Iran Allegedly Claims it Shot Down CIA Command Plane Over Afghanistan


WARNING: Sources for this story may not authoritatively represent the IRGC 

Avia Pro: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down an American military plane

A few hours ago, the Iranian military shot down an American military aircraft carrying US special operations forces on board, presumably taking part in the liquidation of Iranian general Kassem Suleimani earlier this year.

The plane was shot down by an unknown missile, while all those on board, including some high-ranking CIA officers, were killed.

According to information provided by the Iranian news agencies Tasnim and Mashregh, a US Air Force aircraft carrying American special forces was shot down in eastern Afghanistan by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The reason lies in the fact that onboard the plane there were persons responsible for the liquidation of the Iranian general, commander of the Quds forces, Kassem Suleimani, which is very plausible, especially since Tehran had previously promised to liquidate those who are responsible for conducting the operation against the commander Iran, however, a number of sources believe that this information is not true.

On the other hand, a lot of questions are caused by the fact that the area where the American military plane was shot down is quite far from the Iranian borders, in particular, we are talking about a distance of almost 600 kilometers, however, experts do not exclude that Tehran could well transfer its air defense assets, including MANPADS, to the territory of a neighboring country, where, by the way, high-ranking American officials, representatives of the US Presidential Administration and the Defense Veda were regularly seen mstva.

It should be clarified that Washington has not yet commented on the statement of the IRGC command of Iran about the destruction of an American aircraft, but judging by the damage received, the aircraft was indeed shot down, obviously, nevertheless, from MANPADS.



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  1. Seen a few real crashes in Sand Box theatre. Research & look at the released pics of the Bombadier 11E A. Does it look like there was any sliding skid marks in the Terra Firma surface behind or in front of the Tail section ? Looks like it fell vertically from the Sky to me. Also intense heat signature from Manpads Missile or ?

  2. The plane seems to been forced to land. The Iran (with Russian help?) could used EW devices to control the craft into a forced landing. Michael D’Andrea could by now be in Tehran. Serves the bloodthirsty spook right.

  3. AND YES Now I’m Talking

    AND Everybody Should Acknowledge the Fact That While USA and USA’s Military Industrial Complex , Both been Fukin Around For Decades AND Yes in this Time Others Made GREAT Technological PROGRESS ……

  4. An Excerpt From the Link

    “A source in the IRGC claims that Iran has supplied the Taliban with rockets of a class “earth-air” and provided them with intelligence information to defeat a small American military plane. The source confirms that the plane that was shot down, belongs to the reconnaissance command, whose role is to coordinate operations between the air force and intelligence agents on the ground, and belongs to the 430-th unit of the U.S. air force. It is confirmed that the plane was in Afghanistan, but the operational command of the United States used it to perform the operation in Baghdad because it was flying over the airspace of Iraq, shielded 4 aircraft F-15″, – informs “IntelSky”.
    At the moment Washington is completely belies the fact that the plane was shot down by the Taliban, claiming that the latter fell from a great height. However, this fact is refuted by the damage to the aircraft fuselage, and scatter its fragments over a large distance.

  5. Maybe I’m over thinking this but could sources from Iranian news agencies Tasnim and Mashregh be infiltrated with MEK? Blaming Iran will raise the ire of the US which would likely bring about retaliation— something the Zio-cons drool over.

  6. Karma. But honestly my gut tells me it was Russia and Iran is taking the blame to deflect American psychopathy and to avoid the dreaded WW III which we all know is coming.

    My heart tells me that Russia has technology and weaponry that the psychopaths can only dream of.

  7. No brainer as the Great Game continues. Continual Intel failures, no transparency w/ the continual mantra-dogma of “deception is the state of mind & mind of the state.”

    MANPADS are highly probable to be the source of the 11E Recce plane’s fate. Trump behind his ZioMaster’s Mask as a Janus if Neo-Roman Imperium is getting increasingly obvious & downright lame. Failure after failure, lie after lie. Sufi Mystic Muslim‘s have always been a Masonic State asset. Zionist’s/Wahhabist’s Used & did the same thing in WWll w/ it’s Croatian/Bosnian Panzer 10th Division Mtn Troop et alia. At some point one would think Americans would catch on ?. “In the Land of the Blind the One Eyed Man is King.” The Shit Show continues.

  8. The name is Ghassem Soleimani. How hard is that to get the right spelling ? Do you ever see or read the name Dawnold Trompe somewhere ?
    I understand that it’s a western thing to get to spell the name of people from the ME and North Africa the way they hear it from the mainstream news who gets it from Tel Aviv.

    Why do they pronounce Iran Eye Ran or Iraq Eye Rack, but no one ever says Eye Zreal for Israel ?

    • Bro You’re Wrong the Name is Muslim Arabic and spelled as Either Qasim or Kassem NOT Ghassem , GH sound is Totally Different …… Nopes Sometimes the Westerner Twist the Name to Show insulting Attitude on Purpose …….

    • Ghassem in Iran is written just like that because of the sound gh غ which is exactly how it’s supposed to sound. So phonetically Ghassem is correct.
      Plus it was his legal name, look it up.
      But let this not be a broblem between Bersians and Arabs !

  9. This is the message: No plane nor any culprit is save. If they really did it an pinpointed the responsible CIA guy, they will most probably target all other responsibles as well. CIA, military and contractors.

  10. Iran been always Threatened by USA Military Presence nearby but had no presentable solid Objection to raise ruckus but the Pig in the White Mansion Solidified Everything for Iranians to make their case against USA

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