic denial of capitalism. At this time, Germany became increasingly financially dependent on Western loans. The Germans remember the “great inflation” of 1923, which amounted to a record 578512%, when 4.2 trillion were to be paid for one dollar. The German Republic broke down under the weight of the depression of 1929-34, (which followed the punitive economic reparations forced at Versailles), when in Germany there were 7 million unemployed against the background of massive bankruptcies of enterprises.

“Hitler became Chancellor of the Third Reich on January 30, 1933 by the invitation of President Paul von Hindenburg, a person suffering from senile dementia, and begins to turn the country up and down.” -writes “Time” magazine in January 1939.

  • The USSR was ruled by communists, for Hitler from his personal observations they were all Jews, the same provocateurs of social explosions as he remembered in Germany during the time of work by Trotskyist activists in German factories.
  • The population of the USSR was hated by Hitler who saw from the point of view in them a mass of Untermensch and subhuman, especially Slavs, Asians, all these Uzbeks, Bashkirs and other “savages”. Therefore, it was planned to 60 million Soviet people beyond the Urals. The population of large cities, such as Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kiev, was subject to extermination, according to a special order of Hitler. The rest was assigned the role of slaves in the farms of the German burghers. This plan was striking similar to Trotsky view that Russia was to be turned in 60 million white slaves after completing the Revolution as the triumph of Bolshevism.
  • The personality of Joseph Stalin aroused in Hitler not only hatred, but also envy. He understood that the scale of Stalin’s personal power was so grander than his own incredibly inflated power that against this background he, the great Fuhrer, appeared in the eyes of the world as an insignificant pygmy.

The ideologists of fascism realized that they have very little time to destroy the state, which has achieved cosmic success in its 30 years of development. Hitler tirelessly repeated “War is the father of all things”, promising his people paradise, acquired by exterminating tens of millions of other peoples. Stalin managed to create images of the future for the country, which inspired and led millions of Soviet people along the path of creation. The creation of the world’s first stronghold of peace, justice, equality and fraternity in Stalin’s strategy was not based on aggressive plans, – war has always been a curse and a disaster for Soviet people. Nevertheless war becomes a holy war at the time of the invasion of the enemy.

Prior to the signing of the “Non-aggression Act” between Germany and the USSR on September 23, 1939, Molotov and Ribbentrop several times called upon Great Britain and France to create an anti-fascist alliance, but their leaders were suddenly deaf. Already in January 1939, Time wrote almost enthusiastically: “Adolf Hitler stepped over slavish Europe with the gait of a conqueror. The absolute fact is that the Führer concentrated under his absolute power 10,500,000 people (7,000,000 Austrians and 3,500,000 inhabitants of the Sudetenland) and this earned his right to be “Person of the Year”. An amazing understanding of the highest degree of humanity and merit …

“Hitler and Stalin are too big to allow each other to live under the same sky” – this quote from “Time” practically reveals the expectations of the West from the battle prepared by them. “These numerous forms of barbarism took on such a form in 1938, the way out of which would be another, possibly very fast, bloodshed: the final choice between civilized freedom and barbaric authoritarianism.” – a lot of blood for the sake of civilized freedom, the USSR as the main enemy of civilized Europe is prepared for slaughter.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty was the most ingenious diplomatic move in the history of mankind. It prevented a united campaign against the USSR of the heirs of the Entente.

Only after the Battle of Stalingrad and Kursk in January 1943 did the Western          allies of the Red Army enter the war, realizing that further delay would threaten the full-scale penetration of Russians into the depths of Western civilization. In the frames of the chronicle of the Tehran Conference, we can see who, after the most difficult battles, is a triumphant.

Former allies did not play close associates for long; already in 1946, Churchill declared the Cold War against the USSR.  Many Nazi generals were taken care of as the most professional of them were invited to serve in NATO, and the German cross decorated the flags of NATO. Eventually, the cold war was lost by the Soviet Union because of the betrayal of the Gorbachev team.

Gorbachev’s Betrayal and the Collapse of the USSR: The Beginning of Revenge

In Malta, December 2–3, 1989, during the Gorbachev Summit with Bush Senior, Gorbachev sold the USSR. It was decided that the countries of the Socialist bloc are now free from any interference from the USSR, the troops stationed in Europe will be withdrawn and the USSR agrees to the unification of Germany. Gorbachev took these steps without the sanction of the Politburo of the Communist Party, which considered such a scenario possible only after the joint dissolution of NATO and the countries participating in the Warsaw Pact.

Baltic separatists received full carte blanche. In response to the reduction of offensive weapons, disarmament and the surrender of strategic bridgeheads in Eastern Europe, Gorbachev received from an American colleague verbal support for the Soviet perestroika course and a promise to stop the Jackson-Vanik amendment (1974), which limited the sale of modern technology to the socialist countries.  Only after 23 years from the Gorbachev Bush summit did the USA replace it with the  “Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012” which goal of the Rule was to delete Russia from USA markets.

After Mikhail Gorbachev betrayed the positions of the USSR gained as a result of victory in World War II, the legacy of the Nuremberg trials and the decisions of the Yalta Conference turned into an annoying burden of the past for the West. Gorbachev prudently ordered the preparation of a fake genuine Act of non-aggression so that his crime of destroying the USSR would look like an act of repentance.

When Boris Yeltsin came to power, the destruction of historical memory among the Russians themselves turned into a massive brainwashing operation. The army turned into a demoralized and humiliated remnant of the Evil Empire, and the people had to forget about national pride and focus on elementary survival. At the same time, archives were destroyed, with the money of Soros and under his control, new history textbooks were drafted, cadres of the intelligentsia were prepared, who agreed with the betrayal of the memory of their fathers.

In October 1993, with the first shot at the Supreme Soviet and the Soviet-style Russian Constitution, the West usurped the status of winners in World War II.Ask any young or old American on the street who won the Second World War, the answer will almost always be the same – the USA.

What are the goals of further usurpation by the West of the status of victors in World War II and unprecedented attempts to declare Russia the successor of the Evil Empire?

  • Isolation of Russia in the international arena, taking away the privileges of a victorious country in World War II;
  • Further destruction, erosion of the historical memory of new generations of youth in the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus. With the natural departure of the last veterans of World War II, the information field remains cleared for any monstrous lie about that war, its heroes, victors and executioners.
  • One of the strongest nation-holding emotions is shared pride in victories. The Soviet people won the most terrible war of mankind and still pride in this victory forces the hearts of millions to beat in unison on May 9 throughout the post-Soviet space and many countries of the world, where emigrants thrown out by the explosion of the USSR who were killed are now living. By killing this pride, taking away the victory and destroying the memory of it, you can kill the invisible USSR, reviving from the grateful memory of its heirs.

Having taken away the victory from the heirs of the USSR, it is easier to neutralize the dramatic consequences of their own “pyrrhic victories”. After all, everything that the collective West has arranged over the past 30 years has turned out to be exactly “pyrrhic victories”:

  • the imposition of liberal capitalism (already unchecked by anything) has led to the impoverishment of hundreds of millions of people, environmental disasters, and the loss of sovereignty of many countries (the most illustrative example today is Ukraine);
  • the imposition of liberal freedoms, which turned into a sweet drug of permissiveness and gratification of the base instincts and perversions, and like any drug that kills primarily youth;
  • The export of democracy with bayonets to countries where there is something to profit from for global corporations, as a result of the hatred of those who lost their country because of this democracy.

Creating the image of an existential enemy also is very popular method of Western propaganda against Russians. Nobody really understands Russians yet, for what they live for, what they die for and why they survive each time? In today’s layman, such a vague image evokes sensations of unknown danger. But if we explain to him that Hitler and Stalin are the most bloodthirsty demons of history, and the peoples under their heels were stupid and blind executors of their evil will, and only heroic American and British soldiers saved them from complete mutual destruction, then peace is guaranteed to the soul of the average man. And if they explain to him that the exorbitant expenditures on armaments are needed in order to keep Russia from a position of gaining strength again, peace and complete loyalty will reign in the heart of the average man.

The origins of the victory of the USSR

The Soviet System. Since the 1920s, Soviet people have completely devoted themselves to the service of the great goal of building a new society of universal equality, fraternity and justice. Their successes were incredible, admirable even for politicians, writers, journalists and scientists sophisticated in the fruits of Western civilization. The treacherous attack of Germany was an attempt on this great dream, a desecration of the holy Russian land and the threat of extermination of all who were “genetic garbage” for Hitler.

The history of the country. The history and origins of the Victory in the war with Napoleon was studied by every Soviet schoolchild in detail, perfectly described by Leo Tolstoy in his four volumes of “War and Peace” and memorized by Pushkin’s poems. The club of the people’s war came in handy again and perfectly shattered the head of the fascist reptile in a new war. The war against the Nazis was just a people’s one, because not only soldiers and their commanders, sailors and their captains fought, but also children, old men and women. Even dogs were heroes in that war. The dog Dzhulbars, who worked with mine sweepers, was seriously wounded, and, by order of Stalin he was carried at the Victory Parade on Stalin’s overcoat.

Human capital. Joseph Stalin, with his formula “Cadres decide everything,” gave priority to the education system. Marshals and generals of the Red Army were intellectually more talented and educated than the military elite of Nazi Germany. In the prewar years, the educational system in the USSR was given primary attention. The paramount attention to creating the world’s best education system has borne fruit as the Soviet school of the 1930s became an unprecedented phenomenon. Twenty years before the start of the war, millions of people managed to get an education. Former homeless children became scientists, engineers, and later academicians. It was a time of incredible spiritual uplift and enthusiasm. The USSR in a short time under the leadership of Stalin formed a phenomenal intellectual base for the development of the country and for its defense.

Alexander Zinoviev, a philosopher and former dissident, wrote: “In the late 1930s, the army began to replenish with young people who had secondary education. The intellectual level of recruits has tremendously increased. In addition, a mass of military schools and academies was created. With the outbreak of war, the training of officer personnel began in an accelerated form. Yesterday’s tenth graders very quickly became commanders of the Red Army. Often better than those who, without education, have long served in the army. Personnel for headquarters and intelligence began to be recruited from yesterday’s tenth graders. Indeed, one of the reasons for the defeat of fascist Germany was the shortage of officers that arose during the war. And our army, in spite of the enormous losses, did not experience a deficit in the command staff and staff employees.”  But, Hitler believed that Germans would have enough after four classes of education!

Personality of the Commander-in-Chief. Stalin’s strategic thinking, the ability to understand Russian people, a huge supply of knowledge in the field of military affairs, history, psychology, culture. If we understand culture as a process of filling Being with meanings, then the culture of Joseph Stalin, in comparison with the culture of Adolf Hitler, differs in levels of civilization. Stalin’s life is an example of serving the lofty idea of ​​building a society of enlightened, equal, fair and harmoniously developed people. Hitler’s goals and his desire to exalt his people by seizing foreign lands and killing millions of “racially inferior” people are an example of cannibalistic philosophy.

The attractive force of a positive image of the USSR. Even before the war, the grandiose successes of the young socialist state attracted the hearts of young people in various countries. When anti-Soviet activities from abroad of Trotsky to form the fifth column in the USSR, whose task was to weaken and prepare for the surrender of the country to Hitler, reached dangerous proportions, the young Spanish communist Ramon Mercader volunteered to eliminate the enemy and successfully He dealt with the mission, although he paid for it with 20 years in prison. The British aristocrats, the Cambridge Four, endowed with all the blessings the empire can give its elite, helped the USSR of their own free will, providing secret information obtained from the highest offices and providing invaluable assistance in the victory over fascist Germany. Clearly, this was pure service to the idea.

Of course, let’s not forget about the general named Frost, he will never be able to cope with those who were born, grew up and live in the nirvana of an air conditioner. And do not rely on global warming, frost and Russia were born together. And Russian roads, and Russian unpredictability, and the eternal longing of the   Russian steppes and the vastness of spaces in which many foreigners are seized with an inexplicable horror of the feeling that he opened the door to the irretrievable – these are also the sources of our victories.

Will modern Russia be able to repulse the revanchist plans of the emerging globalist liberal fascism?

The fact that it will be necessary to repulse had become obvious and inevitable in 2008. Then, in the events of the Ossetian-Georgian war, we saw the full measure of hypocrisy of the Western “partners” and then Russia took the first steps to finding its new path.

The long-forgotten “prophet” of the end of the story, Francis Fukuyama, at a forum in September 2019 in Vilnius said: “Russia under Putin has become more dangerous for the West than the Soviet Union.” The explanation of why Russia is dangerous shakes with its frankness: Putin’s Russia chooses conservative values, while the West and its followers have unsuccessfully involved the world in a liberal globalist order.

“President Vladimir Putin is ready to take risks at a level that we have never seen in history,” professor Fukuyama is unquestionably bevielved by the liberal audience. But we see that Fukuyama himself is taking an obvious risk, trying to saddle the limp horse of the strategic visionary again. He does not want to notice the absurdity of his position: having built his fame on the hypothesis of the end of history, today he is clicking on a new Russian threat as an unprecedented historical experience.


Three points of Putin’s strategy changing the world:

  1. Unconditional faith in the Russian people, always looking for high meanings of life;
  2. Recognition of the need for a multipolar world, while maintaining the sovereignty of nation-states;
  3. Assistance to those who conduct a just war, defending their country, its independence (Syria, DPR, LPR);

Over the past 20 years, Vladimir Putin has succeeded not only in gathering from a demoralized space of deep disappointment a people who regained national pride and a thirst for justice, but also to give hope to a world suffocating in the stench of decay.

The royal honors shown to the President of Russia in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates clearly showed the world the triumph of not only Vladimir Putin, but also the victory of honor, fair power and intellectual power of Russia.

The defeat of ISIS in Syria with the help of Russia is a victory with far-reaching consequences. Declaring Islam, the main enemy of America after the collapse of communism, the neoconservatives created a tool to destroy the Islamic world. Well-armed and infinitely cruel scumbags from around the world under black banners were called to defame Islam in the eyes of mankind and expand living space for Hitler’s heirs. One of the goals was to capture Muslim shrines in Saudi Arabia.

Today, observing the Russian tricolor in the sky over the Arab East and the royal cavalry accompanying the Russian President, one and a half billion Muslims are grateful to the Russians. The black cloud of a great war is scattering over the Persian Gulf.





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  1. It certainly is easy for the ‘ruling elite’ of any group of people to drive a wedge between them. Will we ever, individually and collectively, mature beyond the reptilian brain stem that rules us, and into which ‘our’ ruling elite gleefully plugs into? In effect, we are already chipped.

  2. According to Solzhenitsyn, Soviet Communism had fizzled out by the 50s. Citizens, worn out by the workers paradise scheme, turned to black market crimes to survive. The black market worked, Communism was like a bad joke. The only one who spoke highly of it, was the US MIC, who made billions from selling the Soviet military’s growing rust belt, as a fierce, state of the art tribe of warriors, ready to pounce at the slightest provocation. These different brands of government, promising to turn their herds into happy campers, bring their own get rich quick and lazy con artists, and fall apart when their game becomes common knowledge.

  3. I am as American as they come; I was born at Martin Army Hospital, Ft. Benning, GA, USA. I’m now in my early 60’s. Every time I hear a Russian talk about the ‘Great Patriotic War’ I cringe and wince as my mother was a German teenager during that time. I just hope that someday somewhere we can all settle down ang get along but the semi-hard data at Unzreview and others says we won’t. It’s surreal to think my parents and others fought and were pure savagery with each other, and over what reasons.
    One question, though….
    Mao killed like what, 20,000,000?
    Hitler, 15,000,000
    The pilgrims, untold millions.
    Cortez, entire population of Central/South America.
    How many millions did Stalin kill? Iron Feliks and Beria? The Russians can produce their own mass-murderers on a quality that is as good as any in the world.
    One last thing, I understand how the U.S. screwed over Russia at the breakup of the SovUnion, and I know one day it’s get-even time. We were both screwed by the lowest form of life, a politician.

    • I cringe every time I read this type of comments, what do they even teach you in school?
      Hitler killed ONLY in USSR more than 27 000 000 people (this is much more than 10% of the whole population), this is why soviets (not just russians, dozens different nationalities lived there) remember it so clearly and call Great Patriotic War – it was a war of SURVIVAL and every single family that lives today have relatives that died in that war!
      But If they lost it, most of them wouldn’t be even born!
      Now as to how many Stalin killed, well confirmed capital punishments issued by the government was about 600-800k in 30 years.

  4. Russia might always win, Russians did not and do not. Bolshevism. Corporatized communism? Any takers? Thought not. You have your own garden variety with which to deal, do you not? Good luck with that in the absence of prayer and fasting!

    • I’m a peacemaker, Harry. But the blood of the ancestors the victors really flows in me. And strong genetic memory. All my ancestors on the male line were military: commanders, tankers, marines, pilots, infantry. This fosters a sense of responsibility, justice, and duty to the motherland. In addition, I belong to the last generation of the USSR. Galima and I belong to different generations, but we share a common point of view.
      And yes, i’m the winner, Harry : )

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