Al Baghdadi mistery (update). Pentagon’s farce: changes idea and releases a useless video. Children’s bodies disappeared


…by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

UPDATE ON 31, OCTOBER 2019 – 9 A.M. (GMT + 1)

The US military operation against the leader of the Islamic State is becoming a farce. While the Pentagon announced by the commander of the General Staff that no video would be declassified for security reasons, the commander of the US CentCom has tweeted some communications spreading three very short films of the action.

As reported by Russia Today in the videos in fact we see little or nothing: the compound surrounded by some military approaching, the explosion of some bombs and the final explosion to raze the buildings and leave no trace.

The useless footage about the allegedly attack Us CentCom – click to read Russia Today report and watch video

Only one certainty emerges from the statements of General Franck McKenzie: White House and Pentagon have big problems with algebra! If for Trump Al Baghdadi he blew himself up with three children for the general there are only two but the relief, as explained more in the article, have found only one little body … The mysteries remain.


UPDATE ON 29, OCTOBER 2019 – 4 P.M. (GMT + 1)

The US got rid of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s body mere hours after a swift DNA test confirmed the terrorist’s identity, Pentagon officials said, adding that all evidence of the raid and his burial at sea remains classified» Russia Today report.

Following the US special forces operation in northwestern Syria, in which Washington claims al-Baghdadi was eliminated, the mutilated body was immediately taken “to a secure facility to confirm his identity with forensic DNA testing,” Army General Mike Milley, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a news briefing.

“The disposal of his remains has been done and is complete and was handled appropriately”.

Just like al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group chief was reportedly given a proper burial at sea in accordance with Islamic tradition, with all Muslim religious rites afforded to him. While the raid and subsequent processes of identification and body ‘disposal’ were documented in numerous photos and videos, they are yet to go through a “declassification process,” according to the US general.

“We are not prepared at the time to release those”.

The Department of Defense of Washington denies the announcement of the American president Donald Trump that to put an end to the insinuation on the false blitz and the fake suicidal death of the caliph of the Daesh he had announced an imminent release of the recordings made by the military of the special unit Delta Force with infrared video cameras on helmets.

This obviously will only increase the perplexities on the effective completion and success of the military operation of the US Air Force now more and more insistent.


UPDATE ON 29, OCTOBER 2019 – 1 A.M. (GMT + 1)


With 24 hours delay compared to VT, Russia Today, Gospa News and Sputnik International, the media of the so-called Italian mainstream after the revelations of special services on the suicide of the Caliph of the Islamic State induced by the Delta Force Us Army operation are aware of having told the most mysterious, disjointed and contradictory blitz in the history of American intelligence.

“On some British and American media, from the New York Times to The Guardian, it begins to doubt the reconstruction made by Donald Trump on the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdad,” writes the Italian agency ANSA among the first to exalt the operation of the US president: he writes with that tone of timid prudence of those who fear having celebrated a solemn antics.

And in the last hours many uncertainty comes further by United Nations as reports Russia Today. The UN Monitoring Team on terrorist groups is going to put questions to the US and other involved parties to clarify the fate of al-Baghdadi, Edmund Fitton-Brown, a British diplomat who coordinates the team, told RIA Novosti news agency.

“All we have so far is the public announcement from the Americans, but it does seem like a very confident announcement. They seem very sure of themselves. They claim that they have verified it… So, I think that should be taken very seriously.”

However, Fitton-Brown pointed out that Washington “would be setting themselves up to a considerable embarrassment” if the report on the death of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) chief turns out to be false.

For now, journalists of the mainstream do not doubt the effective completion and success of the operation, as did the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the intelligence of Moscow, for which the founder of ISIS would still be alive as we reported in the previous reportage.

They merely doubt the reconstruction of the White House focusing on the analysis of the details reported by Mr Donald in the unusual Sunday press conference rather than on the existing evidence, or missing traces, of the alleged assault on the compound where the Daesh leader would be holed up.

Among these is the story of the only eyewitness to the raid: a Syrian shepherd immediately arrested by the jihadists and disappeared into thin air! Before analyzing this and the other concrete mysteries of the blitz like an investigative reporter and not a political journalist who is satisfied with proclamations, let’s see what the most authoritative and historic Italian agency writes…


“The New York Times questions the gruesome story of the death of Isis Abu Bakr al Baghdadi chief Donald Trump did to the Americans live on television. There are several critical points noted by the newspaper, in particular the description of the Caliph who screams and cries in the tunnel where he then blew himself up. According to the New York Times, in fact, the images that Trump and his collaborators witnessed in the ‘situation room’ were without sound, ” writes ANSA.

The italian agency item

“Not only that, the American president could not even see the live images of Baghdadi being hunted in the tunnel. The last minutes of the ISIS leader’s life, in fact, were taken from the cameras installed on the helmets of the American soldiers who were blitzing. But those videos were given to Trump only after the press conference.

On a specific question from the ABC on Trump’s film story, the Pentagon chief Mark Esper tried to hint that he was unaware of certain details and believed that the president had spoken to the military in the field to get all the information. A similar analysis can be read in The Guardian” adds the National Associated Press Agency

To support the doubts the same ANSA reports the post launched on Facebook by the Italian Middle East expert journalist Alberto Negri:

“There was no audio, you could not see almost nothing because it was night they could barely distinguish the outlines of the attackers and jihadists. But Trump, thanks to a fervent imagination, was able to describe in detail the death of Al Baghdadi. The Russians are unconvinced, Turks and Kurds support it, the Syrians are silent except to protest against Trump’s announcement to occupy their oil wells.

The witnesses in the area speak of three hours of battle, raids and bombings: facts by whom and how? From a US plane and six helicopters that then had to return to Iraq? In Iraq or in Turkey which is 5 minutes away by flight and is a country with US and NATO bases? A story that draws water from all sides: perhaps the Pentagon gave information to Trump because he does not trust “”.

Or perhaps, dear colleague Negri, Trump invented the whole operation for the reasons we explained in the previous article.

There has been no air mission against the alleged hiding place of the Black Flag caliph, which has always been suspected by authoritative sources of OSINT of being CIA agent and MOSSAD, as the Russians who denied having granted the use of air space but also denied automatic activation of S400 defense systems radars.



Who could really tell something about what happened seems to have disappeared. To write about him is only the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights (SOHR), the organization founded in England by a Syrian refugee to cover the activities of the operators of Syria Civil Defense, better known as the infamous White Helmets, founded by a former secret agent and British mercenary and reported to the UN by Russia for terrorism and trafficking in human organs.

After the expulsion of 800 White Helmets from Syria and the gradual defeat of the Free Syrian Army (ESIL / FSA) replaced by the one invented by Turkey which brings together jihadist mercenaries under the name of National Liberation Front (NFL), the mission of SOHR has become less biased and reconstructions of more objective facts thanks to the presence of many informants on the spot.

Perhaps because the Ostrvatorio is also tired of deaths, perhaps because the contributions of White Helmets that have suffered the cutting of annual US contributions from hundreds to a few million dollars (5 in 2018 and 4.5 in 2019) have ended.

The ruins in Barisha compound after the alleged Us raid

The fact remains that today SOHR is certainly more credible today but it is also the only source of information to reveal some curious details about the alleged blitz against Al Baghdadi.

«Sources of the Syrian Observatory said that “the 8 helicopters took-off from “Sarin” airport in a straight line between the Turkish – Syrian border, over Jarabulus city, al-Rai, Azaz, Afrin, until Idlib countryside in Barisha village”. The sources added: “there is information that the anti-terrorism forces of the Syria Democratic Forces intelligence participated in the operation, also 3 of the 8 helicopters were carrying members of the anti-terrorism forces of the SDF, they also mainly participated in the raids and in carrying out the operation of targeting al-Baghdadi, amid a secrecy about their participation due to the Turkish sensitivities towards the participation of SDF forces in the operation» reports the Syrian Observatory, citing however anonymous sources.

«The remains of al-Baghdadi’s body after he blew himself up were transferred to the Iraqi base, Ayn al-Assad. And at the same time, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that Jabhat al-Nusra had imposed a cordon on the area, and prevented the entry to the area of targeting al-Baghdadi, and they arrested a shepherd who was present in the area at the time of the operation».

We try to understand better. Not only does the US prepare the assault but they load on its Kurdish military helicopters, which in recent days Trump called terrorists worse than ISIS, in some way justifying the invasion of the Turkish army in Rojava.

Moreover, at the end of the blitz, the jihadists of Al Nusra, affiliated with Al Qaeda and now merged into Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, have created a security zone after the massacre as if to hide any trace of the operation, an intervention that recalls those of the “cleaners” after the crimes of the Assassination Program, the CIA’s clandestine arm.

But in the case of the assault on Al Baghdadi’s den every detail would have been celebrated by the media with jubilant emphasis, so why cover it up? Why hide it? Why arrest the only pastor who found himself on the scene of a military operation if he succeeded? Haven’t we all seen the battered face of Muhammar Gheddafi spread throughout the world by Western intelligence as a warning to every rebel dictator? Perhaps because it was the simple bombing of some terrorist home and not the caliph shelter?

Perhaps the militants of Al Qaeda, rivals of ISIS but financed by the Saudi US allies, were complicit in the staging as were the White Helmets in Douma’s chemical attack, half fake and the other half prepared with Chlorine exposure of bound children, as reported in a previous report by Gospa News.




«Do you know what doesn’t convince me? I don’t think that if you are ready to blow yourself up with an explosive belt you will start whining … One of the two is not true». The right psychological observation comes from a Western intelligence analyst specialized in Islamic terrorism.

If you are hunted. If you have an explosive device on you for a blatant gesture, you can jump as soon as you find yourself in the chase. Don’t get stuck in a blind alley with three children sobbing before pressing the button: either press it immediately or, if you are so fragile as to cry despite being the supreme commander of the cutthroats, you get arrested to save at least your loved ones.

The ISIS caliph Al Baghdadi

It is evident that Trump’s reconstruction is full of horrific fantasies like Maleficent or the latest Disney films … If words are a “mill that lengthens feelings” as Gustave Flaubert wrote, numbers are mathematical.

And algebra falls down on the number of family members who would have died next to the ISIS leader. The first rumors entrusted by a Pentagon mole to Newsweek reported two dead wives but no children killed. Trump has instead stigmatized the killing of three children in the suicide explosion and the rescue of another 11 bringing is not known where from the US.

While the relief efforts that have reached the area of ​​the blitz in Barisha, according to what has been reported by the Turkish news agency Anadolu, have reported to have found on the place 7 bodies without life, those of three men, three women and a child, and of having provided the first assistance to 5 wounded. Where did the bodies of the other two sons of Al Baghdadi go? Did the Delta Force soldiers take them away as gifts for Trump?



Among the various reconstructions of planning, one of the most credible was that concerning the alleged Al Baghdadi escape attempt from Syria across the border with Turkey.

According to this thesis, the caliph would have become so stupid as to take refuge in the province of Idlib, the subject of repeated bombings by the Arab Syrian Army, the Russian aviation and recently also by the US against the jihadist group Hurras al-Din, a little rivals and a little allies of the most powerful HTS.

As documented by Gospa News in early September, US Air Force fighters broke yet another truce between Russia and Turkey to hit a block of flats between Kfarya and Ma’arrat Mesrin in which a string of jihadist commanders was underway, killing more than 40 .

After the caliph made a new appearance in a video released by a pro-jihadist media in April 2019, all reporters and intelligence sources claimed that he was hiding somewhere in the Syrian desert on the border with Iraq, in the province of Deir Ezzor or in the nearby Euphrates Valley where several US bases arise including the most important of Al Tanf who controls the Camp Rukban, where it was hypothesized that Al Baghdadi could be hidden among prisoners and relatives of the Islamic State there refugees.


According to a plausible reconstruction the caliph would have hidden in Idlib only 48 hours before the assault. According to the Pentagon, the blitz was authorized a week earlier. According to the official statement by the Kurdish commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the long-planned operation was delayed due to the invasion of Turkey in Rojava.



The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces held in press conference in Heseke on the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a joint operation of the SDF and the U.S. near a Turkish military base.

«As a result of the joint efforts of more than five months between the military intelligence of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US forces, and in coordination at the highest level, the head of the Islamic State terrorist organization, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was eliminated in a joint operation near a Turkish military base in Barisha, northern countryside of Idlib province at dawn today. This historic achievement was the result of the close cooperation between the SDF and the United States of America» reports the press statement read by Head of SDF Foreign Relations Office Redur Xelil and the Arabic by SDF Official Spokesman Kino Gabriel.

The SDF commands press conference

«We emphasize that this operation was delayed for more than a month due to the Turkish aggression on our region. We consider the operation as a revenge for the massacres committed by the terrorist organization in Kobani, Sinjar, the Khabour Basin, Nineveh Plain, Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Makhmour and revenge for the Kurdish Yazidi women in particular, and a revenge for humanity and all the victims of ISIS crimes worldwide».

The drama of the note by the militias that liberated the North East of Syria and in particular the last Bagouz stronghold by the Islamic State is understandable. A little less the declaration that the operation was delayed due to the invasion of the Ankara army, a NATO ally, given that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself welcomed the alleged killing of the Daesh leader …

But even assuming that the blitz was actually launched against the al Baghdadi shelter while he was inside and where would he blow himself up in a burrow according to the White House version what is the real certainty that he really was?

Well, even though the military operation took place at night, despite the bombings that razed the compound in the viewfinder, despite the fact that the caliph blew himself up, a team of forensic scientists in the US would have identified the fragmented remains between the rubble and an examination biometric would have ascertained the identity of the wanted terrorist Isis.

Unfortunately, however, no one else can ever make a counter-check: the remains of the founder and head of the Islamic State have been dispersed at sea. As already happened for those of Osama Bin Laden. It is difficult, therefore, to exhume them for a further assessment…

For best producing this original drama one of the best investigative journalists in the United States, Max Blumenthal of GrayZone, was under arrest from Friday until Sunday without a real reason, as any lawyer could have shown if they had allowed him to call him from the Washington DC police jail…

GrayZone’s journalist Blumenthal arrested in Washington after the investigations about TOW missiles from US to jihadists

The story ends here. True or false it is: Trump was the leading actor in all the News of the earth in his daring run towards the presidential elections of 2020 that see him favored in front of the democratic opponent Joe Biden, in a race that in reality will still have the same winner the Zionist-Masonic-American Deep International State.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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