Since 9/11, billions in taxpayer funds have been paid to for American police to be trained by war criminals.  We now reap the benefits of police departments that an official study has finally noticed that have now become street gangs with military weapons just like in Israel.

Welcome to “Occupied America…”

The lack of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve is a major driver of gun violence in cities across the United States, a new report by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence warns.

In many American communities, acts of police brutality, over-enforcement targeting small infractions and high numbers of unsolved shootings and homicides have eroded trust, making residents less likely to place their trust in law enforcement and more likely to seek vigilante justice, the researchers note.

“Everybody has largely missed the fact that if people can’t count on help from the state and its agents, they’re going to take care of themselves,” says David Kennedy, the director of the National Network for Safe Communities, a violence reduction research center, whose work is referenced throughout the report. “Sometimes taking care of yourself looks like day-to-day gun violence.”

The report also spotlights examples of trends in cities like Camden, New Jersey, and Oakland, California, where community-led efforts have led to a significant decrease in gun violence rates.

“Communities have the answers and can address and treat gun violence. But law enforcement gets the lion’s share of any city budget in the country,” says Fernando Rejón, the director of the Urban Peace Institute, a not-for-profit organization that trains violence interventionists. “For a [violence reduction] strategy to work, law enforcement needs to be able to do their work, intervene and provide alternatives.  But there also has to be community investment.”

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  1. New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, should be a warning to every city or metro worldwide, of police in charge, totally. Not only did they loot the city and even commandeered hotel rooms to warehouse the plunder, but used people looking for food and water or just checking damage, as moving targets. Impromptu police stations and jails were set up in many places. The police declared martial law on their own and confiscated all guns as well as anything else they wanted. They were totally unprepared and untrained to deal with a disaster and they created their own disaster. The military did a good job doing their part and in the face of disaster. police of any agency should be ordered to stand down. They have no expertise of any kind except bullshit.

    • Anyone else wonder what happened to Civil Defense? Down in Louisiana (and probably many other locations) LE scarfed up all the fundeing that was supposed to go to DC and disaster preparation. Remember all those fancy tricked out motor homes the cops use? They were supposed to be CD vans. Whats more, each department used their own radio signal codes that were not shared with other agencies. When Katrina knocked out most communications (except for the hams) the different LE depts. could not decipher each others radio codes because they had all been conditioned to with hold vital info. That came back to bite them in the ass, but they didn’t care.

  2. Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelley are known LIARS and FRAUDS. They are each part of two of the regular media hoaxes being perpetrated against US citizens: mass shootings and space travel. Giffords was never shot. Kelley has never been outside a NASA studio.

    Remember, everything is the OPPOSITE in the US. If you hear that we need more cops, weapons or authority to stop the rising tide of gun violence, know this means that the cops are causing the gun violence and they need more money to do more of it.

    • Was just brushing up on Giffords trivia, and guess what, she is a practicing jew and cousin of Gwenyth Palrow, A HOLLYWOOD TRANNY. Check wikipedia. Color my unsurprised.

      Meanwhile, Kelley is a consultant with SPACEX, another complete fraud milking the US tax payer.


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