Russia deploys first hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note:  The wait is over, and I suspect with an end of the year planned released date on the news and the publicity of a system that Russia has been working on for a long time.

Deployment day finally comes for General Shoigu

It has required advances in a number of technologies; metallurgy, new fuels, multiple-warhead deployments, and cyber warfare protections.

We have heard about how hard these flyable warheads would be to intercept in the traditional manner, especially a six-pack of them, which leaves a defender trying to find some way to fry their electronic glide controls.

If something for that already exists, I doubt we would hear a peep about it. Such countermeasures are saved for surprise day. That said, they do have to be tested outside of computer simulation and that is what counterintelligence people look for, as adversary testing data is golden if you can get it.

So here we are at the end of 2019, back to square one with mutually assured destruction, which as bad as it sounds, actually protected us during the cold war. Can we get a replay of that? No one knows for sure. That is why major countries would have multiple systems in case one or more can be defeated.

Russia did what it had to do for a large country with a huge border to protect from penetration. These new missiles are in the Urals, far inside the country to have more time to prepare to shoot back during a first-strike attack.

Moscow needed enough of these to have a retaliatory strike capability, but not so many as to spend itself into oblivion, something that helped bring the Soviet Union down.

Let us hope that when others get these weapons, a new treaty becomes higher on national agendas than it seems to be now. But even success at getting a new treaty signed depends on whether the US can be trusted to honor any treaty that it would sign.

In this case, the sins of the father are passed down to us, like it or not, which is why the damage is done can extend long after Trump and friends are goneJD ]

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  1. Best rumors so far suggest that new technology is used to generate an anti-gravity cloak (“bubble”) around these hypersonic missiles, otherwise they would burn up from excessive heat.

    Certain models of the SR71 Blackbird (allegedly still sub-orbital but 100,000 ft+, 8,500 mph capable) cooled the wing surfaces with liquid nitrogen, latest ones with anti-grav using anti-grav generators (Many supposedly leak fuel until airborne and wing bolts must to be replaced after every flight). In the SR71 antigrav was generated in the wings and body surfaces to absorb radar (allowing stealth, and the Blackbird had the selective capability to generate false returns showing a position many miles away).

    The first Russian supersonic torpedoes deployed had a gas generating system in the nose cone that created and projected a gas bubble that the torpedo moved through, eliminating much of the resistance of the water. The latest ones supposedly have an anti-grav generator that projects and anti-gravity bubble through which the torpedo can move at much higher speeds that in the earlier gas assist models. Not only does this anti-grav bubble prevent excess heat, it allows hypersonic speeds, serves as an electronic cloak to stop radar returns. Most late model Russian missiles, cruise missiles and torpedoes are rumored to be “hived” to a remote Quantum computer run by A.I. algorithms.

  2. The US (not Russia) is well on the way to debt oblivion and as for….”depends on whether the US can be trusted to honor any treaty that it would sign.” it’s an obvious conclusion that the US will honor nothing and even if it signs an agreement it will work to undermine it.

  3. The hot plasma cloud will make them visible but the challenge is tracking and then intercepting. The Russians have apparently tested their antidote to hyper-sonic objects – the S-300B4 anti-aircraft missile system. Makes sense to create a defense capability also.

  4. I’ve heard that the center of gravity for a fast jet fighter is actually somewhere in front of the aircraft. At Mach 27, I wonder how far ahead the COG would be.

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