CIA Hack? Sanders Robbed in Iowa AGAIN!

Hacked by DNC Billionaires for Buttigieg ?

"It's Deja Vu all over again!" -Yogi Berra

As Franklin D. Roosevelt is reported to have said:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Did the Iowa Democratic Caucuses melt down by accident? That’s what the coincidence theorists will undoubtedly claim. But this is the second presidential election cycle in a row in which Bernie Sanders took a huge hit in his quest for the Democratic nomination by, shall we say, “irregularities” in Iowa.

These “irregularities” are becoming pretty regular.

Here is an alternative perspective just in from a source who may or may not want to be named.

-Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Let’s Connect a Few Dots … Shall We?

by Thomas Willcutts

Iowa has only has 41 Delegates to contribute to the Democratic Primary Race, where 1991 are needed for Victory  …..

The importance of Iowa … and hence all the focus upon it ….. is strictly a function of it going First, where the Victor then holds a huge Victory Rally amongst followers …. gaining much desired Momentum therefrom going into the upcoming primaries on a National Televised Platform that is echoed in the National Media, traditionally having a significant impact upon campaign donations, yada, yada, yada ….

Buttigieg…. is groomed at Naval Intelligence  …. learning the priorities and methods of the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex ….. he follows that with a consulting Gig at McKinsey & Company …. learning the priorities and methods of the multi-National Corporations …. aka corporate overlords ….

He enters the Democratic Primary with only Mayor of South Bend on his political resume …. but he brings with him the flowery double-speak of a Harvard Education, his weird Arabic name, and the prospect of being the first (openly) Gay President … in other words, he’s practically a clone of the Oligarchical Presidential hand puppet known as ….. Obama ….

And with this very limited background to his name ….. he Amazingly (not) becomes the Darling of Corporate and Wall Street Oligarchs who Amazingly (not) shower his campaign with millions in contributions ….

So …. with that Intrigue in Place, here are some dots to connect  …..

(1)  A New Voting App Company is created called “Shadow”

(2) One of the heads of this new Company publicly applauds the entry of Buttigieg into the Dem Primary Race about a year ago …

(3) Buttigieg Campaign invests $21,000 in Shadow company for the development of the Election App to be used in Iowa – a significant investment for the company

(4) Buttigieg Campaign blocks the Release of the much anticipated Sunday Poll results of the Des Moines Register of Iowa Caucus-goers, which would preview the likely outcome for Monday

(5)  Heading into the Monday Caucus …. Iowa Democratic Party refuses to disclose name of Voting App Company — indicating that the identify of Company is to remain a Secret ….

(6)  The Iowa Caucus voting turns into a Midwest Clusterf*ck …. no Winner is declared and the Boost and Momentum that the actual winner was to Receive on Victory Night in Iowa (Sanders) is lost and squandered ……

(7) Buttigieg is magically prepared for all of this Confusion and effectively declares himself the Winner and that Iowa Shocked the Nation …

o Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, raised eyebrows late Monday when he declared himself victorious in the Iowa caucuses even though none of the vote had been reported.

o “Tonight, an improbable hope became an undeniable reality,” Buttigieg told a cheering crowd in Iowa. “So we don’t know all the results, but we know by the time it’s all said and done — Iowa, you have shocked the nation. Because by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious.”

o “Tonight, Iowa chose a new path,” said one tweet from Buttigieg’s official Twitter account. Another congratulated Iowans as having “proved those skeptics wrong.”


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  1. Tell you all what: Vote for NOBODY for POTUS 2020. Very Simple. How do you do that? De-register your ass from the system. Look up Anna Von Reitz — even Mr. Steele entertained this grandmother’s admonitions and advice — no evidence Robert has done anything worthy of speaking about.

    Stop being a “US Citizen”, subject to all this crappola. Be an American State National and reclaim your heritage! Look up “anna von reitz” on the web. You will find your way to where they speak 100/0 truth, if your ears can stand it!

  2. You nailed it again Kevin. In any other country in the world whenever there is a “problem” and the vote count is delayed we immediately know that the results are being “fixed.” But we absolutely refuse to admit that such a thing could happen in the good ol’ US of A. Sort of like the fact that formerly quite accurate exit polls no longer work in the USA. Gee, I wonder why?

  3. Kevin – I congratulate you in reaching the conclusion as to the fundamental corruption of the two Major Parties a decade+ before I did … I swore I’d never vote for a major party candidate again, but …. if Sanders gets the nomination – meaning he overcomes everything the DNC can throw at him – then I might have to make an exception to that rule …

    Btw – Happy Birthday, Kevin! (Easy for me to remember – I am 3 days older than you!)

  4. I have never voted for a major-party presidential candidate in the general election. The first time I voted was in 1980, Reagan vs. Carter. I was disgusted by Reagan but saw Carter as a catspaw of the Trilateralists. So I wrote in “Bonzo.” Looking back, that was the only chance I ever had to vote for a decent person for president (Carter) but I still think I did the right thing. Since JFK was killed our national politics has been a sick joke.

  5. This smells bad, especially when given the Des Moines Register’s failing to publish their big poll on Saturday.

  6. Elections in America are a total corrupt joke; Americans love to be fooled and had by minority plurality rule most of the time with both totally corrupt political parties tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Remember who said, “We must clean out the barn in DC”? Well the manure is piled so high and deep today it smells like a meat locker with a power failure. But nothing has been done or will be done to clean it out. If Ross had won he would have been murdered. This country is a sick farce. Our president is a gutless draft dodger coward who orders the military to murder others in other countries for him. Is USA at rock bottom or not?

    • Suppose Donald Adolph had demonstrated a modicum of character and challenged General Solemani to a duel? If he had done this, although the chance he would still be alive is zero, at least we could have some respect for this blabbering coward.

  7. “Rice*A*Romney….that must have Zombie Treat” > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com
    A satire on a century of rigged POTUS puppet shows, written while Ron Paul delegates circled the 2012 RNC coronation of Willard the Bain Bandit.

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