VIDEO INTERVIEW (35 Minutes) Gordon Duff on War, Peace, Trump Fraud, and More

Gordon Duff addresses important foreign policy questions with host Robert David Steele


Gordon addressed eight questions in this order:

  1. UK election outcome and fraud
  2. Free speech censorship moves on BDS by Trump
  3. Impeachment as a means of empowering Pence to war on Iran
  4. INF treaty, instability in Eastern Europe
  5. Ukraine scandals past and present
  6. Pakistan and Russia
  7. Social Security changes not good
  8. Election 2020


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  1. I find many of the interviews with Duff to be frustrating, since he is often cut off due to time limitations when it is obvious he has much more to say.

  2. Here are a few subjects omitted, but not intended to be criticism since time always limits.
    “ICC prosecutor again refuses 2010 Gaza flotilla raid probe
    Associated Press
    ,Associated Press•December 2, 2019” Israel wins again. Mr Duff had a long article with Ken O’keefe in 2010 on this. The three part BBC interview with O’keefe is still available with a new link.
    9/11/01 is almost 20 years and counting. Israel wins again. How about the four star generals?
    The Sandy Hook con is almost 8 years and counting. A Jew and two Jew lawyers and a corrupt Wisconsin Judge shafted Jim Fetzer in a corrupt Wisconsin courtroom. Israel wins again. Many Jews were involved in this con.
    How about the 2016 video of Ken O’keefe at Lax?
    Mr. Steele: Have you read the extensive documentation ( about 30 years) of liar Trump by the late top investigative journalist Wayne Barrett who published in the Village Voice and elsewhere? Trump has not formally joined the Jews. How much more do you need? Also read TrumpTower in Wikipedia how he lied about saving historical artificts and shafted poor Polish workers.

    • Correction line -3: “Trump has now formally joined the Jews”. Obviously he did this for purely selfish practical reasons having nothing to do with any deep felt religious beliefs. His God is MONEY.
      He shafted poor Polish workers out of pay for over 20 years. Shame on him.

  3. Thank you Mr. Duff and Mr. Steele for this good talking. It was brief, informative and the last minute of video deserves Oscar for emotional scene. It was nice to see people who have some different viewpoints, but in whole my reaction was cosy. God bless you both and your families. Thank you!

  4. It’s great to see this such a highly intelligent discussion.
    I admire your perspective & knowledge.
    I can comment for Erdogan putting forward the Native American Genocide in response to US Senate’s recognizing the Armenian Genocide is completely irrelevant as Nobody denies Native American Genocide in US, American Indian Wars, Indian tribe removals from their lands, etc… Therefore it would falsely and may be intentionally support to recognize Armenian Genocide better. A counter action to put forward this in response indicates it may be a CIA or deep state plan, and it could be even very destructive upon Turkish government & people. Also his famous Channel Istanbul project is also proven to be supported by MI6 and CIA to abolish the Montreux Convention of 1936 that limits the access of warships to Black Sea especially for the Global powers such as US & UK Navy.
    See article,


  5. The difference between Mr. Duff and Mr. Steel is that Mr. Duff definitely has more hair!

    And yes attacking Social Security Disability is genocide as many will be forced off the program and into destitution and homelessness.

    Reagan did this in !981 with his cuts to the program as thousands died and these cuts were repealed and its really something to behold as SSDI is a staple in many Red states that back this president 100% as they back that man that wants them to die however, such is the nature of war as its come home.

    Mr. Steel with respect I seriously advise you if you love the Republican party as you say you do to advise those around our President not to force Social Security to do this to the American People. If this goes through your party will be destroyed and put on a generational rebuilding program that might last longer than a generation as our dear Mr. Duff is correct in his opinion on this issue.

    Great video as I would buy you both a beer….

  6. Uhhhhh, R.D.S., dude, you’re harshing my mellow. I am 100 per cent disabled, bedridden except for partial hand/arm movement. Some of us are legit and Trump shows he hates us worst by every deed he does. Supporting Mr. Cohn’s buttboy feels like a de facto vote for my demise. Now I know how Martin Niemöller felt.
    Knowing Hitlary is no different is cold comfort as I might have to contemplate suicide if my SSDI goes away

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