[Editor’s Note: This is a surprising move by Putin. He is passing more power to Parliament and closer to the public’s hands in terms of who it elects to that body.

It’s what I would describe as a “democracy enhancement” evolution, being done now as he feels that the Russian Duma is mature enough, as are the voters who send them there.

They have trusted Putin, and now he trusts them to have the responsibility, as Russia has a firm standing even after its US friends in the 1990s who came over to “help it” looted the country of everything they could steal.

After the US puppet oligarchs had taken over Russian media and were on their way to taking over the government, Putin and his KGB cavalry came riding in to save the day or the US Deep State would effectively own Russia.

Notice at the end Putin seems to have carved out a semi-retirement position for himself as a potential head of the State Council, now a consultative body that Putin wants written into the Constitution.

The Council will also have wide representation, so Russian voters know they have a voice at the highest levels of government. We will have to see if the voters pass the changes, which they should as it gives them a Russian version of a senate, but an advisory one, not legislative, so it would not be in direct competition with the DumaJim W. Dean]

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Putin ponders moving on, a man still evolving, with Russia and himself

‘More powers, more responsibilities’: Putin proposes granting parliament power to choose PM & form government

From Russia Today, Moscow

First published … January 01, 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed granting parliament more powers to nominate key government officials, adding that the president will not be able to reject their picks.

Under the current law, the president nominates the candidate for prime minister, who then must be approved by the lower house of parliament, the State Duma.

In his annual state-of-the-nation address on Wednesday, Putin proposed to change this by “allowing the State Duma not only to approve but to choose” the PM. Under his plan, the prime minister would then present parliament with the candidacies of the deputy prime ministers and government ministers, which the parliament would also confirm.

Putin stressed that the president will “not have the power” to reject any of the candidacies confirmed by the parliament.

“Taking the major responsibility for forming the government would also mean taking the major responsibility for its policies,” Putin said.

The proposed changes “pave the way for reformatting the system of power ahead of the 2024 presidential election,” political scientist and head of the Carnegie Moscow Center think tank Dmitry Trenin told RT.

“It’s clear that the new president cannot inherit Putin’s authority and influence. His constitutional powers will also be [more] limited,” he said.

The prime minister will become more significant, less dependent on the head of the state. The role of the parliament will also increase as its majority will decide who should form the cabinet and who will be its part.

Putin also proposed to have the existing consultative body, the State Council, written into the constitution. The council today is mainly made up of regional governors and aids the president in implementing his decisions.

“The State Council is being seen as a guarantor that the new power structure will work accordingly, instead of falling victim to internal struggles and in-fighting,” Trenin said, explaining that the reformed body will “secure stability” in Moscow, as well as in the regions.

The political scientist believes that Putin himself is likely to lead the State Council after his presidential term expires in 2024. “This way he will continue being the most influential state official and its highest authority,” Trenin suggested.

The changes require amending the Constitution, which Putin proposed to do through a public vote.



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  1. No matter how funny it may seem, such a pattern can be traced. I will not go into the old times, I will take the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The hairy Nicholas II is being replaced by the bald Lenin. He is replaced by the hairy Stalin. Next is the bald Khrushchev. After him is a hairy Brezhnev. Bald Andropov and hairy Chernenko. Again the bald Gorbachev. He was replaced by hairy Yeltsin. Next is almost bald Putin, followed by hairy Medvedev. And again, Putin. Well, is it not a regularity?)))

  2. thanks jim…bit of perspective.
    is this to protect HIS russia from the ‘zelenkskys’, george soros & his open society & ngo’s etc

  3. The piece in the new (intended) legislation of Russia regarding Dual Citizenship stands out like a beacon as if somehow Russia despises the untold damage done in other countries like, eh, the United States. Even an idiot can see how duality sets up in opposition – one against the other. We have all these so-called intelligence agencies in place protecting us from nothing on the one hand while facilitating the fast and seemingly irrevocable decline of United States by jackals in sheep’s clothing including the vampire oligarchs that nearly bled Russia dry. We blow our trumpets and boast the separation of Church and State yet allow a group of anarchists and agnostics operating under the umbrella of both to prosper audaciously while the exchequer runs up trillions in debt. Yet, only Russia learns while the US burns!

  4. Good to read, and the intro summed it up nicely Jim. What ever happened to Vladimir Putin’s plans to put a religious conference together? I read something on VT about that over a year ago, and didn’t read more. Maybe the semi-retirement will allow for that, it seemed like a nice concept, and an ecumenical host.
    Pascha is April 19 this year, which is my birthday, I may go visit some orthodox churches. “Putin also proposed to have the existing consultative body, the State Council, written into the constitution. ” As the Russian proverb says: If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.
    [Not sure if that really is a Russian proverb, I just tossed that in for good measure]

  5. Hook or By Crook The Russian Establishment Deems That Putin Must Remain in Power While The PNAC is around …….. WHAT has This ONE Man got ? ………. I’m watching him hang in there since 2000 and now it’s 2020 …….. There’s Something Huge afoot that I’m Constantly Missing ………..

  6. Iit seems Vladamir is getting rid of prime minister who messed up badly not voting NO at UN to stop the UN and NATO “authorized* genocide and destruction if Libya in 2011 by invasion of country with 250,000 terrorist mercenary headchoppers proceeded by slaughter if 5000 anti war protestors in one day by Blackhawk gunships in streets of Tripoli. Usually Russia would of stood against this sort of thing in the UN but for some reason Medvedev (sp?) did not vote.

  7. Thank you so much for this article Mr. Dean. I can hardly believe some of the ridiculous headlines I have seen on this subject today. I am so happy for the Russian people that they have an intelligent and competent leader who loves his country and cares for the people therein. For the present, and into the future. Verses… well, you know.

  8. Sounds like DEMOCRATIA to me.
    Here, in the JUSA: If you can’t do it, then talk about it.
    Famous quote from former Knesset ‘lady’: “Anti-Semitism? It’s a Joke! We always use it!”

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