Defend International Law’ Petition demands Norway impose Sanctions on Israel

…from Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Will this be the spark that lights the fire? Who knows? But it is, at least, one candle. This is a great group of real lawyers.

You can imagine what Israel would demand if Jewish children were being shot down like they are in Gaza. There is a “Zionist Supremacism” aspect to this, as in “we can do it to you, but you can’t to it to us because, you know, we are ______”.

Don’t expect to see corporate media report extensively on this story. I just googled and found nothing but a Times of Israel piece on Olso banning imports of goods made in settlements – “boycott lite”.

I don’t even know why Israel is still in the UN. It could have been thrown out ages ago. One of the big failings of the UN is that it has no process for getting rid of rogue members, or even dealing with them.

If the UN cannot reform itself, then we should consider building a new one from the ground up, with more appropriate rules; and one that would be more selective in its membership.

I don’t know why not a single stink tank has ever proposed this, with all the money they have to “improve” the world. I keep hearing this rumor that there are “progressive” think tanks, but someone must be hiding them from meJim W. Dean ]

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If this were being done to Jewish children anywhere, there would be world outrage and calls for sanctions, but not for Palestinian kids.

– First published … November 01, 2019

Dozens of Norway’s leading lawyers believe that Israel violates international law and doesn’t deserve the preferential treatment it currently enjoys.

A group of 44 lawyers, including award-winning luminaries and distinguished professionals such as professor Jan Fridthjof Bernt, have called on Norway to impose sanctions on Israel for its violations of international law.

The petition called “Defend international law” was published by the newspaper Dagsavisen.

Israel has annexed East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and has announced the annexation of the Jordan Valley – without having any major consequences, the petition stressed.

Between March 2018 and September 2019 alone, the lawyers emphasised, 309 Palestinians who have participated in protest marches along the Gaza Strip border were killed. In the past year alone, 56 Palestinian children were killed by Israeli forces, again without any repercussions, including from Norway.

The number of Palestinians who have died at the hands of the state is comparable to the number of murders in the country: 103 people were victims of homicide in 2018, compared with 136 in 2017, according to the local media. For comparison’s sake, police in the US, which is better known for police killings, fatally shot approximately one person for every 19 murder victims in 2017.

“Norwegian authorities and politicians must restore respect for international law and work to ensure that Israel’s long-standing and systematic breaches of international driving rules are met with sanctions”, the petition said.

The authors of the petition stressed that the absence of an international reaction to Israel’s violation of international law, human rights and humanitarian law raises concerns.

“While Israel’s serious and persistent violations are only verbally criticised, other countries that violate international law are exposed to reactions from the international community through concrete actions and sanctions”, the petition said.

On the contrary, Israel is the only country in the world to have been granted a special status in the Norwegian government’s Granavolden platform that allows Oslo to “facilitate enhanced research and development cooperation, trade, tourism and cultural exchange with Israel”.

“This attitude taken by the Norwegian authorities against serious violations of basic humanitarian and international law principles helps legitimise Israel’s policy based on the occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, and the collective punishment of Palestinians on the Gaza Strip,” the petition said.

According to lawyer Kjell Brygfjeld, one of the signatories, the are plenty of sanctions Norway could impose on Israel.

“We are already involved in sanctions against Russia, Venezuela, Iran and a number of other countries. All countries should be treated in the same way and with the same severity for violations of international law. We must not make a difference between those we like and those we do not like,” Brygfjeld told the newspaper Klassekampen.

According to him, the Norwegian government has chosen an opposite strategy, where efforts to boost relations are made despite the fact that some Norwegian residents have been denied entry to Israel.

Earlier this week, Oslo’s newly installed “red-green” City Council led by three left-of-the-centre parties, the Socialist Left, Labour and the Greens, announced it was contemplating a ban on the municipality’s procurement of goods and services from Israeli settlements, which it called “an area occupied in violation of international law”.

However, State Secretary Audun Halvorsen of the Conservative Party said he doesn’t believe sanctions are the way to go. He also stressed that Norway expressed concern over Israeli authorities’ excessive use of force and human rights violations, “when there are grounds for doing so”.

Norway was one of the first nations to recognise Israel in 1949. The stance toward Israel is one of the issues that signals the left-right divide between Norwegian parties. While left-wing parties generally favour Palestine, to the point of being ready to boycott goods and services from what they view as territories occupied by Israel.

Right-of-the-centre parties by contrast tend to be more supportive of Israel, with Progress Party leader Siv Jensen being a staunch supporter of Israel.


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  1. It is no wonder that most citizens never get to see any stories on anything critical of Israel when you see who controls the media. The Bonnier Group (privately owned) controls a lot of media in Scandanavia. Mainly in Sweden, but they have interests and major influence all over Scandanavia, Germany and Eastern Europe,
    including TV, Newspapers, magazines, Medical Journals, Movies, and Film Production.
    They have 175 companies in 18 countries. That’s a lot of influence!
    The group also acquired 18 magazines from American media company Time Inc
    Founded by German Gutkind Hirschel, who changed his name to Gerhard Bonnier.
    They also own Sweden’s TV4. The previous CEO  of TV4 is Jan Scherman.
    How on earth is it possible that people will ever hear the truth when the narrative is being tightly controlled.

  2. Looks like Norway is in the NAZI-Zionists cross hairs for a False Flag attack….With the help of Murder Inc. of course.

  3. Lovely foreword. The NATO countries first have to get rid of NATO, meaning get rid of the US Wehrmacht regime over their strategic future, and only then would they have a chance of influence the international status of Israel. Israel boycott always comes with American sanctions, so, to successfully boycott apartheid Israel, get rid of the potential outcome of American sanctions first. I don’t know a single country that has managed that yet, but sure some are trying or I have no clue. Also Two State plan should permanently be supported, at least until Palestine gets its government (police, army and judiciary). As for Israel doing in Lebanon and Syria, just vote out of NATO the criminal organization that supports it.

  4. There is great wisdom in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. I like this little description.

    “The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion”.—Cornell Law

  5. The right of boycott is the most powerful weapon on the planet. Boycott everything made in Israel. Never fly on an Israeli plane or travel on an Israeli ship or boat or stay in an Israeli hotel. If it says Israel on it lay it down. Of course all this is why the hypocrite criminals in Israel seek to outlaw even the basic right of boycott. But they will fail. Everyone on the planet has the basic right to boycott criminals in Israel for any reason. This is the most poweful non violent way to protest improper conduct and the thugs in Israel will not be successful in their attempts to stop it. As former U.S
    . Marine Ken O’Keefe says in his video from LAX in 2016, Tell Israel to “Go F themselves”. Israel consists of murders and criminals who hate Palestinians and anyone else who speaks up to their inhumane and criminal ways. Tell them to shove it.

    • I’d like to see a stop to the $10,000,000 a day in US tax money going to them to support their aggression (way more than defense). They pay us back by having Epstein and Maxwell honey trap our politicians. Bill 26 times logged on Lolita Express (Trump rated only 1).

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