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Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, writer, and political analyst, who has lived in and reported from the occupied Palestinian West Bank. He also works for Press TV as a European correspondent.

[ Editor’s Note: This is a somewhat strange article, as the monetary damage calculations are impossible to confirm. It starts out with two Russian Pantsirs being taken out, which were the most expensive items.

The Pantsirs seem to have been struck after firing their missiles in an Israeli swarm attack, which often uses dummy missiles initially to soak up defensive fire power, and then the second wave attack coming in with the real stuff. At least one of these Pantsirs was struck while reloading.

This is something that can only be defended against by having them deployed in pairs, very expensive, with one fully loaded to defend the other during reloading. It would also reduce their air defense footprint by half, a tough trade off.

The remaining air defense systems were older, less expensive models, especially the Russian S-200s, and there is no mention of any of the S-300’s. The radars, again, lots of older ones, were not that expensive, but Israel was able to demonstrate it could take out a lot of Syrian defense with a large attack. If the claim were true, it would be the most successful air defense attack in recent history.

How much F-35 “live fire” training was involved in these attacks we do not know. The Russians supposedly know because they claim their S-400 radars can defeat the F-35 stealth cloak defenses.

The claim of a billion dollars in damages in one attack, although a 300 cruise missile strike is a major effort. But I suspect the cruise missile count was vastly exaggerated, unless they were freebies from the US with the promise of more US taxpayer debt-funded newer models coming to replace them.

The Israelis have been using a lot of flying “tossed” glide bombs mixed in  with air to ground missiles in southern Syria. Cruise missiles are saved for the longer range attacks, where risking a plane on deep penetration is not warranted.

This article below begs the question as to why the Russians would watch the Syrian air defenses get torn up, and that not creating bad blood between Syria and Moscow. The article claims $2 billion in Syrian air defense assets destroyed, a huge amount of damage for the Russians to have sat by and watched it all happen Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … December 23, 2019

Israel has repeatedly claimed throughout 2019, that it’s airstrikes inside of Syrian territory have targeted Iranian facilities and forces, but according to source and material evidence this claim can be proven to be false. The real target was the assets of the Syrian military itself, a flagrant aggression and violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Since the 20th of January in 2019, Israel has been launching attacks inside of Syrian territory. The attacks were, according to Israel, carried out against Iranian forces that were supposedly building up in order to launch attacks against the Israelis. Israel has claimed that it has destroyed tens of Iranian bases and killed countless Iranians, a claim repeated throughout Western Mainstream Media and even sometimes Russian media.

But despite such bravado from Israel regarding its alleged attacks on Iranians in Syria, there is no evidence to support such claims. On the contrary, the evidence points to the strikes fulfilling the primary goal of destroying the Syrian Arab Army’s Air Defense Systems. Evidently, attacks on Iranians in Syria have occurred. However, they are small in scope when compared to the primary targets struck.

Below will follow a chronology of Israeli strikes this year against Syrian Air Defense targets, proving categorically that the attacks have primarily destroyed assets belonging to the Syrian military and not Iran.

  • On the 20th of January, Israel launched an attack striking areas around the Damascus International Airport. In the attack, two Pantsir units, both of them TELAR’s (Transporter Erector Launcher and Radar) were struck and destroyed.

Long-range S-200 (SA-5) sites near Dumayr Air Base and Khalkhala Air Base were also struck as part of the strikes. This was, in response to these assets [S-200 units]’s firing on Israeli warplanes during the attack on Damascus International Airport. An unspecified number of single-missile launchers and battalion-level fire control radar sites were destroyed by the airstrikes.

Below is satellite evidence showing the two Pantsir units destruction, as well as a Chinese-made JY-27 Early Warning Radar, which was destroyed at the Damascus International Airport.

  • During the May 27th attacks, a single ZSU-23-4 Shilka (can prove both via secondary sources) was destroyed at Tal al-Shaar in the Quneitra Governorate. Two SAA members were injured and a lieutenant, from Al-Qaryatayn (Homs Province), was killed in the strike.
  • On June the 1st, a modernized S-75 unit belonging to the 781st Air Defense Battalion near Khan al-Shieh was destroyed by Israeli airstrikes. Israel admitted they targeted the Syrian military as part of the June 1st strikes in supposed retaliation for allowing Iranians to operate inside the country.
  • On the 11th of June, an Early Warning Radar System was struck and destroyed on the Tal al-Hara mountain in the Dara’a Governance of Southern Syria. This took away Syria’s vision of Israeli strikes coming in from the occupied Golan, which left them open to further attacks.
  • On November 20th, significant damage was again inflicted upon Syrian Air Defence. Five Buk-M2E equipment units (including 2 TELAR’s, 1 TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher), one battalion-level command post vehicle, and a battalion-level search radar) located to the south of Damascus, near the Brigade 68 base (Beit Saber area) were destroyed.

A radar-equipped ZSU-23-4 Shilka in south of Damascus city was also destroyed in the area. Primary and secondary command-and-control sites in the Beit Saber area, as well as at Mezzeh Airbase, and Damascus International Airport were additionally destroyed. Four officers, Maj. Manhal Dib, Capt. Osama As’ad, 1st Lt. Omran Suliamn, and Lt. Jafar Nouraldin were killed in these strikes.

According to Syrian military source, the November 20th Israeli strikes on Syria resulted in the annihilation of approximately $1 billion worth of military equipment. The strikes on the command-and-control sites not only obliterated the coordination mechanism for Syria’s air defense operations in the south of the country, but also disrupted the coordination means for the National Defense Forces (which are under the control of Syrian Air Force Intelligence).

This year, Israel has been targeting Syria’s military assets, not Iranian forces inside of Syria. If they were targeting Iranian sites, the proof of damage to Iranian forces would be evident. Yet there is no significant evidence of this and only Israeli allegations. More specifically, Israel has gone after Syria’s Air Defense systems with its countless missions against Syria, which has, according to Syrian military sources, cost the Syrian government roughly $2 billion worth of equipment throughout the course of this year.

Unfortunately, this information has not been reported upon by Mainstream Media and has not been disseminated by Israeli or even Russian media; this is due to the facts being against their national interests.

The Israelis evidently don’t have any interest in distributing this information in full, because the Israeli government maintains that they have been combating Iran in Syria and they know that their targeting of the Syrian military constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and would warrant the justification for a Syrian response to their illegal strikes. Israel seeks an agenda of projecting power over Iran to its general public, and admitting to the true results of its missions would be strategically unwise.

The Russian state media also does not seek to release this information as Russia values Israel as an ally. The dissemination of the facts proving the extent to which Syria has been struck, would also prompt calls for a Russian response, in some form, against the Israeli aggression.

Russia is seen by many as being a part of a type of anti-Western hegemony axis of Resistance. However, its relationship with Syria is based on mutual interests and not purely on ideologically-driven resistance. Even Russian officials have upheld the official story, manufactured by Israel, claiming that the Israeli strikes have been targeting Iran. Claims that do not hold up when examined after each Israeli bombardment.


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    So on every occasion Israel attacks Syrian sovereign territory the targets are defensive. And the excuse of defending Israel is just another ‘lie’ by the war-mongering Zionists and Christian War-Dog “Jihadi J.Hagee”. Every attack by Israel – restricted no doubt under Russian rules of engagement, does little or nothing to protect that bothersome Bolshevik beachhead only offering others the opportunity for close military analysis with a view to the gains of a better defense against the Zio war plans and planes. This glaring lack of Zionist military nous is akin to the notion of how the lack of logic can lead to a dangerous fall. The danger of ending up ‘arse over tit’ – inherent in walking with an untied shoe, usually attends a trip, especially at speed: “As I ran … “

  2. Time for Putin to go if he is just going to pretend to stand for Russian interests, while really standing for Zio/Criminal interests.

  3. “This is something that can only be defended against by having them deployed in pairs…” – JWD

    No, the other way to defend would be to destroy the Israeli bases the attacks are originating from, something that is long overdue in the Middle East.

  4. Russia wants to please zioland as well. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Wakeup and catch-up to Iran’s position on all of this which is what saved Syria.

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