Turkey and the Tripoli regime claim “it ain’t so,” but it is.  Turkey is shipping terrorists by the thousands to Libya to free that nation from what looks like a CIA backed coup.

In fact, every faction inside Libya is backed by a different American Deep State capo.  That’s what gangsters are like it seems.

The US-backed Tripoli government and Trump is backing Haftar and his army of Russian mercenaries fighting the US-backed government (no, you can’t make stuff like this up) has “rented” thus far 2000 al Qaeda jihadists who had previously been fighting with and against ISIS, the US, Syria, Russia but always aligned to either Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, one, two or all three, depending on what day of the week it is.

The terrorist jihadists are being paid $2000 a month, more than 4 times what they were receiving from Saudi Arabia and Israel while working with the White Helmets to murder Syrian civilians and will now, undoubtedly, gain a foothold for ISIS and al Qaeda inside Libya as they had in both Syria and Iraq.

The Erdogan regime has promised all the jihadists Turkish citizenship when they are finished in Libya.

Guardian: Turkey or will arrive imminently to fight on the battlefields of Libya, Syrian sources in all three countries have said, in an unprecedented development that threatens to further complicate the north African state’s intractable civil war.

The deployment came after Turkey agreed last month to come to the aid of the Libyan prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, who is backed by the UN, in the face of a months-long campaign by his rival, the warlord Khalifa Haftar.

Ankara has supported the Syrian opposition since the early days of the battle against the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, even as the original Free Syrian Army umbrella group grew weak and splintered because of infighting and the growth of Islamist elements within rebel ranks. (understatement) Turkey now uses some rebel fighters as proxies against Kurdish-led forces despite allegations of human rights abuses from watchdogs.”

Tripoli is supported by the US, part of it at least and a number of VT personnel as well who run the central bank among other things while Haftar is a fascinating guy, longtime CIA asset, an American citizen, supposedly supported by Russia, France, and the UAE.

A month ago, 3000 Sudanese joined Haftar’s forces though Sudan is nominally controlled by Washington.

If you know less, or perhaps nothing, after reading this, then you understand totally.


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  1. The people in the mask could be from the Bronx, who the f’ knows
    The MERCENARIES are paid $2,000, and they could be from anywhere. If you have the intel on where they are moving from, there’s probably good money in that, no?!? Jihadi terrorists . . . YAWN. But, hey, the media sure likes that bone lick, and the crowd goes wild. Anyway, it’s about the money and gold no one can seem to find. Seriously, if Libya could be a CIA spliff then by all means smoke ’em if you got ’em?!? I know I would!

    My take: Last ditch of Pompeii-O to cash in his red, white and blue chips before his semi-retirement

    Oh come on. It’s all about helping the people in Libya, right?!?


    Hmmmmmmmmmm . . .


    More fighting kids. It’s what for dinner.

  2. Hillary and Obama dispatched 250,000 mercenary CIA armed and trained headchopping terrorists in 2011. They landed in Libyan ports on troop ships and marched right in unopposed then began slaughtering anyone and everyone with instructions to blame the atrocities on Ghaddafis soldiers. These terrorists “UN supported” and we’re not Libyans engaged in any sort of civil war against “mad dog dictator” Ghaddafi.
    Haftar has support of 99% of Libyan people as the government in Tripoli supported and established by the same people and powers that killed over a million Libyans in 2011….and same sort of people Erdogan is sending over too.
    Russian mercenaries? The Wagner group? They are in force in Syria, not many in Libya. Haftars army consists mostly of Libyans and represents Libyans people and tribes, not Russia, not the USA, not France or China.
    Typical backstabbing hypocritical US foreign policy to arm and support both sides in a conflict.
    Watch any YouTube interview of James and JoAnn Moriarty to learn about what really happened and is really going on in Libya.

  3. I never quite know who the bad guys are in Libya. Guess seeing who the CIA demonizes the most will give a clue. Looks like Sultan Ergodan will fix it, depending on which side of the bed he got out of this week.

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