by Nana Lancaster field reporter, Damascus Syria for VT

The Public Security Concept has the concept of “Global Politics”. It proceeds from the fact that processes on the planet are led by hidden supranational players, the “world backstage”, one of them is the “Global Predictor” (GP).

Global politics is secret politics, it achieves secret goals with the help of certain, “chosen”, ethnic and religious groups that control all the money and information flows in the world. Only information and money, media and banks are needed in order to manage the entire planet.

The GP does not have a “world government”, does not have its own army, does not have its own intelligence, but with the help of money and the media, it can force the army of any country, any intelligence to work for it. In a sense, all deep-level intelligence services in the world represent one global intelligence service working on GP.

Currently, the goals of global politics are:

1. The transfer of the Anglo-Saxon global peace center from the United States and Great Britain to China. For this, the United States will be reformatted as the USSR. Crazy Max-style shock therapy and decay.

2. Transfer of the Eurasian global control center from Switzerland to Iran. In Western Europe, there will be an Islamic caliphate closed to Iran. Iran will become a developed state, exercising influence overall neighbors.

The Turkish center will be Kazakhstan. Tough years await Turkey, possibly the collapse, which Erdogan is successfully coping with, in the end, a close alliance with Russia will save Turkey.

3. After the US withdraws from the Middle East, Israel will be demolished from the political map, the Houthis will enter Saudi Arabia, the Kaaba will fall into Iran’s hands, which will confirm its supremacy in the Islamic world. Israelis, Saudis, the United Arab Emirates are waiting for very difficult times.

4. The Christian center in the Vatican will actually close; the new centers will be Eichmiadzin in Armenia and Sergiev Posad in Russia.

5. The role of Jews as the main personnel base of the GP will be rapidly reduced. Armenians, Chinese and others will partially replace Jews at the post. It is Iran that must enter Israel.

6. In Russia, they will try to establish a new USSR from autonomous republics in order to break up again, so the “Reds” are so active today if this happens Russia will collapse, but if it survives it, the Golden Age will be awaiting Moscow. Everything is in God’s hands.

This is, of course, a theory, but if you look closely at the events, then, everything goes on. The caliphate in France and Germany is almost a fact, the US is drowning in problems, China is on the top, Iran is growing.


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  1. This sounds very similar to what Valery Pyakiyn and his FKT say:

    Conceptual Technologies Fund (FKT)
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    Our team presents a holistic view of world affairs in weekly analyses. We focus on looking at events from the following perspectives:
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    Why are we doing this?
    We live in a period of global hybrid warfare and want to make people aware of the destructive methods and false information that are being spread with the aim of misleading people.
    We want as many people as possible to understand global events correctly and be able to influence them through peaceful resolution and development. Our goals are to contribute to the peaceful and sustainable development of all humanity.

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    Knowledge is power! Take this power into your hands in your own interest and that of your family.

  2. crazy theory article:
    I don’t belive in global-conspricy much but,
    this world proctor PC sounds crazy to me
    I’d like more info on the world proctor.
    I hope, Russia/ the Russian federation remains democratic
    within the next 6-years with- or-with out Putin.
    I ‘m tired of people nocking America
    I hope, TUMP isn’t re-elected in Nov.
    war against Iran maybe, Isreal, wiped off the map,
    I don’t think so.
    Thanks Dave-Fisherman.-U.S.A.

  3. I could see some of this coming to pass.
    1) global peace center…does that mean the United Nations? ; Crazy Max (Mad Max)
    3) Amen

  4. I have seen some television specials broadcast from Kazakhstan. It is easy to imagine this region reordering itself as a new nation-state and the West not knowing about it. At the height of the movement to create the North American Union. Governments, institutions, and prominent people that had been laying the foundation for an NAU, including much of the physical infrastructure for decades, were all denying any knowledge of such a plan.

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