In few days, President Trump will host Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz, assorted members of the American Jewish leadership, Israeli loyalists, his rabbis to his private Temple in Florida to announce “the “Deal of the Century.” A deal that is cooked up by Trump’s “Jewish family” to solve the Israeli problem, not the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

You see, Israel and beyond it, members of the international Jewish Zionist movement continue to have problems and doubts with “Israel’s legitimacy” after some 72 years since its declaration. Even though the late fraud Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, Palestine National Council, Fatah all gave full unconditional recognition to Israel. It was Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas who perpetuated the “fraud of the Century” in Oslo decades before Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”

Ironically no Palestinian is invited to this occasion, it is a Jewish wedding with both the groom and the bride Jewish, and the entire guests are Jewish. One would think that Palestinians whose land Trump is giving away are invited to serve the wine and the food.

Certainly, Palestine is not the historic “homeland” of an Ashkenazi Jew like Jared Kushner, or Dennis Ross, or Martyn Indyk, but Palestinians through 4,000 years of history. Israelis may dig as much as they can to prove their history in Palestine, but that will not change the fact that Palestine is Palestine and will remain as Palestine.

Ironically and since the days of late President Johnson, the Arab/Palestinian/Israeli conflict has been entrusted to members of the American Jewish community, both as special envoys or as high ranking members of the administration, both Democrats and Republicans. Israel is a domestic issue, not an international issue, thanks to the “Benjamin’s” that makes all the difference in American politics.

Let us keep in mind that Johnson, who as Commander in Chief, was too coward afraid of his inner circle of Zionists to open a naval board of inquiry into the deliberate attack by Israel of the USS Liberty and the killings and injury of hundreds of US sailors.

The White House, under all presidents Democrats or Republicans, has entrusted the Arab-Israeli conflicts to crucial members of the American Jewish community to formulate all policies related to Israel and the entire Arab world.

These key policymakers not only gave Israel full unconditional support by help legitimize all Israel actions and help rewrite international laws in favor of Israel. Even when they were “helping” broker a deal, they were on the side of Israel, never honest broker by their admission.

This upcoming event is a reelection “down payment” of financial, political, and medial support by members of the American Jewish leadership and AIPAC, Trump will announce Israel’s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and Area C, which comprise of 78% of what remains of historic Palestine.

Israel will hold Palestinians in several key “reservations” similar to the American Indians reservation or the “Jewish Hamlets and Ghettos “of Russia and East Europe, in which Ashkenazi Jews are the experts.

Of course, Jewish sovereignty over the area excludes the rights of citizenship of the people residing in this area. Israel will classify these Palestinians as “illegal aliens” subject to deportation and return to their original homeland in the Ukraine or Poland or Moldovia. And they will be deemed “foreign” with the status that will allow Israel to ethnically cleanse them from their towns and villages similar to what we have seen in the movie ” Fiddler on the Roof.”

I don’t blame Trump or his inner members of the Jewish family. I blame the fraudulent, criminals Arafat and Abbas and the entire Palestinian leadership that has perpetuated the biggest fraud in the history of Palestine and, in a desperate criminal act, gave away all Palestinian rights to historic Palestine to Israel and the international Zionist movement. The bustards lacking any legitimacy their Oslo is null and void.

I should note here that many Arab countries are shaking with fear, not knowing what this “Deal of the Century” means to them, and they have good reasons, because in 70 years after colonialism, they never achieved legitimacy from their people, but from outside foreign countries.

Now with the “Deal of the Century” signed and sealed by Trump, the King of Israel, should resign his position as the President of the United States of America, having waived all his legitimate rights to such status. The legitimacy of Israel lies with the Palestinian people, not Mr. Trump or Mr. Abbas or Mr. Kushner.



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  1. Contrary to what the majority of people think, Obama was not a Muslim but a Zionist, he was the most generous president ever in giving Israel more than $70 BILLION during his 8 years tenure in office… paying his debt to the people who made him president.

  2. You ALL Allege that Obams was Muslim BUT You couldn’t be more Wrong …… maybe he was a mixed up and never joined or prayed anywhere but no muslim has ever seen Obama in any Muslim place of Worship or whatever …… Obama beiung Muslim , this idea is the indicater of a narrow minded fool ……

  3. Do we ever hear any other religions, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Baptists, Lutherans, Mormons, Methodists, even Catholics engaged in such evil, vile machinations these days as those in Israel do hijacking our government? Something is very very wrong here isn’t it? And to add insult to injury many States have approved criminal sanctions for anyone who uses the non violent right of boycott to express displeasure with these outlaws and their selfish placement of them over others. Everyone must exercise the basic non violent right of Boycott to tell these selfish arrogant egotistical outlaws to shove it. Never think of taking a vacation in Israel. Do not buy anything with the name Israel on it. They even promote the questionable Holocaust like another religion for more sympathy and hence more money which is evidently their GOD as it is Trump’s GOD. Money is the root of all evil isn’t it? They should do us a favor and fly over here in a Helicopter just like the one Koby was in, only overloaded with heavy GOLD. BDS YES for these selfish criminals. Watch the 2016 video of former Marine Ken O’Keefe at LAX.

    • IF ANYTHING OR ANY GOD is NOT Serving The Jewish Agenda then it’s Useless and Disregarded ……. The Jews Must Always Have it Their Way

  4. (Changed username to Hoops Kevinski in honor of Kobe, but comments STILL awaiting moderation…)

    US borders are formed of treaty violations & (Papal Bull[sh!t]) “discovery doctrine”.

    Of course USA – A PARTY TO THEM – got to adjudicate all treaty legitimacy & disputes.
    Like Trumpish Basketball 🏀 Dad LaVar Ball says… #NeverLost!

    But while Native Americans are 2% population in their YUGE homeland, Palestinians are 50% in their relatively tiny one. Including 20% in Israel.
    And the NWO is far better than OWO: the world is a far better place, and the world is watching. And VT is proof, the world & even Americans care more about Palestinian rights. So there’s only so much this meeting of wolves, about the henhouse, can do.

      ”The demographic statistics of the CIA World Factbook and the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics estimated that the collective Palestinian Arab population IN THE REGION OF PALESTINE, including Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, amounted to 5.79 million people in 2017. Thereof, 2.16 million Arabs live in the West Bank, 1.84 million Arabs live in Israel, and 1.79 million Arabs live in the Gaza Strip.”

  5. USA is Stupid as can be and ugly as can be , The USA has always Claimed to be ” Bastion of Freedom and Democracy ” but Actually is Israel’s Minion rightfully called the ” Great SATAN ” , why is USA the ” Great Satan ” ? well because USA itself is a Zionist Salve and this Satan is the Obidient Zionist Slave carrying out all Israeli orders and then USA Attacks and Invades others to put others too into the Zionist Yoke that USA is badly trapped in ….. USA is an outlaw , immoral and Extremely Evil and it is NOT Signatory to most international ” sort of Standard Decent Laws that most have agreed to , including most third World countries ,, USA is an outlaw First of ALL it Never signs any international treaties that hold everyone accountable and then the treaties that USA signs it breaks them just like USA’s Boss Israel ….. USA and Israel are Crminals and Thugs …. USA has Always been the best Israeli Slave BUT under Trump the USA has Stooped to new lows and under Trump USA is unfairly and unlawfully favoring Israel 100% while as usual talking and claiming all things nice and fair ….. lately under Trump USA has grossly violated all international laws and expectations by officially handing ALL Palestinian land to Jewish Liar Land Theives ….

    • the current people in Israel are Europeons but being Fraudsters and Thugs these grossly Lie to Claim Land for Free out of nowhere , a land they got no relation to but the Israeli Fraud land theives are immoral enough to attack , occupy and Steal other peoples land very shamelessly ….. Israelis do not believe in any G-d that doesn’t serve the Jewish Agenda ….. Everything must be a Tool of Israel and useful to Jews or otherwise these claim that IF one is Not serving Israel and Jews then You are wasting Precious air and must be Killed Soon ….. And Now the USA and Israel always talk shit and Whenever USA Administration claims to be certain about anything then it’s all lies and similarly Israel is another biggest liar it Kills unarmed innocent and claims to be defending itself ….. the USA and Israel always talk bullshit which is the opposite of Reality ….. ” Israel Defense Forces ” are actually invaders and occupiers and never been defensive but always on the offense against Palestinians who are being made homeless by these Godless LIAR Land theives Who want to claim free Real Estate to get richer ….. YES if they’re calling this the ” Deal of the Century ” then the opposite is True and Poor Powerless Palestians are about to get the ” Fraud of the Century ” and even lose the little that Israel hasn’t already usurped ….

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