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[ Editor’s note: Here we are once again, with the gift that keeps on not giving, the F-35. And yours truly is waiting for an investigation to be announced that will finally look into why our vastly experienced defense contractors with every technical tool available are not able to find this flaws earlier on.

Some might wonder that because there are no penalties that it is actually another way to keep milking a huge contract, especially when there is not another one on the horizon to replace the cash cow this one has become.

As for Congress, it has allowed itself to be bought off after a hugely complicated parts supply chain was created in the defense industry to spread the contract money around to as many states as possible. Congresscritters, knowing nothing else other than a defense contrast will provide jobs in their district will fight almost to the death to keep it going, which many citizens feel includes massive fraud.

Think about it. Once this F-35 white elephant contract is over, what could possibly replace it in magnitude? All I can think of is space ship combat next, with the usual con of incorporating technologies that do not exist yet so we have a “cutting edge” weapon, as that has proved to have been a massive successful con with the F-35.

Who needs enemies when we have our own fellow citizen to fill these roll in spades. You just can’t make this stuff upJim W. Dean ]

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Is the public purse the real target of the F-35 program

– First published … January 30, 2020

The annual review of the fighter jet found over 800 flaws in the aircraft’s capabilities, with dozens of them having a direct effect on pilot safety and readiness for combat, if not fixed.

The US Department of Defence found hundreds of deficiencies in Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet in its annual assessment by Pentagon’s test specialists, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

The Pentagon review, conducted by its director of operational test and evaluation, Robert Behler, pointed out a long list of deficiencies, 13 of which have been labeled as “must-fix”, meaning they are necessary to be fixed due to their direct effect on safety or combat capability.

“Although the program office is working to fix deficiencies, new discoveries are still being made, resulting in only a minor decrease in the overall number,” the assessment reportedly said, adding that there are still “many significant‘’ flaws not yet addressed.

The number of technical deficiencies that have been identified as of November 2019 was 873. Though the number of flaws is less than the 917 found in the previous annual review, it still raises questions about the reliability and availability of the aircraft and its maintenance systems.

The list of F-35 weaknesses included serious problems such as “unacceptable” accuracy in its 25mm gun, that apparently does not shoot straight, unresolved cybersecurity “vulnerabilities”, reliability, aircraft availability and maintenance systems.

Despite the huge amount of unresolved deficiencies and the incomplete testing of the F-35 fighter jet, the US Congress continues to accelerate purchases of the aircraft. Congress reportedly added 11 to the Defence Department’s request in 2016 and in 2017, 20 in fiscal 2018, 15 in 2019 and 20 this year.

By late September 2019, almost 500 jets were delivered to customers worldwide and all will need extensive retrofitting following the findings.

“Although we have not seen the report, the F-35 continues to mature and is the most lethal, survivable and connected fighter in the world,” Brett Ashworth, a spokesperson for Lockheed, said, according to the news outlet.  “Reliability continues to improve, with the global fleet averaging greater than 65% mission capable rates and operational units consistently performing near 75%.”


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  1. The F22 has rain issues also… the film covering the cockpit needs replacing after a rain causing delays in combat readiness. Of course the monies made replacing these composites supercede any need for having usable birds.

  2. Look at the Joint Strike Fighter F35 piece of ridiculously expensive junk, and compare it to the amazing Russian and Chinese planes. The American designer of the F15 and F16 has said that the F35 is the worst plane the US has ever designed, and the F22 is not much better. See this weblink: sploid.gizmodo.com/the-designer-of-the-f-16-explains-why-the-f-35-is-such-1591828468.

    Here’s what the UK Daily Express wrote about it: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/547086 /RAF-s-150million-stealth-fighter-jet-could-shut-down-after-overheating-fears.

    Here’s what the impartial Australians have said: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27qdB1D0s9M.

    N.B. Unbiased American report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNRMO70Hw0s.

    Americans Have Spent Enough Money On A Broken Plane To Buy Every Homeless Person A Mansion

    Further reading: The F-35 Wont Be Able To Fire A Shot Until 2019 Due To The Latest Problem

    Snowden leak: Snowden leak reveals massive size of F-35 blueprints hack by China

    See also: New US fighter jet on course to becoming “one of history’s biggest white elephants”

    No, the F-35 Cant Fight at Long Range, Either – Stealth fighter cant see, shoot or survive: https://medium.com/war-is-boring/no-the-f-35-can-t-fight-at-long-range-either-5508913252dd

    Here is almost an admission by the Americans that they will lose: sputniknews.com/world/20150412/1020791573.html GibraltarMessenger.net

  3. However, relying on the UK or the USA in the long-term is foolish, because, for their and your defiance of God, and rejection of the Sovereignty of Christ, they are going to lose WW3, as is prophesied in Revelation 11 about the Two Witnesses – Britain and America – the TRUE Israel. Log on to JAHTruth.net/horse; and JAHTruth.net/britca. You are Israelites too: JAHTruth.net/gibfg: and JAHTruth.net/britspan.

    Christ, not Elizabeth, is your rightful Sovereign.

    God has always defended them and you, until now, because of His Promise to Abraham, but that promise has already been fulfilled, so has now run out, and He is going to punish them and you for your idolatry, and defying Him, rejecting Christ as your King, breaking His Commandments and your Covenant with Him, to be His demonstration people to the rest of the world, about how wonderful it is to live under His Commandments and Perfect Royal Law of Liberty, and His Blessings that accompany obedience. Log on to – JAHTruth.net/abraham; and JAHTruth.net/blescur.

    During the previous two World Wars and previous wars, He sank the Spanish Armada that Sir Francis Drake mopped-up after, and gave the British and Americans the best weapons’ technology with which to defeat their enemies, but now He is giving it to Russia, China and Iran instead, so that they will win WW3, and the UK and USA will lose. GibraltarMessenger.net

    • Or maybe Xenu will take us in a spacecraft that looks like a DC-8 without engines to a volcano where we will be blasted with thermonuclear explosives?

  4. I think we also have to factor in that one of the fallacious selling points of this lemon was its utility as a joint service fighter (Air Force, Navy, Marines), to create greater cost efficiency and redundancy, but rather, has had the opposite effect: spreading the cost overrun contagion far more pervasively.

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