Trump is a Circus Clown, Someone Behind him is Running things, Duff on Press TV



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    1. I see a parallel with the Khashoggi assassination at the Saudi consulate in Turkey, in that Khashoggi was lured to the consulate and then easily captured and killed, apparently to embarrass MBS. Soleimani’s killing seems to be an identical MO. I think Trump is just the front man and had nothing to do with it. What amazes me is how a man can allow himself to be so totally used. Oh, and will he be re-elected? As Gordon says, no doubt about that.

    2. Brilliant article
      US foreign policy Donald Trump’s rant against Iran is the howl of a dying empire by Simon Jenkins
      As the president slurred ritualised abuse of Iran and pleas to NATO, we saw the US’s days as world hegemon dribbling away.
      Even Trump’s Republican ally Mike Lee called the Iran briefing “the worst briefing I’ve seen – at least on a military issue – in my nine years” in the Senate.

    3. How did Ron “BOO! The dollar lost 98% of it’s value” Paul vote on Afghan War/Emperor Powers?

      Only one person had the courage and integrity to vote no:

      Democrat Barbara Lee.

    4. I am not a fan of Trump but the alternative was the certified psychopath Hillary–what will be the alternative in 2020? A sodomite small-town mayor? He works for Bibi, just like the rest of our government.

    5. Energy dependency of the world on oil is the key to the world wide control mechanism.Food production and many other things depend on this- No free energy or other energy source is allowed because the can´t put a meter on it to suck us dry.

    6. When Gordon said: “and we will probably elect Donald Trump again” … it felt like someone punched me in the stomach.

    7. If you don’t count the 167 collateral I guess it didn’t escalate. That is going to be hard on family and friends.

    8. It would seem all business is Shoa business. We just have to keep shoveling the shit to play the game. The image of an elephant is ironic Gordon .

    9. I heard you say that Trump the Tranny wants to kill a million people. I agree. I doubt nukes exist but if they do, why does he not drop one in the ME and declare martial law in the US and declare himself king?

    10. Speaking Realistically Trump is the gofer or the errand boy ,,,,,,, Gordon in a Military setup can you expect a Civilian to be more than just another errand boy ? ……. I hardly think so the way old in service and Always there Military Officers Will Always Always Shut up ” Civilian dorks ” like Trump ……..

      • AND YES Trump Will Always Always Do Like He’s Told …….. OR Just like George W Bush He Will Wind up With a Black Eye and even after the Beating You Still gotta do the same as You’re Told …… George W Bush said that He got The Black Eye When he Fell on the Table While eating Pretzels …….. weird that the Table fall dudn’t crack open his forhead but just gave him a Black Eye …….

      • Bottom line is ” it’s just a Job that You Agreed to Do ” and since You’re being Paid for it so better Pucker up and Just Do It ………

      • honestly I’m thinking that You Guys can’t Stomach the Bottom Line TRUTH that I Bring You , You’re NOT a Sport ……..

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