American Gaza: Israeli Trained American Police Go on Murder Rage in UPS Hijacking


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Imagine being stuck in traffic, and if you live in Florida, that is your life. You find yourself surrounded by police, who are hiding behind the car you and your children are in, as they use you, your children and the paper-thin skin of your car as a bullet shield for an insane assault on a hijacked UPS truck.

    It would be one thing if the truck were filled with Amazon Christmas gifts, but Amazon uses Fed Ex and we are 10 days early for that. All the moronic hijackers would get is essentially junk and little else.

    The kicker is this, police had been following the hijacked truck from Coral Gables to Miramar, a truck with the side door totally open and the two hijackers easy prey.

    The primary job of police was to save the driver.  Their way of doing it?

    I think we will find that police immediately killed the hostage. They didn’t wait for a negotiator or, as is standard procedure in felony arrests, for the vehicle to clear traffic and be isolated.

    But then, this is a police department trained by Israeli “commando” contractors whose wartime experience is limited to shooting demonstrators and sniping at children from concentration camp towers, à la Schindler’s List.

    In the process, police got at least one motorist killed as well.

    Watch the video, feel the burn of outrage and pure cowardice.

    For those of you interested, from an expert at such things, and if it had been proven absolutely necessary to proceed with this, which was NOT the case…

    The rear of the truck would be approached using the blindspot, but also by distracting the hijackers from the front. Then police using a flashbang, riot shields and deployed smoke would hit both sides using non-lethal force.

    The riot shields would possibly protect other drivers, who should have been carefully evacuated long before any of this happened.

    Watch any TV show, maybe S.W.A.T and see it done every week.

    If police were trained watching TV, the way it used to be done, rather than by fake Israeli amateurs, we might not have so much cop-riot mayhem.


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    1. Ah yes but who owns America? The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation ?
      The Depository Trust Company is a private bank for securities. Every other financial organisation in the US, bankers and brokerage houses, is obliged to secure membership with the DTC.
      DTC’s Jim McNeff once said “DTC’s first controlled test was 4 or 5 years ago. Do you remember Black Monday? There were 535 million transactions on Monday, and 400 million transactions on Tuesday”.
      “DTC cleared every transaction without a single glitch!”.
      Like the Federal Reserve, DTC is a private company entrusted with national responsibility.

    2. As I said, we are at peak Jew.” That’s a spot on quote from somewhere. Is it time forsomeone in congress to introduce a bill to make it illegal to train our police in Israel?

    3. Living in & putting up with the whims of a phony pseudo progressive blue state (WA), I’m at a point (well past it, actually) where I have zero problems with lethal force against felons. Over the last 10 or 12 years I have lost something order of $20k in tools & auto parts, not to mention the recent theft of my work vehicle to thieving scumbags. FED UP WITH IT. Get a job & earn your things by the sweat of your brow, as I have. That said, there needs to be greater care taken carrying out arrests. The victim losing his/her life is UNACCEPTABLE, as is the placing in harm’s way of bystanders. Lock felons up for a good long time & cease babying them. Put them in prison & work them to the point of collapse every day. but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use innocents as human shields.

    4. End product of Israhell Vehicle Assault Combat Tactics & a Police State mindset. No Constitution in IsRahell but there was/is a Constitution in the US. Too many innocents murdered to claim it’s an effective resolve at what costs to human life, litigations & possible criminal charges. Better methods & tactics are available that should have been used in lieu of Vehicle Assault Tactics & murder of innocent citizens. Florida is corrupt & done for.

    5. Quote from nbc

      “The UPS driver’s family identified him as 27-year-old Frank Ordonez, of Hialeah.
      Richard Cutshaw, 70, was identified as the bystander. He worked as a field representative at a local union and was described by his neighbors in Pembroke Pines as a “good man.””
      This will likely be the last we read of these deceased heroes, killed by murderous thugs. Their families will get a good screwing from all insurance companies concerned and likely be forced to sue to get one dime. The police involved in these totally unnecessary deaths should be arrested and prosecuted for murder. But of course nothing will happen to these criminals called police.
      What shameful disgrace. The jewelry store that was robbed must have some powerful connections. The whole war on terror 9/11/01 is a con perpetuated by Israel and blamed on Muslims, aided by criminals Bush, Cheney and the four star generals. Israel did it: Many other innocent bystanders could have been killed too.

    6. Haven’t these cops learned that you let bystanders catch the perp and hold him down, THEN you execute him. That’s the new London Bridge method.

      If I’m ever in trouble in Florida, I will call a hippie.

    7. This shit has gone too far. We’ll show you false flags for all of you non believers. Florida used to be a retirement state. You can retire there permanently, from lead poisoning. We let this happen from being scared of the govt. The “greatest generation” never cared about the JFK execution. I have a flip phone, all others need a pacifier/smart phone. Get off of life’s teat and wake up. I can’t wait to tell my Granddaughter, when she is old enough, what I have learned. I hope she does something about it. Because the people I try to tell today just don’t f…’in care.

    8. Amazing how rapidly, and the pattern of bullets, just behind the passenger side door of the panel truck. Pretty wide spread for automatic weapon. They are just lucky more innocent people weren’t killed or injured. Cops Gone Wild!

      • Also not surprising: this is the state who’s governor goes to Israel to sign hate-speech legislation. I’d retire to North Dakota in January before I’d go to that Zionist-loving shithole, Florida!

    9. G: As you know, my father was a Detroit Police Officer from the mid 1920s to 1951. This was during the peak time of the Purple Gang, one of the most vicious criminal operations in history. In 26.5 years on the force, he drew his gun while on duty a total of one time. It is not that his life wasn’t threatened; I have a news article showing his patrol car riddled with machine gun bullets, but he was trained to protect the peace and save lives, not as a agent “licensed to kill.”
      Most police officers at least start their careers with good intentions, but some slip through the screening process who want revenge against all of those people who picked on them in high school and their never being laid. Couple this with bad training and you get what we have now, essentially an occupation force.

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