EU Cites American Electronic Warfare as Possible Cause of Ukrainian Passenger Jet Destruction


The EU will not impose sanctions against Iran for the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing 737.

European leaders believe that the incident with the destruction of a Ukrainian passenger plane in the sky above the Iranian capital is not a basis for imposing sanctions on Tehran. The reason lies primarily in the fact that an investigation is currently underway, which obviously indicates the fact that the EU does not see Iran’s guilt in the defeat of the Boeing 737 passenger airliner.

“It is noted that the union (EU – approx. Ed.) Is not going to introduce anti-Iranian sanctions due to the disaster with the Ukrainian passenger plane. This is due to the fact that now the EU is waiting for the results of the investigation. The source noted that, depending on them, a decision on sanctions will be made.

The discussion will take place on January 20 at a meeting of EU foreign ministers. It is also planned to discuss the future of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program. The agreement provides for the lifting of sanctions against Iran in exchange for limiting its nuclear program, ” reports.

Experts, in turn, note that the key reason for refusing to impose sanctions on Iran for a downed Ukrainian passenger plane is the possible fault of the United States of America, which could well use electronic warfare equipment to make a civilian aircraft look like a military one on Iranian air defense radars.

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  1. One very bad thing about recent news coverage from Irân and the student temonstrations in Tehrân is that most perwayors of sudden news in my Northwestern Zemlya is that they mostly copy from the NY bad Times and newsreels without bothering to check out what the demonstrators are actually shouting or read what is written in Farsi on all their plackars. This I leave to the somewhat more farsi-proficient amongst the VT crowd to sum up as an excersize!

  2. It might be the leaders of Irân will put up one missile shooter or radar operator as the fall guy or as a scapegoat (günah keçis/syndebukk/كبش فداء/שעיר לעזאזל), so as to hide their vulnerability to US radar interference, manipulation, and mischief. This would however be a grave mistake. For me the greater question is the direction of the passenger airliner after it deviated from its prescribed flight path (turning westward instead of continuing towards the north) and which part of Tehrân it would hit at its presumptive goal/ground zero.

  3. The world may never know the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth from the master liars and con artists in our Pentagon who totally sold out America on 9/11/01 and obviously did not lift a finger to defend our country. But if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, drops duck manure, then it is reasonable that it is indeed a duck. Our corrupt government aided Israel in pulling off the con of 9/11/01 so it is conceivable they also murdered all the innocent passengers on that plane. The close timing with the other attack is consistent with a conspiracy. Our cowardly government has degenerated to the lowest of the low today. A cowardly dictator named Donald Adolph is in charge.

  4. I would not bet against being true. Nothing surprises me regarding the extent of the barbarity of the degenerates in Washington.

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