By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The litmus for candidates is student loans, not defense, not fake immigration or support of Luciferian-evangelical causes, which include the destruction of the United States, something moving forward full speed under the impeachment based meltdown in Washington that exposed the GOP as totally under the thumb of the Kosher Nostra.

Behind that, we have the use of disease as a political tool, and that’s exactly where coronavirus is now going, we are now, at this late point, after weighing real evidence, citing it as a man-made pathogen spread through bio-warfare.

What is being kept from you is the cancer epidemic, also bio-warfare, a population thinning targeting specific regions of the US.  YouTube-Google-Facebook 100% censor real reports on bio-warfare related cancer.  The Kosher Nostra is heavily invested in two areas, cannabis sales and causing and treating cancer.

The real American holocaust is breast, liver, uterine, lung and prostate cancer.

Do remember, that our military was virtually wiped out twice, Agent Orange and Gulf War syndrome, killing 2 million, with treatment denied just as the radiation cancers after the nuclear attack on New York were denied as well.

One might eventually ascribe to conspiracy theories, you know the ones, about us being cattle, or “goyim” as some term it, to be bled, herded and slaughtered.  I’m pretty much there.

Disease is a business.  Poverty is a business.  Racism is a business. War is a business.  Fear is a business.  Religious extremism is business.  All these are simply economic tools, they are business and “business is good,” even greater under Trump who is personally invested in “all of the above.”

We are going to start with the election issue and Iowa.  We are going to be talking about some things today because hard intel has come in.  We stay silent until then.

The Mara Lago “kitchen cabinet”

We are finding a massive effort by organized crime, ten times the size of what was done in 2016, in full motion, using support from a number of government agencies, especially the US Department of Justice under Barr.

By organized crime, we will use the term Kosher Nostra.  Do note, we aren’t talking Israeli intelligence, they informed us that they are “hands-off” on this one.  They can’t stand Trump, Pompeo, and Kushner, especially as Syria is obliterating her enemies with Russian and Iranian help ten times what is reported.

Russia is now openly at war with American organized crime and recognizes the crime boss as Mike Pompeo.  The video below is quite wonderful, funny as well.  Watch and distribute.  Support South Front, they are a great VT partner as is NEO.

Here is our take on Iowa.  This was an operation using Israeli run companies that are former IDF and other intelligence operation capabilities, contracted for by Washington think tanks and paid for with laundered cash exactly as 9/11 was financed.

That Israelis are used is because of their competence and skills and willingness to do anything for a buck.  The problem here is some of my friends run these companies and do back up work for forces that are clearly a threat to Israel as well.  The world is a funny place; watch, learn and adjust.

We have one totally fake candidate, Buttigieg.  We find organized crime, at this time, totally behind him.  Their fallback is Tulsi Gabbard, whose public pronouncements are generally clear and outstanding but she, herself, is increasingly looking like a total fake as well.

Buttigieg and Gabbard show signs of grooming through extremist groups tied to a military command system that broke away from the US and has aligned itself with Central European based criminal groups that operate Trump.

Our evaluation of candidates as follows:

Bernie Sanders:  hands down, the real deal.

Mike Bloomberg:  someone we have some problems with but who comes up clean, is intelligent and competent but thus far “lacks balls.”

Elizabeth Warren:  Jury is out.  Policies are one thing and personality is something else.  Frankly, we are so used to seeing her attacked that we are suffering “lie fatigue” and back-burnered her.

Joe Biden: is potentially capable of taking down the Kosher Nostra.  Biden hates Netanyahu’s guts and won’t be pushed around by Israel.  Sanders is much the same as well.  Biden, also is sparkling clean, thus millions are being spent by the Kosher Nostra to bring him down.

He also has a strong following among conservatives who aren’t mob-controlled.

Biden would make the best overall president, for this time, though Sanders, who is a hard pill to swallow, is needed to save America from herself.  Of course, VT always sides with Jews who are against Israel, part of our special kind of anti-Semitism and “Russian control,” as mob-controlled Wikipedia announces to the rabble.

Note that the same criminal groups that attack VT attack Biden.  But also note that the Kosher Nostra is running a campaign against Bloomberg.  They also target Sanders.

They seem to love two people, Buttigieg and Gabbard.  Let us know why in the comment boards.  We aren’t going to put it here but we are certain our readers know.


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  1. Excellent analysis by Gordon today.
    Yes, Sanders is the “last man standing” from the political world of the 1960s created by the opposition to Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, and to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who in fact was Bernie’s model and mentor. Bernie was there for “the speech” and never forgot it.
    Trump is a gangster, but Butt-jig is sheer evil as are his Deep State assassin controllers.

  2. ..i watched one democrat candidate debate…painful…when the subject of “climate change” came up Bernie said as president he would declare a climate emergency….. what?… if he is the real deal why would he lie?….Biden?…gut feeling?….scumbag…..the rest of them, who cares?……

  3. Why wasn’t Mitch McConnell asked to recuse himself in the senate impeachment trial of Trump? His wife, Elaine Chao, is Secretary of Transportation in Trump’s administration. That’s an unmistakable conflict of interest!

  4. Technically the best president would be Pence, a monstrous little toad. However, this is predicated on the belief, which we may be accidentally peddling at VT, that there is intelligent life out there.

    The psychotic frenzy seen in current US behavior is the only focus that exists. We we gone…miserable scum that we are, the planet would crash into the sun.

    I need a drink.

  5. Elections seem are festivals of personalities & ideologies. Once the president-elect steps into the Oval Office the men in black suits arrive to dictate the agenda & replay the clip of JFK at Dealey Plaza. And the demagoguery continues, as candidates pander to their base with carefully-crafted talking points distilled from hours of focus group research.

  6. It is labor vs. usury, and inflation is nothing less than the theft of labor. One of the major planks of the American Federation of Labor in the late 19th century was sound money. It was the reasoning behind their stance against “legal tender” laws, reasoning that if you have sound money, there is no need for legal tender laws. Today, labor has all but forgotten that lesson.

  7. John
    We seem to be getting the democrats we are fed. Bernie’s views reflect how American democracy is supposed to be. We could afford much more social welfare if we got rid of the massive GOP corruption. Dem corruption is about 5% of the GOP.

    Then again, throwing it all away and hanging the bunch of them might work as well but we can’t suggest that because it is against the law, no matter how sensibile it might be.

  8. Of Gabbard you say ; Semi public and private things that make her extremely suspect..Gordon, please elaborate


  9. Have you noticed that every state, even those which predated the Constitution as colonies, have their own constitutions, which are virtually identical to the US version; a chief executive, a bicameral legislative branch, a state judiciary with superior, appellate, and supreme courts. Ever wonder why? Could a state have a parliament with its own prime minister, for example?
    Had I been around, I would have preferred keeping the “Articles of Confederation” arrangement. Each state its own sovereign entity, and actually having some territories excluded where the is no official rule of law. It would resemble Europe, pre EU, with a security arrangement between the states, such as NATO. The bulk of tax revenue would remain in each state, where it should be. Each state would be free to negotiate its own trade agreements. Less centralization, more uniqueness, more liberty. Am I wrong?

  10. Bide sparkling clean???
    So why can’t he be investigated properly? He bragged on a video about how he got prosecutor Shokin removed from office by withholding a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine! The evidence is there.
    Dems have so many skeletons in the Ukraine cupboard from the Obama years that it is most embarrassing. The list goes on…

  11. I remember in the final months of the 2016 election, I started to ask who really benefits from the mass shootings that were getting so much coverage. Recently, I have been asking the same thing about the coverage of the coronavirus when just looking at it from a US mainstream news perspective.

    I was believing the “its not so serious” line at first. I figured it was an engineered virus, but don’t have much respect for the tactical effectiveness of bioweapons. However, I was in Zhengzhou in 1998. This week’s empty city drone footage from Wuhan made me think it is really serious. Seeing a Chinese city without people everywhere is shocking.

    • If it is a bio-weapon, whose is it? Chinese that escaped into the wild by accident? Chinese that was released to test bio-weapon defenses? Chinese to reduce its population after the reduction of pig population? Enemy of China?

      The combination of the pig virus and this one are pretty devastating. Add in the resurgence of bird flu and you have to wonder.

  12. If you want realism in US politiks, tell the effing Democrats to drop the effing ‘climate change’ scam fraud.
    Its fake and total scientific fraud which the UNIPCC should be prosecuted for trillions of dollars of rip off scams including the totally fraudulent ‘carbon’ (dioxide) credits, basically the same as fraudulent credit default swaps. Better for everybody. Sorry I know stupid Trumpkins dont believe it , this maybe the only thing hes right on. I have no idea why, maybe it wsa influence of Tillerson, hes too stupid to know why he doesnt believe it.

    • Many of us here at VT have our ideas about where we would like things to be. But the trick is finding leadership that can get us there when it would require pulling a lot of power together to take on a very powerful structure, while maintaining the public support to do it. Just standing up to the Evangelical extremists would take the full support of those of use who are not. How? For one thing they have never had the fight brought to their doorstep, by being picketed actually, for a whole list of “unfriendly” things they do, like helping the Israeli Lobby put the screws to us. ISIS wants to kill us to be martyred, and the Christian Zios seem to basically want the same thing, albeit a different flavor, but same result. What’s not to love about that.

  13. Mayor pete is way too short to be president anyway Al Franken would have been a great candidate but those assholes took him out as well , he seemed to be the only senator trying to block all of Cocaine Mitch’s bogus judicial appointments. Just curious , is this a true statement by the CIA? : “When everything the American public believes is false we will have completed our mission.”??

  14. ButtGig and GrabArse – now there’s a pair. Two separate and independent political buttocks. Both suited to stepping into the breach and following through behind Trump (where else!) and doing a half-assed job. I wouldn’t be arsed voting for either of them. Trump saw dancing Muslims all over the place on 9/11 and GrabArse saw Al Qaeda. ButtGig, if I can refresh my mind, was probably tuned a looney-gay dating site with a name like GigaButts looking for a prom partner from among local Notre Dame freshmen or from afar among the rebel asian rabble in the satire class at CCNY.

    • “Do note, we aren’t talking Israeli intelligence, they informed us that they are “hands off” on this one.”

      “That Israelis are used is because of their competence and skills and willingness to do anything for a buck. Problem here, some of my friends run these companies and do back up work for forces that are clearly a threat to Israel as well.”

      Much of your writing is ambiguous. Is this done for an effect?

  15. The media and the Democrats have been pushing for Biden hard while downplaying Sanders’ popularity and trying to sideline Gabbard. Why is that? Because Biden is a return to Neo-liberal normalcy, Sanders threatens Wall St., and Gabbard threatens our current foreign policy. (I don’t know how you guys think she is a fake.) Gabbard has no shot though, although she still remains a favorite of anti-war Progressives.
    After Iowa, with Biden showing disappointing results, the media will push for Buttigieg or maybe Bloomberg.

    • there are some semi-public and private things that make Gabbard…who says all the right things, extremely suspect. this is only said with extreme reluctance and too much certainty…sorry

  16. Gabbard unquestionably insists on the “Al Qaeda did 9/11” talking point, and she did so quite publicly. Another thing that sticks out about Gabbard was that she was the only democrat House member who did not vote for the articles of impeachment. She voted “present” and called it a partisan proceeding. I confess, I know very little about Buttigieg. That he was an unknown that came out of nowhere with obvious big money backers begs questions, questions no one in big media seem at all interested in asking?

  17. Whereas I can see how ButtiGiGi would be a made man for the KosherNostra I’m more than a little puzzled by how Tulsi Gabbard is alleged to be one of their representatives here on earth or representative in any way of the same crime cartel that owns Trump with Pimpeo as their local Hoodlum enforcer both in US and now, increasingly worldwide. She just doesn’t fit. Not comfortably but neither while suffering grave discomfort.
    I will be very happy to read what anyone can say to extend my knowledge.

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