AMERICAN INTIFADA! “Daubing Israelis” Harass Protestors in Key West


Americans are beginning to rise up against the Zionist occupation of their country. The red-white-and-blue intifada has broken out in Ann Arbor, where Henry Herskovitz has been protesting a pro-Israel synagogue for sixteen years (and is now getting sued); and in Key West, where “daubing Israelis” (no relation to the notorious dancing Israelis) are getting protested for pushily shoving their lousy cosmetics in people’s faces.

From Miami New Times:

“Bruce Mitchell, one of the founders, says it started when a mentally ill woman was coerced into spending $40,000 at another Duval Street shop that sells age-reversing products…

“Anyone who’s ever been to a vacation spot has encountered a shop or kiosk-like Orogold, where attractive young salespeople — most of them from Israel — aggressively push skin-care products with price tags in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They sometimes promise age-reversal effects comparable to plastic surgery and insist the buyer is getting an incredible deal.

“An investigation by the Times of Israel revealed that such cosmetic companies advertise online and in newspapers in Israel, promising lucrative salaries. They teach participants how to lie on their tourist visa applications, pack them into houses with other salespeople, and force them to work long hours with an only commission for payment. The report said the industry had caught the attention of the FBI and Homeland Security in the United States.”

Below is a two-part report from Key West.

Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


(upload provided by a justice-loving, heart-stricken American)

Viewer caution:  The language you will hear in this five-minute video is appalling and offensive to anyone. But it oh so eloquently ‘speaks for itself.’

There are interesting talking points to mull as you endure this all-too-real drama taking place daily in Key West, Florida.

1) Note how the Israeli shopkeepers play the victim, calling the protesters ‘Nazis’ and ‘racists.’

2) The “Shiksha” treatment, ie. utterly condescending treatment, dished out to the protesting women.  Utterly unacceptable, except possibly to the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein, y Los Otros.

3) Two humorous corollaries to 1) above are a) Does Jewry, then, denote a race?! and b) since when are Israeli Jews to be lumped together in any way with American Blacks.  Or American Jews with American Blacks– an equally absurd analogy.

Would that the whole world was watching/ Thank you for watching!

German TV Crew Exposes Cosmetic Shop Rip-Offs

A five-member team of journalists from the prime time German TV show Achtung Abzocke (Attention Rip Off) spent three days in Key West investigating the cosmetic shops on Duval Street.

Using hidden cameras and secret microphones the crew went undercover to learn about the deceptive and high-pressure sales tactics of the notorious Key West cosmetics shops. They filmed and recorded employee’s sales pitches and allowed them to apply cosmetics to their face which they then purchased.

The host of the show, major German television personality Peter Giesel then confronted the store owners and tried unsuccessfully to return products purchased by their undercover journalist Thursday.

The German team of journalists included two expert camera and sound men, producer Henning Schuett, undercover shopper Simonia Weiss and host Peter Giesel. The show Achtung Abzocke sends teams of journalists around the world reporting on consumer fraud and exposing scams.

Their undercover shopper Weiss filed two consumer complaints with City Code Compliance office against Oro Gold, 518 Duval St for violating city code after visiting the business both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The team interviewed members of The Rip-Off Rapid Response Team, store owners and Key West citizens. A great shot in the arm for all of us. I’m pretty sure this will get some news coverage here in Key West.

The two complaints the news crew filed should be good ones as they have it on video and audio.

The undercover women live in Miami so she should be able to come to a court hearing.

In other news; I got played by a pre-teen!!

Yesterday I was approached by a young boy about 12 or 13 on a bike that rolled up to 518.

He seemed friendly and ask if he could hold the sign “for just a second”.

Not thinking I gave him the sign and suddenly he tried to ride off with it!!

I grabbed the bike and while trying to get the sign back touched him with an arm under his chin while he started yelling “Rape, Rape”

Of course, it was a clever setup and Zohar got it on tape.

Claiming child abuse the shop called the police and the officer viewed the now edited tape. The officer who is already fed up with everyone connected was very angry with me.

After a long lecture and warning, I wasn’t charged.

The edited tape does not look good and I’m embarrassed about the whole thing.

The lesson to watch out for a chubby boy on a bike and if someone wants to steal a sign let them have it!.

I benched myself from picketing for a few days and now need a few more people to sign up for shifts.

Please call me if I can help you find a time that works for you!

We can win this thing and now is the time to pile on the pressure.

If you aren’t already signed up for a picketing time please call me.



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  1. I am wondering how the Conchs (Key West natives) got snookered by these mercenary invaders. Conchs have always been an independent bunch. What their take is on these con artists ripping off the tourists is another thing. Conchs don’t like either.

  2. You can make the graph by simply compounding the interest yearly at 6% on $1. borrowed in 1913 where the interest is added to the principle….for 110 years. THAT graph is nearly exactly what M3 would look like. It’s Q (quantity) is increasing exponentially….just like the money supply under Trump….and the next president controlled by the Jewish debt money….as it funnels the real wealth to a very select few.

    It’s a cliff we have approached going full speed. Derivatives rocketed past $1,200 trillion. We can ignore our need for a Constitutional Amendment that defines the ‘MONEY’ of the USA as equal FED Reserve Note and US Treasury Dollar…..and not have WW3.

  3. It’s the control of money that is the foundation for “control” of people. Germany brought everyone out of extreme poverty when they threw out the Jewish debt money system (Wiemar Republic), “when it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread” and they put in a system that was equity based, spent for value into the economy.

    The fact that Germany used it’s laws and sovereignty to create an equity system, seemed to bring about the headline of the March 24, 1933 London Daily Express….”JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY’. While many Jews would not want to be included with the banksters that “declared war on Germany”, they nonetheless benefit from access that goy do not have.

    So if a total nationalization of the money system elicits the response that it did above, how about focusing on an incremental change that makes the FED debt system and AND a US Treasury Dollar that is legal US money for all debts, public and private….LIMIT IT’S AMOUNT….and CAP THE FEDERAL RESERVE AT IT’S PRESENT LEVEL FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS.

    Make a co-dependent system that breaks the monopoly on creation of money. Sure, pay the FED system to borrow their money but don’t run government, military or social services on debt.

    Here is a reason why something must be done. The money system is expanding at the rate of compounding interest since 1913. They got rid of M3 because it was about to scare the mommy’s and daddy’s with increase in Q (quantity).

  4. An interesting idea. When I spent some time in Miami Beach in the 70’s (before it got popular) I heard a joke that a cheap way to get laughs was to leave a quarter on the sidewalk, stand back, and watch the jews fight over it. South Beach was practically empty in those days. I still remember the stink of the bunker fuel the cruise ships used as they passed by, and the sight of Chalks seaplanes coming and going in the channel.

  5. How many of these shop owners know anything about carcinogens in cosmetics? Here are a few comments by a top authority Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.: Quote:\
    From Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Cancer Prevention Coalition
    Cosmetics- September, 2002
    “Let us talk about cosmetics. The cosmetics industry is in a state of regulatory anarchy. Cosmetics are laden with a plethora of unlabeled carcinogens. Let me give you a few examples.
    Hair dyes contain phenylenediamines and various coloring agents, which are proven carcinogens, documented to relate to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and multiple myeloma. Lotions and creams contain diethanolamine and triethanolamine. These react with nitrites added as preservatives or as contaminants to produce nitrosamines which are extremely potent carcinogens.
    In the average cosmetic or cream, you find highly potent carcinogens. In others, you find agents which release formaldehyde (from polyethylene glycol, bronopal, quaternium 15). Several of them contain dioxane. Others contain artificial colors, including arsenic and lead. The use of talc has been shown to be related to ovarian cancer. However, the ACS “Facts and Figures” mentions nothing about this….
    What Can We Do?
    How can we, as clinicians, deal with this? We must first inform ourselves, so that we can counsel our patients. We must remember an important part of our sacred Hippocratic oath: “First, do no harm.” The Cancer Prevention Coalition takes initiatives on labeling..

    • .. You can argue about the science or the economics, but it is unassailable to say that people have the right to know the truth. This also provides a powerful incentive to responsible and responsive industry to phase out carcinogens and replace them with safer alternatives.
      The German government has taken steps to phase out diethanolamine and triethanolamine from cosmetics, because they produce nitrosamines. There has been no such attempt in this country. Nor has there been any such attempt to label this information on hot dogs. This is outrageous, scientifically and constitutionally outrageous. More important is the realization that we are in the middle of an avoidable cancer epidemic. It is untenable to say “I am just a doctor, and I have nothing to do with this.”
      Who should be telling doctors and citizens about these things? The NCI and ACS, of course. However, the NCI and ACS are part of the cancer/pharmaceutical industrial complex and, as such, are unlikely to change.
      I feel that you all have the right to demand documentation and proof of the assertions I have made today. For that purpose, I refer you to the article I wrote for The American Journal of Industrial Medicine, June 1993 which has detailed citations to verify all the information given in this lecture.”
      Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D

      “In 1926, when Samuel S. Epstein was born in Yorkshire, an English baby boy’s estimated life span was about 60 years. Dr. Epstein lived to be 91, after devoting his career to preventing cancer and heeding his own advice. He died of cardiac arrest on March 18 in Chicago.
      In his own way, Dr. Epstein seemed to be getting the last word in an argument he first ignited four decades ago, when he blamed greedy manufacturers, lax regulators, misguided researchers and complicit charitable groups for what he saw as a coming cancer epidemic.
      A widely read author and widely heard lecturer, Dr. Epstein was venerated by some as an environmental prophet and reviled by others as an overzealous toxin avenger. He outlived many of his critics, perhaps because he had practiced what he preached about prevention in his own life.
      Dr. Epstein did not live his life in a bubble, but he sought to avoid tobacco, X-rays, pesticides, saccharin, talcum powder, cyclamates used as sweeteners, hair spray with vinyl chloride, hot dogs treated with nitrites, milk from cows injected with genetically engineered growth hormones and pajamas treated with a certain flame retardant — all of which he considered carcinogenic.”
      Dr. Epstein published nearly 300 articles and books during his 91 year life. He was a giant scholar.

  6. “A mentally ill woman coerced into spending $40,000” to reverse her aging. That is the problem and not these Jews who flock to the honey. We feel sorry for this woman, duped into giving these Jews $40,000. What if the cosmetics worked, would we still be outraged? Well then the issue would be, why $40,000. Jews will be Jews, it is hopeless to try to change them, laughable even. They are not going to change, they are Jews. What needs to change is talking sense into white people that it is they who are feeding the enemy. Guaranteed, that woman fleeced out of $40,000 has only one “Numero Uno” in her life, mentally ill or anywise ill. You can’t have Jews without white people to feed them.

  7. It is not antisemitic to be ANTISATANIC.

    Hiding behind the brutal old testament torah is the demonic talmud, allowing the chosen few to break every commandment ment to restrain others. We will have a Thousand Years of Light, and create an Eden on Earth, when these parasites are extinguished.

  8. Good article, enjoyed it’s message & talking points. Zionism is a con by masonic thieves. A cult group think hypocritical force desperately kicking they’re own can of demise down the road. A parasite ilk of other secret societies that co-exist w/ them eventually self destruct. A puerile & fatuous mental mindset of deception & evil cunning sophist’s w/ a selfish materialist pagan worshipping pantheon of gods claiming to be spiritual but slinging apocryphal spurious Bravo Sierra.

  9. Chabad-controlled Floriduhh will gag you with a ladle and the Gov. will have you detained for anti-semiticism which is utterly moronic. Floriduhh, OK?

  10. How could anyone tolerate being around these individual’s? These self-chosen ones spout hate speech! I imagine these aren’t the worst of them, plus they aren’t visibly armed like back home in the criminal state.

    BDS 2020

  11. About Trusting others I’d say that in 2020 You can’t Trust Anyone because a deep moral Decay is Everywhere AND Then about giving Anybody a Sign to hold or Giving Anyone Anything is Stupid I once in Toronto saw a guy borrow a cellphone from a Woman on the Streetcan to ” talk to his kid ” but when the doors of streetcar was closing to move the young man took off with the borrowed phone ….. Don’t Trust Anyone AND don’t lend Anything coz it doesn’t say on his face What king of a person you’re talking to ……

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