Turkey: Baghdadi also retired?


…by Dr. Andullah Manaz, VT Turkey

When you don’t want to give the kids something, you hide it back and you can say: “I threw it away, it’s gone! There is no anything!” This was also the case with al-Baghdadi, leader of the Daesh Terrorist Organization. When everyone wanted to see the dead body of Baghdadi, they said, “We threw it into the sea! There is no anything!”

They did the same thing to Laden. They said, “We killed him in the operation”, but we didn’t see a photo from an injured body. Then they said, “We threw it into the sea!” Doubtful news, unconvincing evidence increased the question marks in the heads.

Now all over the world, everyone asks the following questions:

  • The last thing we remember, Baghdadi was in the Syrian Deyrozor Baghos Farms region. Russian and Iraqi intelligence sources were claiming that it was in Iraq and probably lived at AynulEsed base of the US. How could Baghdadi come up to the border of Turkey. He crossed the Euphrates, crossed the long territory of Essed, crossed the controls and monitoring points on both sides of the border of Idlib, Neither the Russians and the Iranians nor the opponents in Idlib noticed him. In a region near the border with Turkey (brisha) How did people get a home construction begun 22 months ago. Also Turkey, Russia and the US intelligence and satellites was constantly monitoring here, because the United States was doing continuous operations against the Huras ed-Din terrorist organization here.
  • Russia states that “S-400 radars do not report a US aircraft participating in the area. It can be answered this question as follows: “You can hit a target that is 16 km away from the NATO border without border breach”. indeed, it was announced that the helicopters participating in the operation were flying over the Erbil-AynulEsed-Sarin route and Turkish operation regions.
  • How did the two survive (from 9 people, 2 people coming from the left of the house, 7 people coming from the front) from the bombs, despite heavy bombs were thrown at them? The area where the house was located was completely destroyed. According to Turkish sources, there were totaly 7 bodies as 3 men, 3 women 1 child. Also 5 wounded were. US sources referred only to two people.  Where are the other three people? How did two of the three children whom Trump said died with a suicide bomb survived the tunnel?
  • After the operation, it was stated that “There was a CIA member with Baghdadi with him from the beginning”. This officer also took part in the construction of the house. According to satellite images, the construction of the house started in January 2018. So the CIA was with Baghdadi for at least 20 mounths. Why was Baghdadi not killed before?
  • The leader of the PKK terrorist organization in Syria announced that: “Operation is planned a month before, but it postponed for a month due to operations of Turkey in northeast Syria. If Baghdadi was monitoring since the least one month, why did he came to the border of Turkey, also there was a Turkish military base in here? While Baghdadi was moving freely in the region controlled by the US & PKK, did he escape because he was afraid of the Turkish operation? And again towards the Turkish border?

  • In a tunnel, the terrorist who detonated the bomb would have probably been buried. However, how did the remains of bodies be collected from these remains within a few hours?
  • A Western Terror Psychology Specialist asks:: If you have a suicide bomb attached to your waist, why are you going to scream and weep? ”
  • Trump says Baghdadi has three children with him. Only one child was found in the remains of the operation. In addition, during the operation why did not sound children, just Baghdadi cried?
  • Osama bin Laden’s death was also full of secrets. We didn’t see a photo of Laden’s body or any wounded. Why didn’t the Pentagon provide more convincing evidence while even hear Baghdadi’s screams in the tunnel? While the bodies and remains of Laden and Baghdadi were thrown into the sea, the photographs of Saddam and Gaddafi were made public. While known two dictators’ photographs were published, lives of two notorious terrorists remained secret except publicly known photographs.
  • Some strategic experts are also questioning the possibility of the intelligence officer next to Baghdadi, who works for the US account and lives at AynulEsed base. They wonder if they were taken from the US base and taken back to the base.

All these suspicions show that Baghdadi is not dead, but he is retired.


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  1. al-B (Elliot thingy or thingy Elliot) living up the good life in…Israel. Video was faked, raid was faked..next FF please we’re bored !

  2. “Osama bin Laden’s death was also full of secrets. We didn’t see a photo of Laden’s body or any wounded. Why didn’t the Pentagon provide more convincing evidence.”
    The same reason you will never know the truth about President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, or 9/11.
    The owners of this bordello treats its citizens like mushrooms, keeps them in the dark, and feeds them bullshit.

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