Fake Islamic Trump Assassination Video Traced to Israel! (warning, shocking and objectionable)

Why are we not surprised?



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  1. @Andy Armavir if you know their “GOD” in which they trust it is clear w/o any doubt to whom their service is

    • I know that “golden-oil-paper-digital god” have killed people, destroyed countries, commited the worst crimes all over the world. And i have to work hard like a blind horse, to live myself, and to help several people to live well, too…

  2. As a Christian I want people to realize that we did not all fall for the, zio, end time eschatology. I am not a zio and never was. I do NOT want war. I did not send my kids off to war and they did not send theirs, either. I’m now worried about my 20 something grandkids getting FORCED (like the Vietnam Vets) into a war that they don’t care to fight! I consider those ” so called” Christians to be dangerous.

    • perhaps they are holding their cards close to their vests. But, if we know ZioCons like we know ZioCons, they’d love to get Patsy Pence in the WH. He has no compunction in starting a WW

  3. Donald Adolph Hitler does not understand the meaning of words hypocrite or hypocrisy. He sees nothing wrong with criticizing people of Iran for alleged improper actions while at the same time looking the other way to his friends in Israel who have been doing the same or worse to Palestinians and many others and stealing their lands. Decades ago when the late top journalist Wayne Barrett was sitting in a public room with a public telephone on the table doing research on Donald, the telephone rang. When Barrett answered it was Donald on the other end. First he (Donald) sought to bribe him into silence; when that failed he sought to threaten him with violence into silence. Donald had had his entire life to became a Jew but he waited until after he became President to join them, a blatant slap in the faces of all Americans. Obviously he doesn’t understand or care about the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you”. He is a bully who demands his way or the highway. How can he represent all Americans? He was taught by bully Roy Cohn and other mobsters in NY. His GOD is MONEY. He has no scruples. It is not difficult to conceive some might think about bumping him off is it?

    • It is very well documented now that Israel planned and executed 9/11/01 with the aid of unindicted criminals Bush, Cheney, some four star generals who obviously stood down that day and failed their most basic duty to “defend” the country from attack, along with other criminals in and out of NY. The official investigation was totally corrupt. Muslims were the patsies it was all blamed on because Israel and many Americans HATE Muslims and their religion. It was a false flag attack to promote fear into the population so the basic rights of all Americans could be obliterated by whores in our own Congress, many of whom are dual citizens of Israel a blatant conflict of interest. Congress passed the illegal Patriot Act which led to illegal searches of thousands of innocent Americans every day in airports all over the land and many other unconstitutional laws. America is a shameful disgrace today all due to criminal acts by Israel and our own government! After his sham “election” Trump then formally became a Jew! How about that for rubbing all our faces in horse manure?

  4. Masonic Zionism plays the Luciferian Apotheosis role as Satan/Lucifer/Baphomet throughout Esoteric Occulted history.

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