Ivanka an Israeli Spy? Did she help write the ‘Pissgate” dossier? VT examines…


    A recent story from ABC News “‘Dossier’ author Chris Steele met Ivanka Trump years before Russia scandal, source says“, with versions carried on other media, suggests that the author of the infamous Trump dossier, the one that says Trump has been blackmailed by Russia, the “Pissgate” scandal, has for years been “close” to Ivanka Trump.

    A story that was released, confirmed and expanded on his now imploded in a cloud of censorship and denial.  The story is a mix of facts and questions, of truths and assumptions and though not the most devastating of our era, perhaps the most entertaining and in some ways the most far-reaching.

    ABC began its story like this, with some of the right questions and a few facts.  Later in the story, ABC begins to obfuscate and simply lie, with one purpose, to hide a fact so potentially shocking that it might well bring down a government.  From ABC News:

    “Nearly a decade before the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka met a British intelligence officer who ran the Russia desk — and when the agent left his covert service and moved into private practice in 2010, she stayed in touch, ABC News has learned. The two exchanged emails but never worked together, and the man, Christopher Steele, would one day re-emerge in a most unexpected way, taking a central role in the Russia scandal that consumed the early years of her father’s presidency, according to a source familiar with their past contacts.

    The prior relationship came to light as investigators with the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office was looking into allegations of political bias at the origins of the Russia investigation since May 2018.”

    The whole story strongly suggests that Ivanka Trump has, for many years, been an intelligence operative, possibly CIA but most likely Mossad, well before her official 2009 conversion to Judaism.  It can suggest nothing else though it tries to, as you will note.

    Steele himself initially claimed a relationship with a Trump family member but ABC News went much further, getting emails between them planning meetings, gift exchanges, and suggesting a possible or probable romantic relationship but working very hard “not go to there” because of the threat of lawsuits.

    The dossier itself has become much more toxic to Trump based on IG findings.  First of all, the dossier is now seen as “not totally corroborated” rather than “fake.”  What is being kept from the public is which parts are totally proven, which may well the majority of the report and which are less confirmed but which have never been disproven in any way.

    Where ABC got into very serious trouble is in what they said and what they failed to note.  From their article, a real blockbuster once you realize what you are reading:

    “In 2007, Ivanka Trump met Steele at a dinner and they began corresponding about the possibility of future work together, the source said. The following year, the two exchanged emails about meeting up near Trump Tower, according to several emails seen by ABC News. And the two did meet at Trump Tower according to the source. The inspector general’s report mentions a meeting with a “Trump family member” there. They suggest Ivanka Trump and Steele stayed in touch via emails over the next several years. In one 2008 exchange, they discussed dining together in New York at a restaurant just blocks from Trump Tower.

    Ivanka Trump worked as an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, managing a range of foreign real estate projects, including in parts of the world where Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence touted expertise. She and Steele discussed services Orbis could offer to the Trump Organization regarding its planned expansion into foreign markets, according to two sources familiar with the meetings.”

    Where this blows up is simple, in 2007, Steele was head of the Russia desk at MI 6, the organization is best known for employing James Bond.

    In 2008, Steele also was head of the Russia desk at MI 6, at the time Ivanka Trump offered to work with Steele, something that would have meant only one thing, that Ivanka Trump was working for an intelligence agency representing a government, most likely not the US, not while working in New York, leaving only Israel.

    You see, the firm Orbis Business Intelligence was, as you can read below, founded in 2009 and, thus, didn’t exist in 2007 or 2008.  Ivanka made her offer of “partnership” with Britain’s highest-ranking government intelligence specialist dealing with Russia.

    Ivanka couldn’t be selling overseas office space to a company that didn’t exist, in meetings with a British intelligence officer.

    Typically, for Steele to entertain an offer to work together, perhaps share sources, or engage in operations, something MI 6 and the Mossad have done together for 60 years, he either saw Ivanka’s value as a trained intelligence asset or, as is likely as well, a very attractive young woman with an unlimited amount of money, let’s get real about this.

    At the time, her father, now president, was and is partnered with Bayrock Investments run by Felix Sater, the American representative of Simon Mogeleivich, head of the Kosher Nostra, the Russian based alleged “Jewish mob.”

    In fact, her father, billionaire Donald Trump is alleged to have been bailed out by Russian cash brought into the US through the CIA, cash that later helped fund the powerful “Little Odessa” crime organization made up of former KGB officers and professional killers from Russian gulags, which

    From Wikipedia:

    Early life

    Christopher David Steele was born in the Yemeni city of Aden (then part of the Federation of South Arabia), on 24 June 1964.[10][11] His parents, Perris and Janet, had met while working at the Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather service. His paternal grandfather was a coal miner from Pontypridd in Wales.[12] Steele spent time growing up in Aden, the Shetland Islands, and Cyprus, as well as at Wellington College, Berkshire.[12]

    Steele matriculated at Girton College, Cambridge in 1982. While at the University of Cambridge, he wrote for the student newspaperVarsity.[10][12][13] In the Easter term of 1986, Steele was President of The Cambridge Union debating society.[14][15] He graduated with a degree in Social and Political Sciences in 1986.[16]


    Steele was recruited by MI6 directly following his graduation from Cambridge[11] and worked for MI6 for 22 years.[17] He worked in London at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) from 1987 to 1989.[11] From 1990 to 1993, Steele worked under diplomatic cover as an MI6 agent in Moscow, serving at the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Moscow.[10][15][18] Steele was an “internal traveller”, visiting newly-accessible cities such as Samara and Kazan.[12][19][20]

    He returned to London in 1993, working again at the FCO until his posting with the British Embassy in Paris in 1998, where he served under diplomatic cover until 2002. But Steele’s identity as an MI6 officer and a hundred and sixteen other British spies had their cover blown by an anonymously published list that Her Majesty’s Government attempted to suppress through a DSMA-Notice in 1999.[21][10][18][22][23][24]

    In 2003, Steele was sent to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan as part of an MI6 team, briefing Special Forces on “kill or capture” missions for Taliban targets, and also spent time teaching new MI6 recruits.[18] Steele returned to London and between 2006 and 2009 he headed the Russia Desk at MI6.[10][12][15][25]

    Steele’s expertise on Russia remained valued, and he served as a senior officer under John Scarlett, Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), from 2004 to 2009.[25] Steele was a counterintelligence specialist[17] and was selected as case officer for Alexander Litvinenko and participated in the investigation of the Litvinenko poisoning in 2006.[18] It was Steele who quickly realised that Litvinenko’s death “was a Russian state ‘hit'”.[25] Twelve years later he allegedly was included himself into a hit list of the Russian Federal Security Service, along with Sergei Skripal who was poisoned in 2018 by a binary chemical weapon Novichok in Britain.[26]

    Private sector

    In March 2009, Steele with his fellow MI6-retiree Chris Burrows co-founded the private intelligence agency Orbis Business Intelligence, Ltd., based in Grosvenor Square Gardens.[29][15] Between 2014 and 2016, Steele created over 100 reports on Russian and Ukrainian issues, which were read within the United States Department of State, and he was viewed as credible by the United States intelligence community.[12] The business was commercially successful, grossing approximately $20,000,000 in the first nine years of operation.[10]

    Steele ran an investigation dubbed “Project Charlemagne”, which noted Russian interference in the domestic politics of FranceItalyGermanyTurkey, and the United Kingdom.[10] Steele concluded in April 2016 that Russia was engaged in an information warfare campaign with the goal of destroying the European Union.[10]

    As we see, ABC News clearly tried to pull “a fast one.”

    As to other issues, and there are more questions than answers, what were the aspects of this relationship?  Did it last beyond Ivanka’s 2009 marriage to Jared Kushner, certainly a meek and colorless character when compared with Steele?
    Past that, there is conjecture about Ivanka herself.  Her appearance, as the “White Queen,” pure wasp, purely Nordic in nature, wasn’t how she was born.

    Above a very attractive teenage Ivanka Trump, whose appearance more reflects Eastern European or Jewish looks, certainly a dangerous area of discussion.  Her dramatic transformation into what she is today, and this was a very attractive young woman to begin with, does conceal ethnic markets.

    As to whether this is significant is conjecture, was Ivanka marketed like a Trump product or, as the ABC story might suggest, an ingrained loyalty to Israel that pre-existed her conversion, one that may well explain who she represented when she met Steele.

    Were one to look at the woman she is today, the idea of her being married to Jared Kusher, an androgynous character steeped in gender speculation, doesn’t easily compute.

    What is clear is that these questions will remain unanswered but, looking back at 2007, what does it mean to the US if Donald Trump’s daughter who has been included in so many negotiations and has access to so many national secrets is, as ABC alludes, an intelligence officer for a nation with, at best a “mixed agenda?”

    Then we look at the Steel Dossier itself, available below in full text.

    What we know:

    Christopher Steele, author of the much-maligned dossier on Donald Trump is now at the center of a much bigger story.

    The Trump Russia Dossier as… by Grant Stern on Scribd

    If Steele and Ivanka were close, why didn’t Steele go to Ivanka and give her a “heads up” about what he had been hired to do, and that is virtually destroying her father.

    Another question, what if Ivanka had communicated with Steele during this period?  Could she be a source?  Who would benefit?  Might she have reason to hate her father

    Let’s also note that Ivanka kept her relationship with Steele secret, a relationship that would have to have been disclosed to the FBI when she was interviewed for a security clearance to work in the White House.
    This file would have been available to Mueller investigators and should have raised a huge “red flag” over what has been the very strange choice by Donald Trump to use his daughter as an emissary so many times or, as he did in 2017, attack Syria with cruise missiles on her advice.

    From NBC News:

    “Donald Trump’s decision to bomb Syria was influenced by his daughter, Ivanka, being “heartbroken and outraged” at the country’s alleged chemical weapons attack, one of the president’s sons told a British newspaper.

    The president launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian government airbase he alleged was involved in a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians last week.

    Trump’s 33-year-old son, Eric, told The Daily Telegraph on Monday that the strike was influenced in part by Ivanka, who he said was “heartbroken and outraged” by the chemical attack.”
    MORE: Judge throws out a defamation lawsuit against Christopher Steele over the dossier
    More from the ABC News story:

    “ABC News first learned of the contacts between Ivanka Trump and Steele a year ago, but has only recently been able to view some of their communications.

    Members of Trump’s family have never publicly discussed the interactions – and their past meetings with Steele went unmentioned as the Trumps leveled charges against the British intelligence expert in the wake of the controversial and hotly disputed memos he wrote about President Trump.

    ABC News sought comment from Ivanka Trump through her attorney but has not received a reply. Both Steele’s attorney and a representative for Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence declined to comment. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The inspector general’s report, which was released publicly today, briefly references these past dealings. In his discussion with investigators from the inspector general’s office, Steele cited his past cordial relationship with Ivanka Trump as a reason to believe that he was not biased against her.

    ‘If anything he was ‘favorably disposed’ towards the Trump family before he began his research,’ he told the investigators, the report says.”


    Were they more than “friends?”  There is no reason to assume otherwise.

    Was Ivanka recruited by the Mossad because her father or because of some other reason, something in the background of the Trump family itself, a family that is now largely Jewish and fanatical supporters of Israel and her policies, policies that stray from American interests and international law as demonstrated time and time again in front of the UN General Assembly?

    Steele’s dossier says that Trump was “turned” by Russia due to blackmail and is working against the United States.  This other story makes one wonder who controls Russia as well.


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