Russian Media’s Endless Gaffs, Now Calling for American Civil War


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Two years ago, VT and staff were accused of working for Russian intelligence by Newsweek, Politico and the Washington Post.  Yet, years before, we were banned from RT and Sputnik News even though, at one time, I had personally been offered control of both media platforms by Russia.  This was a job I didn’t need.

    We always depended on RT and Sputnik for getting out the truth, blended with self-serving crap as well, but always superior to America’s totally controlled media.

    We are the media experts, with over a century (almost 2) of training in psychological warfare and propaganda, and lots of “OJT” at the highest levels in a dozen governments.

    Nothing is left.  Like Washington, a city of 100% whores, a price tag on everything and everyone (now even worse under Trump), there is no independent press of any kind.

    We investigate everyone, their credit ratings, their work history, their friends, who pays their travel, their writing style and if they even write their own material.

    The entire media, from bloggers to Nobel Prize winners, all whores.

    As for the reality of civil war.  First of all, I am a combat vet.  I went through training with “ghetto rats” and “good old boys” and then got to see who was what in real combat.

    All the internet heroes and trolls, and I remember their fathers and grandfathers crying for mama when the VC came calling…the back woods gun owning mouth breathers…are worthless.

    The military never wanted them and got rid of them soon as possible, generally putting them as far from combat as possible in Vietnam and after.  The South died after the Civil War just as World War I killed Britain and France.

    There is no real Germany today.

    The generation we killed off in Vietnam is responsible for the worms pretending to be “real Americans” today.

    There won’t be a civil war.  The military isn’t going to take over anything.  The Taliban took them all to school, taught them the reality you won’t read about.

    Tough guys?  Look to Russia or the Syrian Arab Army or Iran or the Houthis in Yemen.

    Go screw with the Cubans, they will hand you your ass.  As for America, we built a military out of lying, stealing and fakery. Americans haven’t fought for ‘their country’ in, how long?  Ever?

    The real answer is “ever.”

    Before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence, the Rothschilds were buying Federalists to do their bidding, eventually turning out a Constitution that has stifled freedom for over 200 years.

    Everything we know of ourselves is lies.

    As for our “tough guys” today, America fights with mercenaries, we are pimped out by Washington and do the bidding of Saudi Arabia and the same bankers who tried to choke America to death in 1812 and again in 1861 and finally killed us in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.

    We then have done nothing but fight wars for banks, two bank driven world wars, a fake cold war, fake war on terror and are enslaved by a criminal underclass that runs Washington.

    Real Americans?  They wait for nuclear war, not caring as long as Washington and New York get it first.

    From Russia Today:


    Liberals outing Trump donors as ‘racist’ could lead America to full-blown civil war

    Robert Bridge
    Robert Bridge

    is an American writer and journalist. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News, he is author of the book, ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ released in 2013.

    Liberals outing Trump donors as ‘racist’ could lead America to full-blown civil war
    It would be difficult to name a dirtier political trick than calling opponents ‘racist’ and publicly disclosing their names. Is this mere dress rehearsal for the 2020 US election, or something far worse?

    Today in America, when a sizable segment of the population is suffering from the acute, long-term effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even the simple act of supporting a political candidate – especially if the candidate’s name happens to be Donald Trump – can make a person not only feel like a criminal, but treated like one as well. And that’s not mere hyperbole.

    Consider the following. In the US, when sexual predators are released back into the general population after serving out their prison sentence, they are required to register themselves in a state data bank. This is no dating site. Its purpose is to inform Americans if a potentially dangerous individual will be residing in their neighborhood, possibly in the vicinity of their children. This is the sort of blacklist most Americans could probably agree with.

    But what about a blacklist made up of American voters who have had their names and addresses dumped into the public realm for the ‘crime’ of donating money to the Trump campaign? When it is remembered that supporting political parties and candidates with cash is a democratic form of ‘free speech’, it sounds almost too incredible to imagine.

    VICE News


    VIDEO: Protester spits on Trump supporter during interview at Minneapolis rally 

    Embedded video

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    Yet that is exactly what happened this week when an obscure group that fashions itself as the Public Media Service Group, Inc. released the personal information of Trump donors across the country – complete with little red flags – in a shocking invasion of privacy. If there were a better way of triggering civil strife in the US, I personally cannot imagine it. But it gets worse.

    What is particularly disturbing and deranged about this “mapping of recent Trump donors,” however, is that the now disabled website screamed ‘RACIST WATCH’ in large font at the top of the page, followed by the paranoid question: “Do your neighbors support a president that supports racism and hate speech?

    Far Left Watch@FarLeftWatch

    For the last 4 years, far-left extremist have violently assaulted Trump supporters and their attacks are escalating.

    Now an activist group has launched a website called “Racist Watch” that maps out the name and address of every individual who donated to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

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    Aside from its embrace of the Orwellian act of snitching on neighbors and loved ones, it also takes it on faith that the US president is some kind of xenophobic megalomaniac hell-bent on driving all foreigners out of the country. Thus far, however, much of those media-baked claims that say ‘Trump is a racist’ derive from his campaign pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border. If that makes Trump a racist, then the overwhelming majority of state leaders around the world must also be categorized as such since most governments still consider it their responsibility to protect their national borders in the name of security. That is not racism; that is common sense.

    The most important consideration here, however, is not Donald Trump, who has a vast security apparatus at his disposal to protect him wherever he goes. What about those outed Trump donors who have been tarred and feathered on a ‘Racist Watch’ website. What next? Will they be required to wear some kind of conspicuous insignia in public, much like the Jews  were identified by yellow stars in Nazi-occupied Europe, to identify their ‘racist’ affiliation? Will Trump supporters be forced to knock on the doors of their neighbors, admitting with all the guilt they can muster that they donated money to the mogul of Manhattan? Pray tell, what kind of insanity has gripped God’s Country?

    Such public blacklisting, aside from appearing as a scare tactic ahead of one of the most momentous presidential elections in recent history, places Trump donors at no small personal risk. Just ask Tucker Carlson, the Fox News conservative host. Late last year, Antifa, the left-wing, mask-wearing protest group known for gratuitous displays of unprovoked violence, showed up late one night outside Carlson’s family home, chanting “Tucker Carlson we will fight, we know where you sleep at night” and “racist scumbag leave town.”

    These ‘progressive’ liberals, having cried ‘racist’ on so many occasions in the past, risk suffering the same fate as the little boy who cried wolf once too often. Just this week, for example, Democrats screamed ‘racism’ over a political poster that depicts the mayor of San Francisco as – perish the thought! – a wealthy elitist.

    ALSO ON RT.COMDemocrats cry racism over campaign poster showing black SF mayor smoking with stack of moneyThe poster, paid for by a Republican opponent, shows a cartoon caricature of Mayor London Breed in a red dress sitting with her high heels propped up on a desk. She is holding a stack of dollars in her left hand and a cigarette in the right. Such elitist cliches have been used myriad times in the past to portray white male power structures without any outcry over ‘racism’. Yet when the concept is applied to a minority black woman, the PC police are duly notified and a full-blown political crisis is declared. The message here is that minorities are beyond all reproach. Thankfully, a number of people took to social media to point out the double standards and hypocrisy.

    Scott Wiener


    This racist campaign billboard against Mayor @LondonBreed is disgusting & has no place in our political discourse.

    The candidate for Mayor who placed the billboard, Ellen Zhao, is a Trump supporter, so, while despicable, this racism isn’t surprising. 

    Controversial billboard in SF depicts Mayor Breed with her feet up, smoking, and holding stack of…

    Ellen Lee Zhou, a San Francisco social worker running for Mayor of San Francisco, paid for a billboard that has raised controversy in the SoMa district.

    Mark Fabela@markdfabela

    I think you dropped this.

    View image on Twitter
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    Meanwhile, there is real irony in the liberal campaign to toss the ‘racist’ epitaph around with reckless abandon. In fact, if a group of enraged Liberals took up the ‘Racist Watch’ challenge and appeared at the homes of the blacklisted people, they might be very surprised to discover who lives at these addresses.

    There is a chance they would come face-to-face with popular video bloggers Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, two African-Americans better known as ‘Diamond and Silk’, who have thrown their support behind Donald Trump. Or perhaps they would show up at the door of actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams, another African-American pro-Trump commentator who has left a mark on social media. And I would really hope, for their sake, that some misguided liberal protesters never have the misfortune of protesting against racism outside the house of Candace Owens, one of the most vocal African-American supporters of Trump, as well as one of the biggest critics of the Democratic Party today.

    The lesson here is that while racism certainly exists in the United States, it does not appear to be anywhere near the five-alarm levels as the PC police would have us believe. The racist hysteria is being politically driven in an effort to portray Trump and his millions of supporters as sub-human xenophobes and ‘haters’. This is the way the liberals hope to steal the White House in 2020, by cheap fearmongering.

    Fortunately, many Americans are ‘woke’ to the scam.



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    1. I think the Three Stooges Comedy Routine was the absolute top one of that period and all time, regardless of whether it was Curly or Shemp. This group had something very very special about them. They never used any improper language or skits either as they had everyone rolling in the aisles. I wonder how many people died of heart attacks laughing so hard from these masters at humor? Three would have been a complicated group to direct also. They were the absolute top group so far as I am concerned. This is timeless humor, just as funny today as in the 1930’s too.

    2. Gordon, this is not a “gaff” by the Russians. The Kremlin really does want to crack America in half into a second Civil War. Unfortunately it’s not taking a lot to make it happen.

      All they had to do was get their asset Donald Trump into the White House, wind this delusional narcissist up and let him at the china. Yes, the American/Israeli Empire created ISIS, stole that oil, does regime change like ordering a pizza–all those wrong-headed tactics. But Russia is a mafia state. The US still has some semblance of freedoms left here that Trump’s opponents have discovered as something worth fighting for. Hence the “renaissance” among the NY TImes, Washington Post, etc.

      This is all so screwed up now that even throwing Trump out of our lives may not fix it. But no one can convince me anyone before or since has done as much damage as him. He’s a complete con man/delusionist.

    3. I graduated Pasadena High School 1956 in California not Texas. All those great teachers are gone now. They did their best. They did not choose or write those textbooks. They were forced to teach from them. So who is responsible for those lies. Surely not those teachers like Paul Sher from New Jersey or the others. But the textbooks on mathematics and physics did not tell lies nor did those great teachers. Who is responsible for the lies about the Civil War? Where is it written in the Constitution that Abraham Lincoln had the right to kill or injure millions and plunder over half the country to keep the Union together? Something obviously happened to Dishonest Abe during the Civil War. His basic personality changed dramatically. Before that time he was a peace lover not a war lover. The North imposed a 40% sales tax on the South. How would you like to pay a 40% sales tax today on anything? Lincoln could have said, “Go you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back”. All the death and plunder would have been avoided not to mention to suffering after the Civil War for decades. This was also the first ratcheting up of federal power against the policy of the Founders. Didn’t black slaves build New York? Today are not we all slaves to government? We work over half our lives just to pay taxes.

      • How about the war crimes of unindicted war criminals Drunk Grant and Plunderer Psychopath Sherman who got their kicks by killing innocent people and plundering the country? How many generals did Dishonest Abe go through until he came upon a drunk and a psychopath to do his dirty job for him? All three of these monsters should have been hung until dead not idolized in lying history books. The Civil War was the greatest first failure of the Monster U.S. Government and nothing every changed after that failure. Shame, shame, shame on Dishonest Liar Monster Abraham Lincoln. It is monuments to this monster which must come down. I was born at Cleveland, Ohio, 1939.

      • many of us at VT have worked as teachers/adjunct professors, now things that are ‘online’

        a system totally corrupt, political, fake…fake teachers, fake classes, fake degrees….just one component to a sick education system

        your memories are like mine

    4. Why didn’t You give them southern boys banjos? Anyone in Cajun can play an instrument and not all necessarily banjo, but never for the Bankers as the North does. The only reason North Vietnamese back wood farmers fought so hard and defeated Americans is, that otherwise they had been forced to listen North State American victory ceremonies with Northern city boy/girl bands, here:

    5. Well now,…counting myself as a no longer caring “real American”, I’d be pleased as punch (as Hubert Humphrey liked to say) if we could add Hollywood, California and maybe Boca Raton (only 25 miles to Mar-a-Lago) to the “get it first list”. The whole stinking government of the state of Florida is zio infested.

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