Ultimate Insult to American People: Fake Trial and a Medal for Limburger, Duff on Press TV


    The US Senate minority leader says the acquittal of President Donald Trump is one of the largest cover-ups in the history of the country.

    Chuck Schumer slammed as valueless the Senate’s vote to acquit Trump on both impeachment charges brought against him. Schumer said the Republicans know very well that Trump is a vindictive president. He stressed that the Republican senators do not want to oppose Trump because they are afraid of the pressure and attacks against them.

    In a statement, U-S House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said Trump remains an ongoing threat to American democracy. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said the Democrats made a political miscalculation by trying to impeach Trump.


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    1. Pelosi tearing up the speech on camera just handed Trump the victory in the next election. An unforgivable hissy-fit in full view of the public. Dems cannot climb out of the hole they have dug for themselves, and they insist on digging further…
      I have never seen such political ineptitude. I wouldn’t trust a kindergarten raffle to them. Trump is laughing all the way to the next presidency. After this he hardly needs to do nothing!

    2. Looking ahead….here’s how it could unfold in Nov:
      1. Trump rigs the election & is re-elected
      2. Dems control House & Senate (GOP is history)
      3. New evidence triggers new impeachment hearing & trial
      4. Trump’s & Pence indicted
      (Iran has a $3M bounty on his head, btw)

    3. Rush Limbaugh:”Gift of gab | Definition of Gift of gab at Dictionary.com
      Gift of gab definition, an aptitude for speaking fluently, glibly, or persuasively”
      Freedom of speech and thought, still treasured by every American, is the freedom to think and be right or wrong in beliefs and opinions. Many intelligent well educated people are often wrong while many uneducated folks who flunked college (as he is reported to have done) are right about some things. He is reportedly a Methodist. His Father was a pilot in WWII. He has reportedly spent much of his life seeking to satisfy the demands of his Father. Read his Wikipedia article. He is from Missouri. Frankly, he may be much more honest and straightforward than most of the lying whores in Congress. I do not seek to defend him. He needs no defense. But at least he seems to say what he believes. How many other worthless propaganda artists on radio and TV do that? I wish him the best in cancer treatment. It won’t be any fun. He has the money to go to a top place like Harvard or MD Anderson for treatment.

      • He will likely be given chemotherapy and radiation treatments and possibly more for his advanced lung cancer. Chemo kills good and bad cells alike. With my wife it killed too many good cells in her colon and made a hole there which allowed horrible life threatening bacteria clostridum septicum into her blood from which most patients die in 24 hours. She had breast cancer not colon cancer. This is why you must be at a top institution which can very quickly deal with such emergencies. I urge Rush to take a break from work and move to Boston or Houston for treatment. They are his best shot at overcoming the ravages of smoking to his lungs. My wife moved to Houston and lived there over a year. She nearly died, was on a ventilator 11 days at a local hospital because a local ER doctor took over 20 hours to discover what any doctor at Harvard or Houston would know in minutes. This is why you must be at a top institution to increase your chances of success.

    4. @Lyra…I have to disagree. Using impeachment as an election tactic (with no hope of conviction) would be as disingenuous and affectatious as the GOP party line vote for acquittal. Ultimately, Trump will fail, and he’ll do it all by himself. Sometimes, people have to pay a high price for their mistakes, and only that price paid, or pain exacted, and not argument, is what brings them to their senses.

    5. Respectfully, what makes you think another impeachment would garner 67 “guilty” votes with this GOP majority senate? Let’s be honest: the only way you get an impeachment conviction in the US senate is if the the senate’s majority party has a two thirds majority, and is the opposing party of a sitting president. What holds true for the three impeachments in US history (Andrew Johnson, Clinton, Trump) is that out of 108 “same party” total votes cast for conviction or acquittal from senate member’s of each respective president, Romney is the first in history to vote to convict as a member of the same political party as the president.

    6. Adolph Trump is a pathological liar but not a lawyer. Virtually all Congress are lawyers and lawyers are master liars. See if you can find the word lawyer in the Constitution. Our whole government is corrupted and run by lying lawyers in secret. Anything made public is for public consumption only. Lawyers are evil people. Even the mythical society of Utopia did not allow lawyers among them because they “disguise” matters. This was in the year 1516. “I think we may class the lawyer in the natural history of monsters.” John Keats. Both parties, TweedleDee and TweddleDum are totally corrupt. All are controlled by Mafia gangsters in Israel; if bribery fails they move to Plan B. Lawyers are the oldest “profession”.

      • Earl Carey was an engineer. He published a book “IBM and the corruption of Justice in America”, 354 pages, 1992. All he wanted was a simple jury trial in his dispute with the Computer Giant. He lists 42 Federal Judges by name and location, from Anchorage to Phoenix, from Pasadena to St. Paul, who patently and willfully violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow. He tried every legal means but every legal means failed. He even tried having federal judges arrested by the FBI! The oldest “profession”, lying lawyers, have destroyed this country. It is as simple as that!

    7. Mr. Duff: I understand your sense of shame, but my advice to you is do not take on the shame that rightfully belongs to ‘them’. Shame belongs to those who actively promote the violent sickness of those in office; the media for instance. And shame belongs to those in power and powerful positions who abuse their power and position with criminal activities for whatever reasons. I imagine that other peoples in other countries who are unfortunate to be oppressed by criminals at the top of ‘their’ governments, would understand your frustrations, and would no doubt encourage you to not associate yourself with the powerful criminals for any reason. Be shame free – you are doing the right things right here at VT.

    8. Loved Pelosi tearing up his speech as soon as he finished the SOTU. Yes, it was playing for the camera, but it was an appropriate and necessary response.
      Some people are praising Romney for being the single republican to vote for conviction, but there’s enmity between him and Trump, and, really, what did it cost him?
      The GOP senators betrayed their oaths(both of them), and the nation. Trump can’t help being Trump, incapable of humility. This will only embolden him.

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