Intel Drop: Leave them without heroes, the smear machine…


    …by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    In 1997, singer, songwriter John Denver died in the crash of homebuilt aircraft off Monterrey, California. He wasn’t dead for an hour before they began to murder him, his memory, his music, and his legacy.

    John Denver is remembered as an abusive alcoholic, a fake environmentalist, a spoiled rich kid who really wasn’t from Colorado at all but rather from Kansas. We were told he was a horrible person.

    None of that is true, he simply rubbed “them” the wrong way. He had talent, he was of the wrong ethnicity, he lacked the stain of filth. They hate people who lack the stain of filth, and he had to be destroyed.

    Who is they?

    Let’s look at another. The USS John F. Kennedy will hit the water in 2022. Were one to judge presidents over the past 100 years, the list is simple:

    • Franklin Roosevelt
    • John Kennedy
    • Harry Truman
    • Jimmy Carter

    We have a Ronald Reagan airport in Washington and have long had a Reagan carrier along with a Gerald Ford. I knew Ford and liked him personally but he was a political mediocrity at best. Reagan was an asshole, pure and simple, a jingoist and fake who belonged in prison and whose administration was a sewer of drug smugglers, arms dealers, and thieves.

    He was an “acting president,” a total fake.

    They took on Kennedy, not so much because of who he was, and those of us who were alive then remember, it wasn’t the fake “Camelot” that they hated, and they control everything we read, see and hear, love to whine about. Kennedy was a rebirth for all of us; courage, heart, charm and intellect, something we haven’t seen since, not one iota of it.

    Murdering his legacy with smears has become a cottage industry for them.

    There are a few of us around, increasingly past our sell-by dates, who admired JFK and sought, within our own limited abilities, to make a difference. If any exist today, they will be banned from YouTube, Facebook, Google, smeared by the ADL and SPLC and kept off the networks, replaced with continual coverage of the personal failings of Alex Jones, a talented actor hired to play a bigoted asshole.

    Behind all of this is something worse, but you knew that. Our entire history is fake. All of it.

    Attempts to correct fake history are termed ‘revisionism.’ Telling the truth is “revising” lies, something they don’t want to be done. Thus, revisionists are bad people and have to be smeared, even jailed. So many have been jailed.

    Back in 1938, former US President Herbert Hoover went to Germany to talk with Adolf Hitler.

    Some of the stories of this discussion are in his book, Freedom Betrayed, though I personally suspect much had been edited out. The book was censored for 50 years and is now only in print at the behest of a right-wing extremist think tank.

    I am going to limit this talk today, though I spent a couple of decades involved in historical archaeology. If we go beneath the surface, we learn such things as why the British stopped Jews from emigrating to Palestine.

    That’s because they were allied with Hitler, and the Brit’s thought a strong Jewish-German based Israel, and the one we got was Soviet communist-dominated and still is, would threaten the Suez Canal.

    You see, many of the Jews who would head to Israel were not former British officers, like in the fake book/movie Exodus, (Leon Uris, however, was a Marine combat vet during World War II). They were German officers, thousands and thousands of them, among Germany’s best, all Jews. Oops.

    What did Hoover learn from Hitler?

    • Hitler never planned any military action in the west but was going to attack Poland and retake German territory there. Remember, in 1938, fake Poland was 18 years old and ruled by a military dictatorship and had, itself, just invaded Czechoslovakia.
    • Chamberlain had been told all of this, but in 1939 choose to enter a pact to “save Poland,” something impossible, knowing it would start a world war. Why?  “They got to him.”
    • Moreover, Chamberlain’s agreement was with the Soviets and French, but when the Soviets, only months later, withdrew and signed their own deal with Hitler to split Poland, Chamberlain ignored that.  Why?
    • Thus, when Chamberlain announced the war had begun, he made up everything behind it. Britain had no agreement to protect Poland, an agreement with Russia and France. After all, Russia invaded Poland as well, and Chamberlain would have had to declare war on Russia too.
    • What made Chamberlain do what he did and why has the simplicity of it all, that World War II was entirely fake, been kept out of books, movies, every university?
    • It is a smearing offense to even mention the real historical timeline and the one person who tried to fix it all. His name was Hermann Goering.
    • Why was Hitler Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1940?
    • Why are those who teach about the holocaust jailed?

    The lies go so much further than you ever thought.


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    1. Jack and Bobby were a godsend for this country. Which is why the PTB hated them so much. One TV special you will never see again is the documentary of JFK’s presidential visit to Ireland. One has to be long past shelf life to remember things like that.

    2. “Why was Hitler Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1940?” – GD

      Was not Hitler awarded that in early 1939 for the year 1938?

    3. JFK inherited the intoxication of a nation from the Japan and Dresden holocaust,
      the easy political targets in front of him readily swallowed the will be out of VN by 1965 ‘big lie’,
      escalating the effort in VN by multiplying the U.S. forces in VN from a couple of hundred to 20,000 over a brief 18month period,
      he was then executed by a known communist,

    4. Yesterday, at a press conference, Putin said that many were trying to rewrite the history of WWII and even make the USSR guilty. He mentioned Poland when the Poles and Germans occupied Czechoslovakia. And today, at the EurAsEC meeting, he read out documents from the archive. It is very clearly written in them: who, when and how flirted with Germany, who could stop Hitler, but did not. And who and how gave Hitler carte blanche for military aggression against the USSR. These documents are uploaded from archives and available. So it’s better for the Poles, the British and the French to be silent.

      • @ Apha
        This is full stenogram of Putin’s talk. But you have to push it thru translator or yandex online website translator.
        Frankly, it is a pity that we have language hardships and people from the west miss many good articles in Russian.
        ht tps://

    5. Texas is home of three memorial libraries, dedicated to mass murdering psychopaths. LBJ likely staged JFK snuff, definitely staged Gulf of Tonkin and USSLibertyMovie(.)com
      Big Bush staged Iraq invasion of Kuwait and Gulf War One.
      Baby Bush staged “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” for Afghanistan invasion, then WMD and yellow cake fakes for Gulf War Two.
      It is not too late to correct a century of fake history.

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