The 9-11 Bottom Line: An Open Letter to All Researchers

Recently, some 9-11 researchers have questioned VT's work on the subject, therefore I felt a retort was apropos.


Recently, some 9-11 researchers have questioned VT’s work on the subject, therefore I felt a retort was apropos.

The 9-11 material VT has published is only 1% of the hands-on inquiries we have run including bin Laden involvement, where Gordon Duff met with current and former ISI (Pakistani Intelligence Agency) directors (one was a VT editor of course) and was given access to all of Pakistan’s records, with Gordon’s long-time friend Adm. Sirohey (former CJCOS) at his side.

One of the interesting side stories is AEG Kroll (longtime CIA front), reputedly the company that handled the financing for 9/11. Their CFO was the 38-year-old brother of the head of Britain’s foreign intelligence service at the time and was murdered after 9/11 in Portugal. That investigation had to be private, run by Adamas with Gordon Duff as team leader…

VT Editor Jeff Smith was actually there at ground zero within days of the destruction as part of the IAEA investigation, he knows more about 9-11 than you could ever hope to. The parts we have published at VT are just a fraction; what we can get away with publishing without endangering ourselves and our sources, of which Jeff is just one, a whole host of patriotic insiders within the IAEA, Sandia Labs and other major bodies that were directly involved contributed to the information we were able to publish.

This is how the real world works – names are changed to protect people, sources have to be protected, patriots give up immensely valuable gems of information because we can be trusted to publish it and use it to the fullest effect against the perpetrators of the attack on the US. You will never have every ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed, there will always be holes, this is where the skills of intelligence analysis come into play and we are the best analysts working outside the closed spook world; sometimes better than the spooks.

How 9-11 was carried out is old hat, we have everything we need to know, we have a clear picture. However, we have long ago moved on from the mechanics and physics to the important parts – who did it, and what were their intended goals?

An analogy to the JFK case is apt – only pedantic, waste of space type people anguished for decades over how it was done, the serious people moved past who pulled the trigger onto who controlled the operation that put JFK in the firing line; Jim Garrison was at the head of the pack in this regard.

The same people that killed JFK also blew up the WTC, think about that and the implications it has for the last 60 years.

All you need to know about the death of JFK is that he was placed in front of the muzzles of several assassins then shot to pieces; the calibers of their weapons, their actual sniper nest locations, and their identities are irrelevant.

All you need to know about the WTC on 9-11 is that no planes hit anything and the complex was destroyed by nuclear weapons; the exact type of the mini-nukes, their actual locations in vans parked below freon tanks and scattered throughout the core in fire extinguishers in irrelevant.

VT is in the business of dealing with the big issues, what we are decidedly not in the business of is the kinds of pedantic, irrelevant dotting I’s and crossing t’s that so many who interposed themselves into the murky world of ‘9-11 research’ concern themselves with. Such people are rank amateurs and an obsessive interest in bogging people down in such pedantic minutiae is a clear indicator of the influence of the controlled opposition operators who swim through the so-called ‘research community’ like sharks in a tank.

Falling man, 9-11, the symbol of America’s security failure, by inside forces

Israeli operators parked vans containing mini-nukes in the WTC basement parking garages, other Israeli teams posing as legitimate security and maintenance staff placed further mini-nukes disguised as fire extinguishers in key locations within the towers in the days before 9-11. Yet more Israeli teams with vans laden with exploding goodies were apprehended by NYPD on the morning of 9-11 itself, hence major infrastructure like the George Washington Bridge and the Holland Tunnel survive to this day.

The operation was only able to be carried out because Israeli assets within the US allowed it to happen – the FBI had active surveillance of the Israeli-Saudi group in NJ that carried out the operation; without high-level interference, the whole operation could have easily been prevented by the FBI & NYPD simply being allowed to do their jobs properly.

The Saudi role was primarily financing and creation of the cover story involving the Bin Ladens and other Saudi assets such as the Atta operation.

The Pentagon part of 9-11 was a separate event, timed to coincide with the Israeli operation in NYC but distinct from it and run by the same high-level US assets that enabled the Israeli teams to operate in NYC. It was an incredibly cynical elimination of the Pentagon accounting staff that would have been able to investigate the fate of the missing 2.3 trillion dollars admitted by Rumsfeld just the day before.

General Myer, just appointed CJCOS, was key. He called the meeting of the audit staff then didn’t show up. One VT editor missed being killed by seconds. Of course, VT personnel know Myer and his family, saw the money laundered through his daughter and son-in-law then watched the son-in-law run the prosecution of former UN Ambassador Mark Siljander (VT editor) for debunking intel from SITE on Iraqi weapons.

Siljader served 2 years for this, with his defense team run by Ed Meese (former AG), Jim Baker (former Sec of State), and Gordon Duff. Two former Deputy Directors of the FBI helped both Adamas personnel. It was a blatantly simple operation

1. Announce 2.3 trillion missing from Pentagon accounts in order to trigger an immediate forensic financial investigation.

2. The entire Pentagon financial staff assembles in the accounting office the morning after the announcement to attend an emergency meeting called as a direct result of that announcement.

3. Kill absolutely every last matercopulator in the room so that no investigation of where the missing 2.3 trillion went is ever able to take place. It’s a big office, there are scores of people who need to die and the building is armored against bomb attack. A nuclear-tipped cruise missile will do the job.

4. Scatter some old aircraft wreckage on the lawn outside, cut down a few light poles nearby, and have your CIA assets in the media say a plane flew into the Pentagon.

5. Seize all video footage from the 80+ security cameras that recorded a cruise missile strike and only release a handful of frames 20 years later.

6. Getaway with it because everyone is too busy watching the WTC turn into a giant pyroclastic roman candle to notice your blatant assassination job down in DC. Blame it on the same ‘mad Arabs with boxcutters’ and retire to a life of luxury safe in the knowledge you killed two birds with one stone on 9-11 – serving the interests of your Israeli masters while also covering your own asses over the wholesale milking of the US defense budget to the tune of trillions.

If you aren’t interested in this kind of ‘big picture’ analysis and instead want to argue about the physics of some irrelevant aspect of the Israeli operation in NYC then you are simply an amateur wasting your own time and VT isn’t going to fall into the trap of wasting our own time dealing with you.


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