If I Were President — Everything Donald Trump Is Not Doing



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    • He’s good for a laugh. I think at some advanced point into a mistake people like him have too much pride to admit that they were sleepwalking the entire time and make a u turn. After that you have to stay medicated to continue the path.

  1. There is no way I’m going to watch a 30 minute video about how tRump is a victim of the deep state. He is an orange buffoon at least as corrupt as Hilliary…

  2. A private look at some aspects of modern America from Alexander Rogers:
    Blaming “these terrible Russians” is simple. This is a “solution” for idiots. Understanding the real reasons for the split is more difficult. To offer a working roadmap for stitching a country is almost unrealistic.
    But I’ll try.
    The first reason for the split is the archaic bipartisan system in the United States itself. Republicans rely on a white conservative majority, Democrats have become a party of a diverse minority – sexual, racial, religious, and so on. And for electoral purposes, they do their best to pedal this division, intensify the confrontation along certain lines.
    As a result, we have to admit that the fairy tale about the “melting pot”, where “representatives of different nations turn into Americans” does not work. Citizens of America remain Italians, Irish, Jews, Chinese, “African Americans” and so on. With its own lobby, mafia, groupings, ghettos, neighborhoods and Chinatowns.
    Including because it is so easier to manage and manipulate them so separated. You don’t need to communicate directly with people, you can interact with local bosses – be it the head of the African American community or the priest of the local church. The oldest principle, “Divide and conquer.”

    • A few years ago I wrote a monograph for the police on how to deal with ethnic criminal gangs. And in this monograph it was proved that one of the fundamental reasons for the very existence of ethnic groups is the prejudice of the police / special services that all representatives of this ethnic group are criminals. As long as there is such a stereotype, it pushes people to join gangs or seek protection from them. Criminals come to representatives of their ethnic group and say, “You are one of us, only we can protect you.” And if the police are biased, then it is almost impossible to defend themselves against such a racket.
      This can be extrapolated to the general situation with the racial problem in the United States. African Americans are chanting “Black lives matter.” White responds by chanting “White lives matter.”
      Whites often unjustifiably generalize that all blacks are lazy and / or criminals. Negroes often wrongfully generalize that all whites are suprematists and racists. Feminists with their “MeToo” illegally summarize that all men are rapists. Such injustice of accusations and generalizations (in all directions) creates a split.

    • But I think that Ice Ti described the situation most precisely when he sang “When it comes to the poor, nobody’s life matters.” So the point is not in skin color or origin, but in social inequality.
      A huge number of people in the USA are deeply frustrated by the fact that the quality of life is getting worse.
      The middle class is rapidly declining, while current trends continue for another 15-20 years and it will not remain at all.
      For the 2008 crisis, none of the perpetrators of the creation of giant pyramids and bubbles did not bear responsibility.
      The education system is sharpened to produce stupid and illiterate consumers – it’s easier to sell something and easier to manage.
      The number of high-tech (read highly paid) jobs is declining.
      And Trump does not solve this problem, although he reports a record low unemployment. Because instead of engineers and industrial workers, jobs are being created for waitresses, dishwashers and auxiliary workers.

    • As Biden says, “Everybody sit down to program.” What is also an idiotic simplification – doctors, teachers, engineers, electricians, plumbers and builders should not become programmers.
      Especially despite the fact that the infrastructure, starting from roads and power lines, and ending with water supply and sewage, is extremely worn out in many places.
      Both high crime, the opiate epidemic, and a number of other problems have, in fact, one reason – enormous social inequality and lack of prospects.
      A man is going to commit a crime not because he is “black” or “Latin”, but because he has nothing to eat. A person begins to use drugs or drink, not because he is a republican or a democrat, but because he does not see prospects in his future.
      Moreover, the lack of prospects is about the same for the “rednecks” from the hinterland, and for the inhabitants of black or Latin ghettos.

    • In fact, the division into Republicans and Democrats does not reflect the real separation of Americans. Because within both parties there is a division into the “establishment” and “everyone else.”
      And the establishment within both parties perfectly agrees with each other on all really key issues – they together take a record high military budget, they write off several trillion taxes for the rich together (instead of writing off, for example, student debts for the poor), they raise together ( or even cancel) the threshold of public debt.
      And the US foreign policy under the Democrats and Republicans is practically no different. “Republican” Trump, who criticized “Democrat” Obama for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, fires rockets on Syria and kills Iranian generals. The Warmongers in the Democratic Party (the same Biden) are no different from the Warmongers among Republicans.

    • Maximum hate focus may shift. Democrats are more demonizing Russia, and Republicans are more demonizing China. But both parties equally teach Americans to fear and hate.
      At the same time, the US federal budget deficit in the first quarter of fiscal 2020 increased to $ 356.6 billion, hinting that by the end of the year it will significantly exceed a trillion.
      Expenses grew by 6.7%, while revenues grew by 4.6%. The United States lives beyond its means. And the situation is only getting worse.
      This means that on the one hand it is necessary to raise taxes, and on the other hand, to cut expenses (for example, on “defense”).
      But this contradicts the corporate interests of the establishment, therefore, at the last debate, most of the time they discussed “whether Bernie Sanders said that a woman can not become president of the United States, or did not say.”

    • That is, there is again a distraction. Discuss race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious preferences, but never discuss Wall Street bubbles or cutbacks in your military budget.
      The true split of the United States is precisely along this line: the super-rich establishment against everyone else.

      Alexander Rogers, specially for News Front
      The End.

    • From myself I will add: the USA is a very large and important country. You can’t just give up your hand at all. Everyone understands that the building is bursting at the seams and is ready to collapse. But something must be done!

    • Knowing the features of tolerance in the United States, I apologize for the word Negro in the article. In Russian, it is this word that is used to refer to African-Americans. In Russian this is a good, normal word. I don’t know why in the USA they can beat the faces or sue for it. Maybe someone will enlighten me.

    • In other words it’s all good for business. It’s the best consumer society that leaves many other countries with the same high amount of militarism, jealous.

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