Boeing UIA flight 752: the missile’s riddle in wargames

TIip of a Soviet-made TOR M1 missile that a US-based Iranian posted on Twitter claiming it was photographed near the area where the plane crashed

by Fabio Giuseppen Carlo Carisio for VT Italy


The Ukrainian passenger aircraft that recently crashed in Iran’s capital was brought down due to “human error” after flying too close to defense installations, triggering an accidental missile launch.

A military statement read on state media channels came as the first confirmation from Iranian officials that a missile, and not an engine fire, caused the crash last Wednesday. The statement noted that the shooting down was “unintentional” and maintained that those responsible would face consequences.

The statement comes after a number of conflicting press reports as to the fate of the aircraft, as well as claims from the United States and Canada that the plane was brought down by an anti-air missile strike, which Iran initially disputed, pending investigation.


The riddle on what happened to the Boeing 737 of the flight PS 752, crashed in Iran with 176 people on board all deceased, instead of clearing up, it fogs up hour by hour. For a video as mysterious as it is dark circulating on social media. And for the image of a fragment of a rocket that leaps from one Tweet to another without even knowing where it was taken with certainty.

Valuable commodity for the manipulators of intelligence information at high risk of “False-Flag” (false attribution of the military action). There are official statements from the Tehran authorities explaining the many reasons why it was not an anti-aircraft missile that shot it down by mistake.

But also those of the Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine who confirms that all the hypotheses are still open: accident due to explosion of an engine, missile or collision with a drone. As reported in the previous report

On the opposite side, there are suspicions about “someone who would have made a big mistake” of American President Donald Trump echoed with more detail in the speeches of Canadian President Justin Trudeau who also mentioned the Tor M 1 missile of the Iranian defense system SA 15, which we wrote about in the previous report

UIA flight’s in Iran really shot down by Tehran’s missiles

What are the sources of this theory: mysterious intelligence reports surfaced in various western media in the NATO area or in any case allies of the USA. In addition to the suspicious photo and video.

Given that even if it had been a missile that shot down the Boeing, it would still be necessary to ascertain whether it was actually fired by mistake by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC Aerospace, which a few hours earlier had demonstrated surgical precision in hitting US bases in Iraq

Iran bombards two US bases in Iraq with hyper-technological missiles

Or if it was not a rocket or a drone launched by other nations just to discredit Tehran at a time when western public opinion also severely condemned the killing in a diplomatic ambush of the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant

As well highlighted by Russia Today, however, all the evidence released so far by media and alleged experts of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), represent a reconstruction that smells like cinematic fiction as for the famous chemical attack of Douma in Syria.

As that time not only the White Helmets, trained and commanded by the British 007 military James Le Mesurier (who recently died in Istanbul together with his secrets), did made videos to shoot fake injured people in the hospital, Syrian adult and children recruited as actors, but according to the silted dossier of Ian Henderson previously reported by Gospa News allowed the al Nusra jihadists, their accomplices, to really kill thirty of them with chlorine to provide real corpses as evidence of the chemical attack.


Today we see that the same media that pointed the finger at Bashar Al Assad’s army were blowing on the thesis of the missile. So let’s try to reconstruct this story of alleged trials and manipulation of the same.

The Ukrainian embassy in Tehran released an official note signaling the plane’s technical problems as early as the morning of January 8 but then retracted the press release following the hypothesis put forward by the Saudi broadcaster Al Hadath on the Iranian missile.

The first cue therefore starts from that Saudi Kingdom which saw its citizen journalist Jamal Kashoggi torn to pieces in his consulate in Istanbul (the same city where the head of the White Helmets died) and the total acquittal of the consul in the Riad process.

Five death sentences for Kashoggi murder. The Saudi consul acquitted and released

The second comes from an anonymous Iranian anti-regime activist Ashkan Monfared who despite being resident in the USA manages to first publish on Twitter the photo of the alleged warhead-guide of a rocket found in his opinion not far from the place of impact.

Tip of a Soviet-made Tor M1 missile circulating on Twitter

Among the thousands who share the image, authentic tip with the heights of a Tor M1 missile but without a minimal geographical contextualization, there is James The Bond, a mysterious account very skilled in military jargon that in the previous days has really spewed any what against General Soleimani although he was killed.

The Twitter subject calls himself an expert on Islamic terrorism but in order to propagandize Tehran, he forgets for a moment that it was the chief of the Iranian Quds Forces who defeated the ISIS extremists.

As in a well-studied script, Ashkan Monfared’s account is suspended from Twitter and this gives further credit to the photo without evidence of that rocket remnant not yet found by the Ukrainian investigators who have been allowed to investigate on the spot from Iran.

In the middle of the storm on the declarations of the US and Canadian presidents based on the rumors of Pentagon Intelligence officers at Newsweek (discredited magazine for the management of the Douma case as mentioned in the previous report), here appears the most important OSINT manipulation media in the world: Bellingcat among the promoters of the regime-change in Syria.

Here is how Philip Roddis, an British analyst at OFFGuardian, described it in the Gospa News reportage on the shady dealings of the US-funded White Helmets: «Then there’s Bellingcat, the organisation founded by one Eliot Higgins: Media Studies drop-out and author of – I feel a professional slight here, having taught digital arts at Sheffield University – digitally altered images that serve NATO objectives in an ongoing Russia demonisation which endangers us all».


They are responsible for writing the script for the sequel to the masterpiece with Peter Sellers “A shot in the dark” by Blake Edwards on the saga of the Pink Panther. With the tragicomic daring of the famous cinematographic character Jaques Clouseau, the clumsy investigator who chased the most absurd tracks, Bellingcat claims that the flash of light is precisely that inherent in the shooting down of the flight UIA PS 752.

Why do they say it? Because New York Times would have verified what is absolutely not verifiable: namely that a flash in the night corresponds to the attack of a missile on the civilian plane and above all that the video was shot near Tehran.

It should not be forgotten that the New York Times became famous for the video of humanitarian aid set on fire at the border with Venezuela, only to have to make amends and admit that the pro-Guaidò demonstrators themselves had set fire to the trucks in Cucuta, on the border with Colombia, and not the Bolivarian Guardia Nacional.

Other OSINT experts, or analysis of public Intelligence sources, accredit all this. The first on Twitter is another mysterious CNW Conflict News Worldwide that for a year has blatantly supported the challenge of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro by rival Juan Guaidò which is believed to have been funded by various US state agencies for nearly half a million dollars.

Hackers against Trump & Pompeo dirty lies: about Iraq and Venezuela plots

We could write pages on interesting links between regime-change activists, secret services and the big western media. We have already written some of them, precisely in reference to the violent demonstrations in Iraq and Lebanon and to the MENA (Middle East North Africa) network between Washington, Dubai, Riad, Tel Aviv, Berut and Kiev.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts

The hypothesis of the Iranian missile against flight PS 752 obviously remains to be verified even if this cascade of media intertwining by skilled manipulators increases the possibility of a gigantic false-flag: that is, a demolition caused by a mysterious cybernetic sabotage, such as those that detonated power plants in Venezuela, or from a rocket or drone, may be, Made in the USA!

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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  1. Look at the tip of the missile in the photo. It didn’t disturb the ground, although it would have fallen for a couple thousand feet. It’s front paint does not even show a dirt mark.

    If it were a missile, remember the many Stingers that Hillary gave to the “good rebels” that gave them to ISIS (and immediately shut down a Chinook) in Afghanistan.

    People that know Stevens was killed trying to get them back were also expecting that as they do show up, they would be used to blame Iran or Russia or China and that the US would have lots of missile parts and unknown people providing photo’s….just by chance.

    • I’m afraid that the appearance of the tail of the rocket is not an indicator. Here recently I watched as guys from a helicopter drop an iPhone and Samsung from a height of 300 meters. Phones after that worked. I don’t know what rockets are made of in the USA and other countries, but in the USSR they were made of real such iron)))) An explosion does not damage the entire rocket. Most missiles explode when approaching a target. They do not have to penetrate the target. Sailing when falling, falling to the soil – there is nothing special to be damaged there. Personally, I don’t know what really happened there. I looked at analytics in the Russian Federation for half a day — eyes on my forehead crawl out of fatigue, but there is no clarity.

  2. The good part about this is that it happened in Iran and they can keep the ZIO state from controlling the “investigation”.

    • Ukraine will dance to the American tune, in any case during the investigation.
      But in general – as always: “we have evidence, but we will not show them to you”.

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