Iran Standing Down After Proportional Attack in Accordance with UN Article 51- Zarif

US media under full blackout, the lies begin...

missile strike on al Asad Air Base...from 5 miles away

[ Editor’s Note: Zarif’s words, “concluded proportionate measures in self-defense”, are signaling nothing more will be done by Iran. This was a bifurcated response, an attack, and de-escalation wrapped into one strike.

Unless we hear more news of interceptions Iran may have revealed how worthless the Gulf State missile defenses are, which alone could trigger an instant interest in deescalating tensions in the Gulf… Jim W. Dean ]

CNN claims Iran threatens attacks on continental US if US responds in any manner.

Tens of surface-to-surface missiles” were fired at the strategic airbase and the attack was later confirmed by the US officials.

The IRGC has called for a complete withdrawal of US troops from the Arab country, asserting that it would not differentiate between the US and Israel in retaliating against the assassination of the Iranian national hero.

“We warn US allies providing bases for the [American] terrorist army… that any country serving as the origin of bellicose and aggressive attacks in any form against the Islamic Republic of Iran will be targeted,” read the IRGC statement.

The IRGC added that it would release more details about the strike.

The strike comes as no surprise since Iran had vowed to take a “harsh revenge” in the wake of the US terror attack.


Maybe Trump might lower the price he has demanded from Iraq as al Assad is probably a bit beaten up.  

America’s air defense ships in the Persian Gulf stand down, no AEGIS or Patriot protection for 5000 US troops stranded in Iraq by Trump’s insanity. With US forces on high alert, and billions of US air defense equipment on land on the water and we do not have one video of an incoming missile taken down when ballistic missiles are supposed to be the easiest to intercept.

Despite the large number of combat jets in Saudi Arabia we also have not seen any ability for them to intercept incoming ballistic missiles despite their launches being detected instantly by the satellites.

Nearly 30 years ago, Americans cheered as coalition forces crushed Iraq and again in 2003.  Little did we know, being the fools all of us where, most of us in 1991 and only a very stupid few by 2003, that America had become a closet military dictatorship controlled by world organized crime.

For the millions of Americans who feel a need to cheer Iran on, please remember that 5000 Americans are on the ground in Iraq, no air cover, and exposed to attack because they are led by cowards.

Trump just tweeted “so far so good.”  Is he Iranian?

He is now going to bed…


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  1. How & why should .02% of the world’s population have such dominion over overall humanity ?
    Because the Jewish state is built on irrational religious tenets within a supremacist regime ?
    When you have complete control of the world’s super power isn’t it obviously beneficial to use it.
    Non-Jews are known to have a “GOYISHE KUP” or being stupid whereas Jewish people are clever.
    The FACTS are that founders of the Zionist movement were SECULAR Jews ( non-religious) who managed to convince themselves & GENTILES that they should be allowed to colonize Palestine because God promised it .
    They used the Bible to justify their colonization of Palestine even though they did not believe in God but were able to convince “people” that God nonetheless promised them Palestine ???
    Today the DNA heritage of 80% of the Jewish people is Eastern European NOT Semitic AT ALL …………..

  2. History lesson that the USA ignores ….. Wonder why ??????

    American neocons mainly Jewish put together their ” Project for a new American Century” (PNAC) in 1998 which was a modified “Protect the Realm” plan previously drawn up by the same US neocons for Netanyahu to protect Israel .
    Basically PNAC called for a war against Iraq followed by more wars to destabilize Syria & all Muslim countries neighboring Israel ending up with Iran.This was a LONG TERM plan but could be helped if a NEW PEARL HARBOR “event” took place.
    Well what do you know ?— 9/11 happened & the PNAC plan was “jumped started” as General Wesley Clark tells us ,the Pentagon had already planned wars against ” 7 countries in 5 years” including Libya , Syria & finishing off with Iran.
    Were the consequences of these crimes, in terms of human lives ,suffering & destruction taken into consideration OR as the “USA”has stated (in the case of Iraq) ” it was a price worth paying”.
    How many MILLIONS of human lives have been DESTROYED by this mayhem advanced by 9/11 the “New Pearl Harbor” , the event more & more researchers have concluded was orchestrated by the US & Israel as the .
    The absolute determination (Jihad) of Jews & Zionists to create a Mythical Biblical Eretz Israel that we are PRESENTLY enduring may result in total destruction of this Planet. Surely we must make a stand & EDUCATE these “Bible Zealots”before they destroy the World.

  3. Ce n ‘est pas possible comment ces fous furieux peuvent mettre notre avenir entre parenthèse pour se livrer a ce jeu dangereux qui est la guerre . TOUS des monstres a crois s’ils respirent.

  4. Remember when we had a “Selective Service System” operating in every small town and city of the country, to bring some sense of fairness to who is forced to the front battle lines in our endless wars against humanity? Let’s return to drafting the children and grandchildren of the elitist rich Pr…ks from Yale, Harvard, Columbia, MIT, U Chicago, Cal Tech, Stanford, USC, Duke, Princeton, Cornell, ..etc. and put them out on the front terror battle lines along with the poor kids. How about the grandchildren of folks with names like Clinton or Bush or Cheney or Trump or Obama…? Why are these groups given a pass today in favor of poor kids or mercenaries? Let’s put these rich elitists on the front battle lines too. Why are they unfairly given a pass and protected from the horror of the front battle lines and from a possible “slap in the face” by a future general like Patton? Many of these elitists are the liars about false flags like Sandy Hook done by our own government or the crimes of 9/11/01 done by Israel and aided by the corrupt four star generals and the daily lies of almost every newspaper and television station in the country. They are likely grandchildren of the 535 whores in Congress many of whom are dual citizens with Israel a blatant conflict of interest. The time is long past to put all these elitists on the battle lines to suffer equally with the poor.

  5. Will this suffice to assuage the Iranian people? I think not. The US has to get out. This revenge may be ‘over’, but if the US does not begin to leave, more will surely follow. Not from Iran proper, but from every Muslim is the ME likely. Hezbollah has done nothing as yet, nor Syria. I doubt this is over.

  6. To say, “All is Well,” – with an exclamation point – followed by “Casualties being assessed” is a demonstrably clear sign that the man is insane and unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.

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