Israel armed Haftar with UAE funding


Commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, has reportedly been supplied with Israeli military aid after secret meetings with Mossad agents that were mediated by the United Arab Emirates.

A high-ranking official in Haftar’s military informed The New Arab that the Libyan commander has been holding secret meetings with Israel over the past two years.
Sniper rifles and night vision equipment were amongst the military aid provided, according to the source.

The UAE has been a leading supporter of the Libyan strongman, with a UN report in June accusing it of supplying his forces with helicopters and other military aircraft in spite of a UN-imposed arms embargo on Libya.

Haftar met with UAE leaders for talks on military cooperation earlier this month, days after declaring victory in Benghazi over jihadist groups who have been controlling it since 2011, after the uprising against Gaddafi that year.

Haftar and his Libyan National Army stand in opposition to the government in Libya’s western city of Tripoli, the Government of National Accord, which is officially recognized and backed by the United Nations.

In 2014, the military strongman said he would not mind “cooperating with Israel and receiving various forms of support from it.” He justified it by claiming that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

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  1. There was no Libyan civil war or “uprising” against Ghaddafi.
    It was a brutal and bloody massacre of the Libyan people from invasion. by the UN, NATO, USA, and all the other countries who wanted to participate in the mass genocide.
    Since Iraq war USA did not want anymire battlefield casualties so Killary Clinton sent in 250,000 jihadi mercenary terrorists (paid by the kill) to do the dirty work on ground that the UN sanctioned NATO airstrikes could not do.
    All atrocities beheadings mass murders of families etc simply blamed on Ghaddafi and the press ate it all up and spit out the lies.
    Nobody in Libya who is Libyan and survived the 2011 invasion wants the “UN approved’ government in Tripoli to remain there.
    Haftar used to be CIA asset but he has swiched stripes, now fights for Libyan people not the CIA agenda, whatever that may be this week.
    Haftar controls 95% of Libya, has got rid of the headchopper jihadi terrorists in those areas and has support if 95% of Libyans too.
    He is eventually going to win the war there now, everyone knows this and they want to be on side of the winner. Turkey sent in 5000 jihadi terrorist mercenaries as Erdogan wants Tripoli as ottoman empire Western capital city.

    • Haftar is a CIA Slave Who has Promised ALL Libyan Resources to the Westerners AND that is the Only Reason Why he’s Still the Darling …….. Try to be a Nationalist and Do the Right thing for Your Country and the Westerners Will Assasinate you so that then They can Rob and Plunder as per Ancient Europeon Colonial Habits …… AND that’s the Bottom Line Truth ……….

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