Henry Makow: “Soul Scalping” Report Matches Secret Majestic Docs

There’s a story here.  As it is told below, demons enter the famous, the chosen, those who take the deal.  It’s a good story.
The issue here is that we have seen the story below, in very very classified documents, no black eyes, no John McCain, but a very similar story of non-corporeal beings joining with the kind of people depicted below under circumstances exactly like we read of below, a curious coincidence.
The issues behind this are ones of the nature of alien contact, were they here all along, long before people were people?
If this is so, then the normal challenges to reality are superseded by something simpler and less contrived, that all spiritual life is an interaction of varying entities that  play hockey with humanity and that the world’s religions are all metaphors.  From Makow:
“In their insane desire to have human bodies as their own, 
Aliens have perfected the ability to take a person’s soul out 
of their body and put it ‘elsewhere.'”

The bizarre recurrence of facial bruises (and bandaged fingers) on 
Illuminati politicians and entertainers has resulted in speculation
that their souls have been replaced in a satanic ritual called “soul scalping.”
I do not believe in “aliens” unless we are speaking about  
a demonic spirit that has overcome the world elite. 
This is not a crazy conspiracy theory.
Something very sinister has happened but no one wants to face it.
Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult.
Here are excerpts from Sherry Shriner’s “The Prisoners of Dulce Base.” 
(Disclaimer- I don’t agree with Shriner’s assumptions
about the Vatican and our “Judeo Christian” heritage.)
by Sherry Shriner
(Excerpts by henrymakow.com)
There are two governments occupying the United States of America today. First, there is the traditional government established by our founding fathers, founded upon the constitution and an elected government, and there is the fascist-Bavarian-Illuminati backed “underground or shadow government” led by the Corporate-Military-Industrial government, which is fighting against traditional America on its own soil. In other words, the two sectors are the Judeo-Christian based Constitutional Republic of America and the Luciferian-cult-based Socialist empire of Bavaria, known as Bavarians or the Illuminati.

Bush-injured_by_pretzel.0.jpg(George W Bush) 
Perhaps as early as 1776, a gradual coup d’etat has been underway by Illuminati secret societies to undermine, overpower, and take over the traditional form of government in America and establish a fascist Luciferian dictatorship working under the guise of a New World Order.
Over the last 70 years since 1933, this New World Order Shadow Government funded by American tax dollars and illegal drugs and weapons trades has been developed and implemented alongside our normal government but kept hidden and out of public view by a controlled media and their trained assassins.
There is an inevitable war waiting between the elected surface government and those who will fight to defend it and the underground joint humanoid-reptilian-draconian New World Order if freedom is to be preserved. Over the past 40 years, the New World Order has successfully taken over the elections process to guarantee one of their followers is always elected as president. The American public has been deceived and played as fools by those who wish to destroy them from within. This joint alien-human domination is almost complete.
(Kanye West) 
It is this joint alien-human government that has covertly undermined our elections process, lied to the American people, and have served as Presidents and many of our Congressmen since the 1970s.
Secret Societies rule our government. Not one president has been elected for the past 30 years that was not a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission run by the Illuminati. The insignia of the Trilateral Commission is the same insignia seen on Alien aircraft.
It is the fascist core of the NSA and CIA that has been the Illuminati’s arm of control and protection here in America. It is this core who protect information about these bases and the alien aspect of the shadow government from being exposed. It is this core that is the direct link, not only to the aliens who direct behind the scenes, but the Vatican itself that sits at the top of it all. Not the Pope himself, but the Black Pope position, the real power in the Vatican that is hidden behind the “white” Pope and is virtually the Seat of Lucifer himself. The Draconians, dragons, of which Satan is, run the Vatican and the Illuminati and they rule this alien-human empire via Lucifer from the Vatican.


(Ryan Gosling)
In their insane desire to have human bodies as their own, Aliens have perfected the ability to take a person’s soul out of their body and put it ‘elsewhere.’ This gives them access to a human body devoid of a soul. The body is a shell, a carcass, and they can take over and possess this body and use it for themselves.  This is termed as “walking-in.” There are two types of walk-ins. Aliens can walk-in and possess a live human body, and/or a dead human, or in this instance, a live human who had their soul removed and then their body was taken over and walked-in by an alien.
What happens to souls? What is a soul? A soul is what makes you-you. We are souls, and our bodies are just shells that cover our souls. Can we exist outside our bodies? Yes, as a spirit, in spirit form. The aliens are kidnapping humans and taking out their souls and then putting these souls in storage containers, even boxes, and then taking over the human bodies as their own.
The person who was abducted and kidnapped is not dead. They are still alive, but now as a soul, they are trapped in that container or storage box they were put into. They become prisoners imprisoned in these storage containers with no way out.


(Prince Phillip) 
When George Bush Sr. first publicly announced the creation of the New World Order in 1991, he was in effect publicly announcing an alien take over of our nation and the replacement of our republic and constitution with a Luciferian and Alien dominant government.
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Marshall’s in-depth explanation of what body snatching is all about, and quite a bit different from the limited and skewed version which Shriner assembled
Aliens actually Demons – James Perloff
Soul Scalping by Sherry Shriner    “They shove a small snake down your throat”
First Comment by James C
In many places, the New Testament indicates that demons, including Satan, can literally enter human beings (Luke 22:3).  Likewise, on page 198 of his book The Biggest Secret, David Icke has several illustrations by Clive Burrows of what gifted psychics claim to be able to see, “reptiles of the lower fourth dimension” overshadowing world leaders in politics, banking, business, and the military.  In her online book The Rainbow Swastika, Hannah Newman has a lengthy section on what she calls New Age “Walk-outs” and “Walk-ins.”  She says that the “Walk-outs” are people who voluntarily allow themselves to be possessed by “Walk-ins.”   Here is a quote from her book:

In response to human need, some of these Masters become “Avatars” by occasionally taking up residence on the physical plane within a human host, known as “incarnation” (in their own body) or “overshadowing” (sharing the body with another soul). There are different degrees of overshadowing, ranging from divine impressions (resulting in channeling and dictation of “wisdom” literature) to the host actually “stepping out” of his body to allow the “master” full control. (see Bailey’s _A Treatise on Cosmic Fire_, p.756-757) This last stage transforms the outwardly normal-looking person into a body hosting an alien resident; the human owner is known in NA parlance as a “walk-out”, and the spirit-tenant is a benevolent “walk-in”. [Interesting that not even the toughest NA cynics question the motives or integrity of these strangers who ask us to surrender our rightful property to them. Is there such a thing as a spiritual “free lunch”? Read on.]

A detailed explanation of the phenomenon is available in the landmark 1979 book: _Strangers Among Us: Enlightened Beings from a World to Come_, by Ruth Montgomery, a walk-in enthusiast. [Although outdated, it is useful in presenting the basics of this belief.] Montgomery, who claims to have received her information through channeling, writes: “Most Walk-ins zealously guard the secret of their altered identity, because people tend to fear” the phenomenon (p.47) and would launch “witchhunts” (p.125). But walk-ins can be identified by their unusual powers, including mind-reading, the power to “forestall” human activity (p.30) and the ability to insert thoughts into a human mind which he thinks are his own (p.71). [“Star Wars” fans will recall the ability of the “Jedi knight” to do all of these.] Montgomery was told that walk-ins number into the “tens of thousands [as of 1979]” (p.13), and she prophesies of a walk-in US President at some point (p.207).


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  1. The physical brain substrate generates the “soul”…like a lightbulb generates light…from Boutwell “On Variability & Human Consciousness”. However..the spine can be hacked into with EM weapons and the signal overpowered…individuals can be tracked by an AI and software and another person’s signature overlaid to simulate possession…with Hollywood thralls..the suggestion that they sold their soul/body is helpful in accomplishing this simulation…this is why 5G is so dangerous…triangulation and EM crosstalk…how do I know this? I am under constant EM assault because I am the Concealed One..or as Jesus called me The Advocate..Peace.

  2. That ain’t shit . . . show me the face of dude who had rifle pellets emblazoned on his . . . Dick Cheney?!?
    One black eye? MEH
    Reminds me of the old joke, why’d she have two black eyes? ‘Cause she didn’t listen good the first time.
    Oh, it’s funny — because it’s true.

    • On this day in History:
      VT jumped the shark and has gone to the “National Inquiry” format of tabloid pablum — PABLOID.

      Comments attack men with beards, which include all of the Russian Orthodox clergy, etc. etc.

      Article attacks anyone who does not understand religion as a spiritual concept.

      Ironically, the fact bullshit of the “scalping” of ones’ soul . . . is believed over an individuals’ person faith. AND, this is proven that non-religious people have more time to do than their pension checks can afford them in fun, and entertainment — so with over 16,000 “views” compared to the other less-viewed articles, people relate. Pity.

      ANYONE professing faith is . . . SCALPED?!?

      None of the idiots pictures have anything TO scalp. So the point of this article is . . . ?? Take me to church?

  3. Like religion, one has to believe this, assumption! God/creator gave us Reason not Religion! That is the Eternal truth! Religion and the offspring of it, Ideology was set up, created by Control Freaks, Charlatans, who convinced, brainwashed the primitive, ignorant, looking for answers, masses of humanity! They claimed to have a direct contact with the Almighty, hence, Hearsay, Religions came to be, Abrahamic, Mormon, etc. all lies and magic! We are IT! There is no spirits out there, Good or Evil! The Good/God and Evil/Devil resides in all of us! Free Will! Don’t blame some entity outside of ourselves for what we are doing or not doing versus our fellow Men, Women and Children! We are Responsible for everything, all our actions in life! We should try to follow the, “Golden Rule!” Making sure that within ourselves we don’t let the DEVIL gain the upper hand, while interacting with our fellow travelers on this beautiful accommodating Planet of ours! “Don’t do onto others what You don’t want them do to You!” PEACE! SALAM! SHALOM!

  4. “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless.” Gordon read this book in the 70s by the fantastic Carlos Castaneda

  5. I suppose, as a species humanity should be pitied. We just can’t seem to get our arms around our mortality, and the fact that our lives may mean nothing outside of ourselves – anywhere at any time.

  6. People being detached from reality and acting in bizarre ways you don’t expect from a complex social animal is a common theme nowadays.
    It’s hard to point what are the causes, but it affects a lot of people and this is a subject that is too worrisome to be openly talked about.
    The most affected ones seem to be people with psychopathy, sociopathy or cluster B mental illnesses.

  7. This is the most cogent, articulate, and rational essay I’ve ever seen on VT. Congratulations to Makow for putting it together and having the courage to post it. I won’t say it changed my life, but it’s definitely made me think. Thank you Henry.

  8. I am looking at a big picture of human life on this planet. We as humans WAR. It is what we do. coexisting is a universal dream, but we have no record of that working or our ability to exist in harmony. If disagreement and war are inevitable, Nik mentions Yiddish so I assume he is talking about the group of those who speak it, than perhaps their methods of infiltration and asymilation may be the most rewarding and even humane?

  9. If you filter out the christianity bullshit (they are just puppets pretending to oppose their masters), I think this is even more complex than it looks.
    Their belief system is centered around the mind and how to manipulate and sabotage it.
    They use trauma, drugs, conditioning, censorship, torture, technology and all sorts of tricks to get their desired results.
    This looks like part of it. Even if they are being possessed, it could be just them following their handlers or some mind fragment from a dead person or whatever that got inside them.

  10. I highly suggest reading Jack Heart on the subject of spirituality however, I believe the Church is legitimate but corrupted in many ways as there is no evidence of Jesus of the Bible but in his followers who live by the Spirit as the proof? A life lived in peace will follow those who follow that Spirit.
    The Koran? As it praises Jesus it contains truth as the Koran is his spirit spoken through the prophet .
    The problem with all the holy books is the modern teachers of said books are all run by the world’s Intel agencies.
    Just an opinion.

  11. All these so called Aliens, UFOs, ET etc are Jinns or Demons. Holy Quran has an entire chapter about this issue.
    Human beings facing two choices in this world. Worshiping the only true Almighty God of creation, which the pure sense of monotheism or worshiping the alternative Gods (Jinns, Demons, Satan, Lucifer, fallen angels) which in real world can have different forms like pathological love of material, power, money, greed, atheism, drugs, sex, luxury to the point of forgetting the real source of love which is the true Almighty God.
    Many religions attempted to describe the true God, but alternative gods as mentioned above distorted the true message of many religions. There is but one book which is preserved, not its religion than.

  12. Encouraging to see someone else who obviously gets it & is able to articulate w/ specifics & precision what Masonic Zionism/Freemasonry is.
    Bravura ! Sic Semper Tyrannis

  13. hahaha….when you have to bring the bible into the argument, you really don’t have one….sometimes I do think the earth is a zoo and we are the main attraction…..

  14. So, God, the creator of the universe is a fictional entity, but souls are real, as are Satan and his Draconian dragons. Have I got that right?

    • Somebody call Peggy Lee,…”let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all, there is.”

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