I received a copy of this article yesterday. Instead of my usual procedure of giving my comments first, I will post them at the end. – Mike


The Babylon Bee – Staff writer

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In response to the Christianity Today editorial calling for his removal, Trump called the magazine a “left-wing rag” and said, “I have done more for Christianity than Jesus.”

“I mean, the name of the magazine is Christianity Today, and who is doing more for Christians today? Not Jesus. He disappeared; no one knows what happened to him. But I’m out there every day protecting churches from crazy liberals.”

While Trump admitted that Jesus did do some things for Christianity in the past, Trump said he was doing more now and it was more substantial. “I’m appointing judges to help protect religious rights,” Trump stated. “How many judges has Jesus appointed? He says something about judging people in the future, but I ain’t seen it.”

Furthermore, Trump asserted that he “saved Christmas.” “Look what I’ve done,” he said. “You can say ‘Merry Christmas’ now. In fact, if you say ‘Happy Holidays’ and don’t immediately make it clear you’re referring to Christmas, you go to prison. What has Jesus ever done for Christmas? Be born? He wants credit for that? Come on.”

Mike’s Comments:

In reading this, I would wager that most of you asked yourself, “Is this for real? Did he really say that? He probably did.” I know those thoughts went through my head. Be honest now; how many of you thought that it just might be a true story?

When looking at a story, it is sometimes difficult to determine if it is factual or if it is satire. Normally, one would think, “would a rational person actually say that?” If the answer is no, it is probably satire. With Donald Trump the whole concept of a “rational person” goes out the window.

The way that I figured out it was probably satire is that I did not see this story elsewhere. If he actually said it, it would have been posted all over the Internet. Yet I was still not sure as I could imagine him actually saying this so I went to The Babylon Bee Website. It is a humor fake news site somewhat similar to The Onion.

When Kevin first starting posting some of his satirical pieces in VT, I sometimes had to read through them twice to be sure that they weren’t real. This is when satire is at its best.

Some people have said that the Trump presidency must be a boon for comedy writers, but I am not so sure about this. Watching late night shows like Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert, many times in their monologues, they simply read a quote from an actual Trump Tweet or speech in their Trump voices and it gets a big laugh.

Often times humor is taking the truth and stretching it a bit or exposing how irrational something is. How does one satirize a person who is already a caricature of a real human being?




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  1. The article is definitely satire. How do I know this? Because The Babylon Bee is a satire site. EVERYTHING– yes, EVERYTHING — that they publish is satire.

    Visit the site yourself, read a couple of articles and have a few good laughs.

  2. Now, if the article compared Trump to Moses or Abraham and replaced Christianity with Judaism, it would be more believable.

  3. Mark Twain, possibly America’s greatest writer, was the master of satire. He had the ability to explain complex concepts in simple language and phrases almost any kid could understand then or now. He was such a prolific writer during his life, UC Berkeley has had a full time professor editing and publishing his many unpublished works during his life for almost a century! Other great schools also did too. Here is one of his most magnificent works of half satire and half truth or all truth: “I placed one Anaconda Snake with a herd of 500 sheep; it took one for its meal. I placed two hunters with a herd of 500 buffalo, they slaughtered the whole herd. Therefore I conclude from these observations that MAN evolved DOWN from the higher animals.” Mark Twain
    What he is saying here is this: The snake had a purpose in killing one lamb; namely food for its survival. But the Hunters had no purpose in slaughtering a whole herd of 500 buffalo and leaving them to rot on the ground did they? They had no meat lockers then and these two thugs could not have butchered and cut all that meat anyway before it rotted away. These hunters had no respect for the magnificent work of nature. The Anaconda Snake had more respect for nature than the idiot hunters did. Therefore Mark Twain concluded that the Snake was demonstrably “higher” on the intelligence chain than the moron hunters who wantonly slaughtered 500 magnificent buffalo for no reason at all!

    • What is the lowest idiot animal MAN doing today to destroy Earth? This fool is cutting down all the rain forests which produce Mother Oxygen for his survival; he is dumping all kinds of toxic waste into the rivers, streams and oceans and other areas to poison water supplies for animals and man. He is polluting the air with toxic poisons from automobile and other industrial pollutants. Fool man is conducting meaningless wars all over the planet, wasting valuable resources building military hardware to kill and injure all living things and Earth itself and destroy the water we drink and air we breathe. Man is an idiot fool which no appreciation for the magnificent work of nature. He does not deserve to survive. The best outcome would be for man to be obliterated from Earth so the higher animals and plants and Earth can survive in peace.

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