The Irishman, Scorsese’s Ode to Bullshit


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Where does one start?  Biggest sell-out in the world, Scorsese?  Overrated?  Bought?

    The film is about Hoffa and his killing.  In the process, Scorsese writes away the Jewish mob, AKA the Kosher Nostra, the Purple Gang, Murder Incorporated, Allen Dulles, the real Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover and mixes it all together with fiction and intent.

    I don’t normally write movie reviews.  I grew up in Detroit, my dad was a Teamster organizer who grew up with Jimmie Hoffa, someone at our home often until mom decided dad would get an auto plant job instead of one making license plates.

    Scorsese doesn’t film a second of it in Detroit, his Machus Red Fox, the Hoffa disappearance joint is dismal.  He writes out Tony Giacalone and also forgets who the head of the “Italian mob” worked for, Maxie Stern, down at the vending companies I will leave out.

    Stern came up working with Josef “Legs” Lehman, Detroit enforcer and, curiously enough, brother of my grandmother, Marta Lehman.

    My dad and “Jimmie” went to work for very German and very non-Jewish, non-Irish and non-Italian Josef at around age 12.

    What began as a kidnap/ransom business eventually turned into running security for bootlegging on behalf of the Lansky-Purple Gang-Bronfman empire.  Boats ran from Bronfman’s Seagrams distillery to Wyandotte, just south of Detroit.  In 1926 my father was arrested in a shootout with State Police (I ended up one of them later on….ironicalness) and it took a while to get him out of lockup in Marquette.

    The story revolves around Russell Bufalino, didn’t know him but knew the family, Detroit Italian Bakery, Home Juice Company, folks we would visit from time to time, I just knew them as family friends, nice people.

    Key to the fiction is the war on the Kennedy family by the Kosher Nostra who is rewriting history.

    Let’s establish a few facts.  Allen Dulles planned the Bay of Pigs as CIA director under Ike and did it with the help of Nixon who was going to be placed in the White House in a rigged election.

    Joseph Kennedy didn’t rig the election with “the mob,” which is and always was Jewish, like in the film “Once Upon a Time in America.”

    Kennedy and Bronfman were far from close and Bronfman was Meyer Lansky’s partner along with J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles and Richard Nixon later using Spiro Agnew as a cutout.

    Dulles and Nixon began together in 1946 when Nixon came home from the Navy (non-combatant/Quaker) to work with Dulles bringing war criminals into the US under Operation Paperclip.

    The Bay of Pigs was a Nixon/Dulles/Bush deal run through Zapata oil, not out of Miami with featured David Ferrie running the boats out of New Orleans, not as depicted.  I know or rather knew everyone involved, they were all brought out to run cocaine later under Reagan.

    Under Hoover, the FBI did the dirty work of the Jewish mob who owned the FBI.  Nothing has changed.

    Now it’s Epstein and MEGA that are being camouflaged, providing cover for the ADL and AIPAC and blaming poor Woody Allen and the Pope.

    The ADL is Murder Incorporated, shaking down top corporations under the guise of persecuting Palestinians, something pretty much everyone loves to do.

    As to Hoffa’s death, as depicted accurate with the exception of those involved, few are alive today.

    What is not such a great film, slow-moving with some decent bloodletting, is also a political smear job, covering up so much of the history which VT exposes.


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    1. Scorcese has over and over used the Italians Mafia to create a mystical organization that never was that big.. The Detroit Mafia was run by Mo Dalitz who built Las Vegas w Teamster money and not the Italians.. Adelson Lansky Bronfman Pritzker Goldberg Wynn and Kerzner are the largest casino operators on earth and were helped with Teamster money.. Scorcese implying in this and other movies that there is a tiny organization of italians that runs everything behind the scenes has thoroughly taken the Protocols and pushed it on the Italians.. Exactly what the NON Italian Media wanted.. The line in this movie that Italians killed JFK is what HOllywood wanted!

    2. I happen to think Martin S is one hell of a film maker. Gangs of New York . . . oh, come on! BRILLIANT. There Will Be Blood . . . classic. You compare Scorsese to Allen in this article?!? Odd, but I just lost my desire to breath . . .

      PUFF . . . PUFF

      Your dad knew Hoffa? Did he know what happened to him?

      Woody Allen . . . yes, the poster boy for anyone who wants to be a “foster” parent and/or adoptive father/husband. PRAISE on him!! He set the standard.

      Bank Teller #1 : Does this look like “gub” or “gun”?

      Bank Teller #2 : Gun. See? But what does “abt” mean?

      Funny stuff.

      But, yeah, dude Woody is still a freak and likes to get his obsession on. His adopted daughter/wife, what was Rosemary’s Baby thinking?!?!?!?!?

      Worst cognitive dissonance ever.

    3. Great write up. I enjoyed your story far more than Scorsese’s predictable story. “Fiction is lie where we tell the truth.” All are connected once you know how the system really works. All truths are easy to understand once you uncover them. The point is to discover them to unlock the cryptic Noetic
      -Gnosis Wisdom they all reveal.

    4. Apha, the same music plays as Noodles returns after some 40 years and phonecalls barkeeper Moe. When Moe opens the door and welcomes Noodles there is no friendship in there. Then on the end scene same music 40 years back again, Noodles goes to a Chinese dope bar and doesn’t want any friends around. Maybe the most contradictory movie I’ve ever seen and maybe the best movie I’ve ever seen,

    5. What else to expect from ‘those’ who control every imaginable corner of what we know as media, from: text books and encyclopedias, the press and the internet, to movies and television, trade journals and anything else you can think of. If my uncle owned the Fed I think my family would control it all too.

    6. Been thinking about watching it but been putting it off. Still might but always good to keep the BS meter fully engaged. Instead got caught up in PBS The Vietnam War curretly on Netflix. It is long and repetitive but the vintage footage and interviews are compelling. My 13 yr old son actually has made it through a few 30 minute clips here and there. He can’t believe it really happened “How could some people be so dumb? How could some people be so evil?”, told him unfortunately things haven’t changed. If anything the stupidity and ruthlessness has only increased. You will see it in when the PBS The Middle East Wars (The Isreali Wars) series is aired in 2035 if you are lucky.

    7. Well Jack,

      My dad was pure German and fought the Nazi’s in WW 2 and was in the battle of the bulge. Paid dearly for his service and an early death because of it.

      My mom was pure Irish and from the finest stock course she could spot a Bullshit artist a mile away. She died at one hundred and two. I have been blessed with fine genes.

      As documented by Dean and Duff on VT in America we have a failed fourth estate. How so? Well its all controlled by our dear Military as her interest is in keeping the con going. What is the purpose of an election if the elect are fed a constant stream of bullshit I might ask?

      Again as always way above my pay grade.

      Lov and thanx

      And a happy thanks giving holiday to all…

    8. ““the mob,” which is and always was Jewish, like in the film “Once Upon a Time in America.””
      On behalf of every Italian American with half a brain, thank you Mr. Duff…

    9. I watched it once and am glad it was ‘free’ on NetFlix but I’d thought that very-recently released (1-week?) ‘block-busters’ were incubated through pay-per-view. The PTB must have known their ‘Last Chance Corral’ was a POS but I thought those actors/producers were paid in ‘dollars’ not ‘likes’. And the narrative concerning your personal background leaves me suitably-impressed, per usual. Sometimes, when thinking I’ve ‘been around’, your words remind me that peradventure, I’ve not yet ‘left’. Hopefully, I’ll get to buy yawl some lunch, someday.

    10. SEPT. 30, 2009

      “LOS ANGELES — It seems that Hollywood has lined up in support of Roman Polanski, who was arrested in Switzerland over the weekend, 31 years after he fled the United States following a guilty plea to having had sex with a 13-year old girl. Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Michael Mann, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Weinstein and more than 100 others have signed a letter asking that he be released.”

      Birds of a feather…?

      Happy “Turkey” Day VT.

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