Cow-Pox Style Virus: New Candidate to Kill All Cancers?

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Cancer patients would have the engineered virus injected directly into their tumours for the breakthrough treatment (stock image)

Health Editor’s Note: The cowpox virus was used to make a vaccine against small pox.  Very important for the health of humankind.  Now it seems as though the cow-pox virus can be engineered to attack all cancers.  How awesome would that be?  It looks like trials are going to begin next year. When you have cancer, that cannot be soon enough……Carol

Breakthrough as scientists create a new cowpox-style virus that can kill EVERY type of cancer

by Zoe Zaczek/The Daily Mail Australia

Scientists have created a new cowpox-style virus in a bid to cure cancer.

The treatment, called CF33, can kill every type of cancer in a petrie dish and has shrunk tumours in mice, The Daily Telegraph reported.

US cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong is engineering the treatment, which is being developed by Australia biotech company Imugene.

They are hoping the treatment will be tested on breast cancer patients, among other cancer sufferers, next year.

Professor Fong is currently in Australia to organise the clinical trials, which will also be run overseas.

Patients with triple negative breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, bladder, gastric and bowel cancer would be tested in the ‘basket study’.

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  1. The National Cancer Act or so called, “War on Cancer” was signed by President Nixon in 1971. That is about 48 years ago. According to an authoritative article a few years ago in the NYTimes between $100 billion and $1 trillion has been spent on this so called war, yet about one person dies every minute either from cancer, treatment or both. This amounts to about 500K deaths per year. All approved cancer treatments are life threatening. Who would read these statistics and conclude the War on Cancer to be a “success”? Isn’t this dismal failure? Isn’t something very very wrong here? Isn’t the time long overdue to fire all the failed cancer generals and start over? Numerous books and articles have been written documenting this failure. The late Samuel S. Epstein,M. D. wrote many. Ralph W. Moss also wrote many variously called “The Cancer Industry” which discussed how our own government has obstructed every proposed alternative cancer treatment. The War on cancer is totally corrupt and a total dismal failure. If any other group failed so dismally for almost 50 years they all would have been fired long ago. Don’t hold your breath for another proposed treatment among many over the years. Fire all the cancer generals immediately.

    • The Greatest Biochemist of the 20th Century Otto H. Warburg M.D., Ph.D., 1883-1970 was in charge of a top scientific laboratory in Germany. He made many seminal discoveries. He produced three Nobel Prize Winners, Otto Meyerhof, Hans Krebs and Hugo Theorell. He was nominated for three Nobel Prizes himself but only awarded one in 1931. He began studying cancer in animals in the 1920’s and concluded this disease to be caused by oxygen deficiency. He was nominated for the first Cancer Nobel Prize for this but it was awarded to Fibiger whose work was later shown to be wrong. It took him another 40 years to prove his results for human cancer by about 1966. The late Dean Burk, Ph.D. also made seminal contributions to this work. These conclusions have been obstructed by the corrupt cancer generals now for over 50 years. The failed war on cancer is a dismal failure and disgrace. The cancer generals should all be fired immediately. Warburg published over 500 scientific papers and books. Here is a recent reference discussing his cancer work: “The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Brian Peskin, E.E., Houston, TX, 2010.

  2. it is not for nothing that the Cow is associated with with these 3 religions:

    1. Hinduism. Adoring the cow as a personification of Motherhood as it provides milk, an essential food, for vegetarians.
    2. Judaism. When Moses went up Mount Sinai the Israelites resorted to worshiping a cow.
    3. Islam. The lengthiest book in the Quraan is named The Cow.

    Had it not been noticed by an astute observer that the nightmare scourge we know as smallpox did not afflict milk-maidens then humanity would have been sharply decimated by this disease.

    I guess humanity owes this gentle creature respect and gratitude and not by way of consuming it.

  3. Sounds promising but don’t hold your breath.
    In Australia, the fruit of the blushwood tree, kills cancers. The indigenous people knew that and simply used to eat the fruit.
    Then along comes a pharmaceutical company which uses an extract of that same fruit to treat cancers, many would say cure cancers, in a series of tests that have been going on for over 10 years.
    It has been obvious from very early on that blushwood (EB-46) worked. A single injection turned tumours into a squishy pulp in just a few days.
    This product has been made available to veterinarians for treatment of animals – but humans are not allowed to have it.
    The government has declared Blushwood a protected species. Ordinary Australians are not allowed to buy it, own it or grow it.
    You would think that 10 years of tests would be ample time to say OK it’s for general use on people. Nothing of the kind.
    The company that controls this has simply changed the name of the extract and expects another 10 years or so of trials before it is released to the market. In the meantime, many thousands of people have died who could easily have been saved.
    And – while on the subject, a highly promising technique called irreversible electroporosis or IRE for short, has proven it
    efficacy in difficult to treat cancers like lung, prostrate and pancreatic cancer, yet very, very few surgeons have taken up this amazing new technique.

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