How I became disillusioned with Tulsi Gabbard (video)


Jackson Rip Holmes…becoming a regular.


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  1. It is unfortunately that Hannity has a high rating show, so how does Tulsi get her message out there with her limited funds, go on shows like this, my hero JFK even went to the zionist organisation in NY before he was elected and stated that he would use US troops to defend israel, but once elected started making moves that pissed them of, like demanding inspections of nuclear sites, getting his brother to register the zionist org as foreign agents, so they couldn’t bribe candidates, and the biggie of them all, messed with the Fed by printing money outside the usury of the fed reserve.
    What changes would Tusi make? At least give her a chance.

  2. Don’t we all know who runs all governments in the world , it is not the people thats for sure . And there is not a democracy in any country anymore . There is only degrees of democracy , and then there is corporate fascism , banks and world banks . Those entities run the world !

  3. Wait till trump’s second term when they really bone the boomers as they will cut Social Security and Medicare just like all private pensions are all but gone and the boomers so richly deserve everything they will get.

    The worst generation. Every boomer I know is a Sean Hanity war mongering republican type ignorant person.

    At least this gentleman despises Sean Hanity in the video above as maybe Gabbard is controlled opposition perhaps?

  4. No doubt this guy, RIP, sounds a bit strange. His comments about Hannity and Gabbard?
    Show me that video!
    The most recent video that I watched with Hannity and Gabbard, 10/24/2019, shows Hannity attacking Gabbard. WTF?
    …and yeah, regarding Edward Dodge’s comment about VT’s (or Gordon’s), endorsement of Gabbard?
    What happened to it?

  5. he starts with saying “govt is manipulated by by extra terrestrials” and then says the guy who claims to be an emissary of god is “wierd’. Some will get a laugh out of this .

  6. This video is pitiful! The guy starts out with the belief in world leaders fomenting war under the influence of extra-terrestrials, followed by some disjointed explanation of the Vietnam war, where he’s about fifty percent short on the number of Americans killed in that war. The way he says “aunt” he’s clearly a New Englander. Then he cites hearsay about some surfer dude “emissary of God”, from articles in New Yorker magazine, a Neo-liberal corporate mouthpiece. Finally, so what if Tulsi Gabbard goes on Sean Hannity? She goes on CBS, MSNBC, The View, and the mother of all progressive shows, The Jimmy Gore Show. Come on VT,…we can do better. Also, I noticed the “VT certifies Tulsi” article has disappeared into cyber never, never land. What’s up with that?

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