Trump Planning Nuclear Strike on Russia

    Yes, they are really that insane


    DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

    Breaking: On January 24, 2020, American armored forces involved in stealing Syrian oil which is being given at no cost to Trump supporters fired on 2 Russian MI35 helicopters protecting peacekeeping forces. No casualties are reported.

    This is published for one reason because we have multiple confirmations that we should not have.  A week ago, Pompeo announced that he was prepared to order the assassination of Russian and Chinese leaders.  We published this in English and Russian at the website of the Russian Academy of Science, a peer-reviewed journal, and it has gone genuinely viral…inside Russia alone.

    NEO: New US Policy Authorized Drones Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders

    Russia kicked the US out of the Black Sea, using Turkey to enforce the Montreaux Treaty, for one reason, the US was using AEGIS ships to target Russian missile defenses for a first strike.  Trump and Pompeo were silent on this HUGE story for one reason, they were caught with dirty hands.

    Breaking: Confirmed, Turkey closing Black Sea to US Navy-NATO

    Behind this, we began being hit with threat and some strange censorship, Libya, Sudan, places we have people on the ground with Adamas as advisors.

    Then Russia announced their Moscow missile system, going the extra mile…

    Why Moscow is Invulnerable to US Missile Attack

    and then this:

    Pompeo and Esper, others from the West Point Mafia, have, according to sources, drawn up plans and believe they can take down Russia in one blow.

    We believe it is soon, days away.

    Trump is totally surrounded by Armageddon loving cultists and is in a state of dementia.

    We also have 2 responses from Russia, one today announcing their new Doomsday Weapons…called “Dead Hand” and the other in a Russian announcement of their new missile system defending Moscow, both published today on VT.

    Duck and cover.


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    1. Our Military in no way serving, supporting, protecting the interests of the American People, but ids being used/abused as the ‘Attack Dog’ for the Zionist Apartheid Theocracy(Talmudic-Supremacism) of the Terror State of Israel on the World Stage! America is the PLANTATION, of the Zionist Overlords! The ‘Blood and Treasure’ of our People is the Sacrificial Offerings on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism on the World Stage! America is doomed!

    2. So Trump is demented. Great. If removed from office as unfit, traitor Pence assumes office. Just when I thought the good guys had it in the bag.

    3. It is a bit OT but, I think it is important enough to be forgiven. This letter is published in moonofalabama.

      WASHINGTON DC, 20301-9010

      The Honorable Bennie G. Thompson
      Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, House of Representatives
      242 Rayburn Building
      Washington DC, 20515-2402

      Dear Congressman Thompson,
      In response to your January 10. Freedom of Information act (FOI) appeal, concerning Iran’s missile strike on US airbase Ain Al Assad in Iraq, on January 8 and its subsequent damages and casualtie

      Following detailed examination of US Ain Al Assad air base by DOD Special investigative team, concluding estimates are as follows:

      Total number of casualties 285 (139 dead 146 injured)
      Extensive damage to 15 helicopters including 1 Black Hawk, 2 cargo aircrafts and 3 MQ-1 Predator Drones.
      Extensive damage to Base Command Center. 3 barrack, 3 hangars and 3 military tents.
      Relative damage to base’s Air Traffic Control Tower and base’s runway.

      Initial assesments indicate mentioned damages will cause total impairment of Ain Al Assad air base activities for at least three weeks.


      James P. Hogan

    4. I think we may have a few more days, Gordon, but not many. Thank you so much for this report.

      Super Tuesday. American cities will burn and on 3/4 psycho banking will be shut down.


    5. The U.S. military, sans its high tech weaponry, is a pathetic joke. The standards and training have been radically softened to accommodate females, and the ranks are laced with fagots, bulldykes, transgender freaks, and mongrels from the cesspools of the world. It’s not “our” military anyway. It is a mercenary strike-force for the Zionists and international banksters. When they face off with a major world power such as Russia, China, or Iran, they will get their asses handed to them and deservedly so.

    6. Mowing the lawn is a necessary action -to make your home livable and orderly! It means cutting the weeds and trimming the grass for its own good in order to encourage re-growth of the good grass. All the BS that we’ve been forced to accept in order to protect our freedom are just another name for weeds. The LGBT’s and gender-neutral PC BS which the Talmudic cabal has introduced in the West – these are all weeds which are there to destroy the home and the family. The dual-citizens that are in the governments are like a decease that attack the good grass. These should all be removed and the grass strengthened by love and care -after all its your home.

    7. Grateful to see a few other Nuke deniers/skeptics commenting here. Where is all the radiation from not only the two supposed nukes dropped in Japan but all the other countless testing regions? I know they give tours outside las vegas where they used to test nukes, supposedly.

    8. Worker Bee, Putin just went to israhell to show his loyalty to his jewish brethren. When has Russia done anything to stop the atrocities committed by israhell?

    9. Putin just went to israel to show his allegiance with jews, appears Russia has the same problem we have in the US.

    10. If that is true it therefore suggests the biggest program of deception in human history that not only involves the scientists and engineers but more tan one nation and also nations of differing political perspectives. This means that all the major nuclear powers and others are in on the deception and have been so for eighty or so years.

    11. …nuclear bombs….once there was and once there were…prairies and plains..gentle rains..fields of grains..pointless pains and the rushing of railroad trains..forests streams words wishes and dreams..buzzing bees flowers friends and a blowing breeze..majestic mountains and a sunset sea you and me..wants haves needs and the futures dirty money situations funny someone to call honey santa claus and the easter bunny..acid and grass and a time to crash.. buildings of cement and glass.. but all of these and more are no more..we traded them all for war..the bursting bombs sang their songs and it was all over before to long..after the skies had cleared all that was left to see was ground and all around the earth there echoed the sound of the ants laughing…….

    12. These senators who are pushing Trump have thrown away there flags on there lapels, what are those round badges now Gordie?

    13. Anyone and everyone involved in the chain from design of these illegal weapons to the use of them against other members of the human race: Just say NO! Boycott is a basic human right against tyranny. Let the four star generals earn their pay and pull the triggers themselves personally or they can also say NO! Let the coward at the top pull the triggers and have all this massive destruction of civilization on his conscience if he has one. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a draft dodger from NY incinerates the planet, the human race, the animal kingdom and the plants too? Man really did evolve DOWN from the higher animals as Mark Twain proclaimed in his great book “Letters from the Earth” published after his death in 1938. Man is the lowest piece of garbage and never deserved Earth.

    14. American people and nation is culprit of having that criminals in charge, and zionists to be very accurate are also deciding what american presidents must do. They are very criminals of the worse species, at same level of Pol Pot, Stalin or Hitler (but for Hitler we must know more things to understand which he wasn’t so evil as history of winner written), they are very capable of start an armageddon to accomplish orders from their masters. So american people must crush their evil system based on whatever idea but not democracy, Usa is a zio-fascist regime and we can see that from many many evidences, racism, immense disparities, and spreading of wars all over the world is the reality of what is america.
      Now, american people first of all must stop their governants and hang hundreds of them as every nation must do when tyrants fall.
      My words can seem strong, but seen what they are doing this is the natural way to bring the entire globe to a new way for peace and prosperity

    15. If the Third World War will actually happen — as calculations and observations appear to indicate to be probable now and also during the approaching few decades — then, as now, the civilian population will above all have to bear the brunt of the enormous suffering in tremendous numbers in this entire catastrophe and, last but not least, the fault of the irresponsible scientists who by cloning will create human machines for military purposes, devoid of conscience and feelings, and will create immensely deadly and all-annihilating computer-like weapons , 205. (Not included)
      206. At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet ,

      • The entire planet will become an arena of unparalleled suffering, which will never have existed before on Earth up to that time. 207. (Not included)
        208. The cruel happenings will last about 888 days and cause civilization to collapse. 208. (Not included)
        209. Yet, the terrible scenario will continue, and epidemics and various diseases as well as enormous famine will be spread among the people, while the economy of the world will totally collapse and there will be no possibility to produce any goods.

      • And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialized countries, because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times. 214. (Not included)
        215.These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorized by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality.

      • This “war” will not be implemented for the money, for a change.

        This one, more than the previous ones as horrific that they were/are, will be “fought” for BLOOD, PAIN, SUFFERING AND WHAT’S LEFT OF THE DIVINE HUMAN SOUL.

        The assets are no longer financial. Their assets are the HUMAN SOULS.

    16. In the event things go completely to s**t, I do hope that several warheads from both sides target tel aviv.
      They have been trying to instigate a full nuclear exchange between US and RF for years, along with hooking those rapture nutjobs to infiltrate the military and push the button.

    17. A couple of benefits. Minor ones I accept. The annoying climate debate goes away and the nauseating Swedish girl is not heard of again.

    18. Wait a moment. If a sanctioned country like Iran can embarrass us. How would we do against Russia ?
      Trump, France, and England combined did less damage to Syria in their response to a fake Syrian gas attack than Iran’s US bases attack. We are better at planning assassinations in the US or abroad and bombing churches, weddings parties, etc. Just like our twin Israel.

    19. Agreed with one exception. I haven’t voted for a Democrat since George McGovern, but I’m hopeful about Tulsi. Check out where she stands on the issues. I found myself in agreement with every one. She’s sincere, articulate, strong, experienced, anti war, and she’s standing up to the canker, HRC. I Think she’s got integrity unlike Bernie, who in ‘16, sold his soul to Killary and the DNC by endorsing her AFTER THEY STOLE THE NOMINATION.

    20. Wow, talk about suicidal, these imbeciles want to take the world with them. Lets hope that it’s only rumour Mr Duff.

    21. “Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
      1h 34min
      Wickedly dark comedy features Peter Sellers (in three roles) in the midst of impending nuclear war.Co-stars George C. Scott.

      Genres Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Action
      Director Stanley Kubrick
      Starring Peter Sellers, Peter Bull, George C. Scott”
      Everyone better buy this one now before they run out of supply. Have it on the ready to turn on as soon as Donald Adolph pulls the trigger.

    22. I do not give these claims credence. Unnamed sources can lie, it happens all the time. More importantly, for something like that to happen a PRETEXT is going to be needed. There is no pretext for anything like that so and while I agree with the characterisation of the administration,they aren’t going to be able to do anything like this until they create some type of Cassus Belli, no matter how deranged they are, they aren’t that stupid.

    23. @ Lyra – Yes, Trump could fire Pompeo and Esper just as Kennedy fired Allen Dulles. And the same thing that happened to Kennedy might then well happen to Trump.

      • We are trying to shut things down with as little noise as possible. We know the Russians know…and now the US military knows the Russians know….

    24. If I would have seen this anywhere else from anyone else I would have laughed and called it click bait. These are not human beings. These are soul-less meat sacks. Does this connect to the ‘meetings’ that the state legislators in Kansas and Nebraska were recently taken to?

    25. there are no nukes,
      the Allies would not have left half of Europe to Stalin in 1945 if they actually had nukes, with that absolute miltary advantage they could have taken the entire region and made a Russia a submissive Goyum,
      the Allies have spent 80 years trying to win back that which they had to hand over to Stalin when the Allies ‘won the war’,

      • Didn’t it come out that they (US) only had enough fissile material for two bombs by 1945, (and these were kiloton devices)? In the strictest sense then, there really were no nukes. VE was in May, ’45, but VJ wasn’t until August, ’45.

      • Pictures show Hiroshima and Nagasaki today with plenty of vegetation and people walking around, seemingly sane and cancer-free.

        Everything is the opposite in the US of A. Largest Nuclear arsenal in history = none.

      • Better that the Russians hit Israel’s nuclear facilities (weapons storage bunkers, missile silos, launchers, aircraft and airfields capable of delivering nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines, nuclear materials reprocessing facilities (e.g., Dimona), and nuclear weapons production facilities) on the way out.

    26. Would it not be reasonable to assume these maniacs would want to be seen as responding to a Russian first strike, so as not to be judged by history as the low-life murderers they are (assuming they truly believe they can completely take out Russia in a swift first strike, and would live to talk about it)? Should we therefore look for a false flag nuclear attack somewhere in CONUS courtesy of an Israeli Dolphin Class? Conversely, would something like a false flag be a signal to Russia that an attack upon them is imminent?

    27. I had envisioned Trump dropping a nuke in the Middle East in 2020, declaring martial law and the rest being history. I guess the blood lust for the US v. China/Russia showdown is too much to contain.

      Indications to me are that Nukes don’t actually exist. One simple mind exercise is to wonder why the US hasn’t dropped not just one more since Japan but many more. Considering the US supposedly dropped two on Japan for pure satanism the fact that other “more deserving” targets have escaped is perplexing.

      Nevertheless, the US military could do plenty enough damage without nujes to warrant my prayers today. God bless all. Peace through Christ.

      • Gordon Duff could give you quite a list of nuclear weapons used by the US since 1945 (combat and false flags) – or you could look up most of them in the VT archives.

    28. Guess they can’t wait to see how the impeachment even turns out.
      There’s no duck and cover. Pretty sure we all know that. If it happens, it will have been a long time coming. If there’s an upside, it’s that we won’t sink any lower. Nobody should have this power.

    29. Russia should retaliate first, the fact that Pompeo the lunatic has threatened to take out Putin with a tactical strike is a good enough reason on it’s own.

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