Iran bombards al-Assad Air Base, puts Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan on notice

America's MSM in full lying and fear mongering mode...


VT hopes no Americans are hurt in this extremely justified retaliatory attack against the cowardly actions of the American military stationed at this base.

Let us know what you think, if Iran is justified in the attack on US forces or not…

The IRGC also warned all US allies in the region that they will be targeted if any aggressive action is undertaken from their territory, putting Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel on notice. 

7: PM Eastern Time, 13 ballistic missiles have hit al Asad as Patriot batteries installed in May fail.

30 Iranian guided missiles have so far hit al Asad Air Base in Iraq, home of the United States Air Force and largest base in Iraq.  The US deployed multiple batteries of Patriot Missiles to the base in May in case of such an attack.

As of 6:20PM EST, the US acknowledged that 6 Iranian missiles have hit the base and none, thus far, have been successfully intercepted.  More to come…

Confirmed by CNN

Under missile attack from Iran. These are either cruise missiles or short range ballistic missiles. All over the country,” said a senior US military source stationed in Iraq, reported Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin.

From ABC:

Multiple missiles have been launched at Iraq from Iran targeting American military facilities, according to a U.S. official.

“This morning, courageous fighters of the IRGC’s Air Force launched a successful operation called Operation Martyr Soleimani, with the code ‘Oh Zahra’ by firing tens of ground-to-ground missiles at the base of the terrorist and invasive U.S. forces,” the country’s state-run news outlet ISNA reported.

A U.S. official confirms to ABC News that ballistic missiles have been fired from inside Iran at multiple U.S. military facilities inside Iraq on Wednesday morning, local time. The facilities include Erbil in northern Iraq and Al Asad Air Base in western Iraq, the official said.

“We are aware of the reports of attacks on US facilities in Iraq,” according to a statement from White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham. “The President has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team.”

The attack comes days after the U.S. killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in a drone attack in Iraq.


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  1. Justified! Also, watching the coverage of the Soleimani funeral, I was struck by the immense poverty of the Iranian people, exacerbated, no doubt, by these unjust sanctions. There doesn’t appear to be any escalation as of 9:00AM EST. Let’s hope dialogue can begin, and an end to these evil sanctions.

  2. No one wants a war, but all beat the war drums. I think Iran is absolutely right. Words without actions mean nothing. This is why Iran launches rockets at US bases. At first hand – if you curse the USA for their criminal killing of general, but do nothing – the people of Iran won’t understand it. I consider this rocket attack as a red notice, that Iran is serious. This very attack could be much more destructive, no doubt. But Iranians want at first give a notice. I hope Trump will change his mind. There are many countries in the ME, where Americans can move to their bases. All this terrible situation needs chill heads. And a-go-between. As i see, even the USA’s so-called allies (eu, israel) prefer to keep distance, like: Trump, you firestarted, now go with it yourself.

  3. It is a pity that the US high command are in places that those missiles couldn’t get to them. It’s a shame that the low level grunts copped the brunt of the missiles. I am saddened that now the US will retaliate against Iran even thou they (the US)fired the first shot.

  4. The Occupiers are a legitimate target! You should not be some place your not wanted! A mass mutiny would should be the order of the day! As a former Military man I can smell a RAT no matter what spews from its grotesque fangs/mouth!! The only language these nut jobs know(israehell, usa, britain, france, italy, belgium, etc.)is violence and mayhem! i believe their are some others that can speak that language!

  5. Given the US duplicitous ambush on Soleimani (Iran’s equivalent of Dwight D. Eisenhower), given the US longstanding record of executing Israel’s policies in the Middle East, given the ever increasing sanctions imposed on Iran by the US, given the US absolute disregard for agreements (JCPOA in particular), given the US recent VISA denial to Iran’s foreign minister to attend the UN, given Trump’s threats to obliterate Iranian cultural sites, and, most importantly, given Iran’s recent joint naval exercises with China and Russia, is it any wonder that Iran fired missiles on a US base, and promised to strike US allies if the US retaliates, especially that one ally, better known as the tail that wags the US dog?

  6. How about Donald Hitler and Mike Goebbels flying over there tonight for personal inspection of the damage? We might get lucky!

  7. “Ah God, for a man with heart, head, hand,
    Like some of the simple great ones gone
    For ever and ever by,
    One still strong man in a blatant land,
    Whatever they call him, what care I,

    Who can rule and dare not lie.” (Tennyson)

  8. Authorities in Iran did everything in their power to cooperate toward a peaceful outcome but Donald Hitler backed out of the agreement they and EU signed and criminally murdered General Soleimani. The insane fool Donald Hitler may obliterate all mankind he is so mentally impaired and hates the Iranians so all due to his International Criminal friends in Israel who seek to control our country today. Shame on this fool Donald Hitler.

  9. We can expect nothing less than the impulsive unstable orange clown declaring war on Iran as soon as tonight, with big cheers from aol psychopaths from London, and Great Israel advocates. Various countries didn’t move their soldiers just for fun. Maybe there is another Kurdistan brewing in Iraq, since their Syrian project has fallen badly. Dick war criminal Cheney is probably smirking now somewhere in the dark, over a glass of Johnny Walker whiskey..

  10. Does no one remember the march and our banners, WE WONT FIGHT ANOTHER RICH MANS WAR. We learnt NOTHING. Its just gotten worse, with the Zionists and war machine leading us around by the nose. We are sending our children to die in the gulf on behalf of the state of Israel, the American government puppet masters.

  11. Do we know for sure this isn’t some Kurds/ Israeli pretense of an Iranian retaliation? The situation does lend itself to the opportunity for deception, which is a Zionist specialty.

    • If it Iran retaliating, and hostilities ramp up, it isn’t a stretch to see how the Straits of Hormuz are shut down.

    • We have a winnner! They respond “by firing tens of ground-to-ground missiles at the base. Tens? Where’s the shock and awe (shekhinah; defined as the presence of God on earth or a symbol or manifestation of His presence.)? It certainly appears to be a deceptive act; (((someone’s))) attempt to exploit the situation.

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