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[ Editor’s Note: Has Henry gone dovish in his old age, or is he coming out with this for show as part of his great statesmanship legacy? His statements are too vague to tell us much for sure.

There is not a word of economic analysis or the not insignificant detail that Western countries in pursuit of profits have motivated China to develop into an economic superpower much faster. Where was the concerned Henry back then?

An untrusting soul like me might pose that the help for China to quickly build its economy may have been part of the industrialists’ plan to ensure a big future conflict, as I can’t think of a case in the past where they have not done well in the catastrophe business.

His use of the “a catastrophic outcome” was a ploy of course to ensure wide news coverage. Henry knows how to play the media. His mention of WWII ruining European civilization stunned me a bit.

Dear Henry, get a new pair of glasses, as it is still there. However much of its civilization is ruined is the fault of those countries and its people to let it go.

Has Henry forgotten that mutually assured destruction served us well by avoiding a general nuclear exchange, despite the dirty Cold War that went on? We have another cold war that has been waged for a long time by the US, that no one, including Henry or the mainstream media, seems to care about. What’s up wid dat?

Dear Henry, You were in the strategic conflict business for most of your career. Please tell us if you regret the role you played, and save the “catastrophic outcome” hype for a less informed audience than we have here… Jim W. Dean ]

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Henry with LBJ, laughing about the Vietnam war maybe?

– First published … November 16, 2019

The former secretary of state under President Nixon has insisted that differences between the first and second largest economies in the worlds have existed at all times, sharing a couple of golden diplomatic tips on how to better approach them.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has weighed in on the US-China trade woes warning about something “worse than World Wars that ruined European civilisation” should the sides fail to settle the conflict:

“We are in a difficult period now. I am confident the leaders on both sides will realise the future of the world depends on the two sides working out solutions and managing the inevitable difficulties”, the 96-year-old diplomat said at an event hosted by the National Committee on US-China Relations in New York on Thursday.

“There is no doubt many aspects of the evolution of China are challenging to the US”, Kissinger acknowledged, stressing the standoff is quite predictable given the historic experience:

“It never happened before that two major countries in different parts of the universe were in similar positions”, Kissinger said, yet warning against a permanent conflict and predicting “a catastrophic outcome” for Beijing and Washington if it happens.

“It’s no longer possible to think that one side can dominate the other. They have to get used to the fact that they have that kind of a rivalry”, Kissinger rounded off with a small bit of advice.

US-China Deal Gets Rolling

The remarks come as Washington and Beijing have embarked on a course to resolve their trade rows, having negotiated the first stage of a trade agreement that is hoped will put a stop to crippling tariff exchanges.

Several rounds of additional hefty duties have been exchanged by the countries since July 2018, after the Trump administration deemed the existing trade schemes unfair.

Under the first phase of the trade deal, Trump announced the scrapping of a planned five percentage boost of import duties on $250 billion in Chinese goods. Another round of tariffs on $156 billion of products is still in place, scheduled for December.

Kissinger’s 2018 Visit to Beijing: ‘Strategic Relationship’

Henry Kissinger, the foreign policy chief under former President Richard Nixon, and who paved the ground for Nixon’s landmark visit to China in 1972, last travelled to Beijing in November 2018.

Addressing Washington-Beijing ties after personally meeting with Xi Jinping and other top officials, he said that “when we started this relationship, it was a strategic one”.

“There were differences at the beginning of the relationship. Nevertheless, we’ve learned to live with each other for many decades”, he said, expressing hope the issues can be sorted out “in a positive way”.


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  1. One huge area of competition between China and the US is financial services and moneylending and no doubt the US is trying to negotiate terms in its deal with China.

    New study (July 2019) uncovers China’s massive hidden lending to developing countries

    In over 50 developing countries’ Chinese debt accounts for on average 15 percent of their individual GDP.
    The new report shows that the majority of the world’s developing country’s debt to China is considered “hidden.”
    China’s loans for developing countries are primarily for crucial infrastructure which also means they give that business to Chinese companies rather than the US.
    China’s overseas lending stands today at around $5 trillion. Indeed, they are now the world’s largest creditor, being twice as large as both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, combined.
    More than half of China’s lending to developing countries is what they term “hidden” money — loans that haven’t been reported to any of the international funds, such as the World Bank.
    A great deal of these loans aren’t subject to credit rating agencies, because most of China’s foreign loans flow straight from their government.

    For many countries almost the entirety of their country’s debt load comes from China.
    No doubt these loans are denominated in yuan not US dollars and they would need to be paid back in yuan.

  2. The real Victim & tragedy in expression of opinion or dissemination of information is when truth gets suppressed via censorship. Kissinger the cryptic chameleon of perception management & charlatan war criminal Fools no one except the ignorant.

  3. “21st century came around, same theatrics were spun again, but this time people could give feedback and reflect on it in comments sections, in side discussions on social media, etc. The lies shouldn’t be working anymore, but the steeped disinformation in older generations is difficult to overcome.”
    Very few people have such discernment. Probably not enough of them too.

  4. The German jewish genes, his life history and sanpaku eyes can give a big hint he regrets nothing. The whole point of the post-80’s jewish bullshit was destroying USA and feeling to Russia, China and Oceania. The war bullshit isn’t even relevant.
    The same will happen to China after they get their blood sucked dry.

    • Interesting observation re: Sanpaku Eyes. For thousands of years, people of the Far East have been looking into each other’s eyes for signs of this dreaded condition. Any sign of sanpaku meant that a man’s entire system — physical, physiological and spiritual — was out of balance. He had committed sins against the order of the universe & he was therefore sick, unhappy, insane, what the West has come to call “accident prone”. The condition of sanpaku is a warning, a sign from nature, that one’s life is threatened by an early & tragic end. According to Chinese medical face reading, when the white part of the eye, known as the sclera, is visible beneath the iris, it represents physical imbalance in the body & is claimed to be present in alcoholics, drug addicts & people who over-consume sugar or grain. Conversely, when the upper sclera is visible it is said to be an indication of mental imbalance in people such as psychotics, murderers & anyone rageful. Stress & fatigue may also be a cause. In either condition, it is believed that these people attract accidents and violence. Cheers

  5. Lol & Risible. Kissinger the MAGI-ck statecraft chameleon shapeshifter of geopolitical detente’. His historical track record of coups, lies, deceptions fools no-one I know. Kissinger quips: “It never happened before that two major countries in different parts of the universe were in similar positions”, Kissinger said. “Things don’t just happen things are made to happen” – JFK told us. Kissinger’s “Arc of Crisis” orchestrated Malthusian Crisis’s are well known & documented. The Four Pests Campaign/Great Chinese Famine of Mao Zedong (a Yale in China graduate 1919) caused some scholars estimate 48-70+million Chinese perished by the synthesized malthusian crisis Mao’s blunder created. Mao’s “Little Red Book” was authored by Zionist Israel Epstein. No coincidences & Kissinger’s esoteric Moloch feathers are well known. All roots connect underground. Chinese Yin & Yang origin is Moon & Sun & recent research indicates of Vedic mathematical origin. Hebrew uses Moon Lunar Calendar & Chinese used Yin Lunar Calendar. Esoteric arcane history connects it all. Kissinger fools no one except the ignorant. Historians Confirm Karl Marx Was Employed By The Rothschilds

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