by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

The Mossad tried to prevent this. But they did get Trump in the White House so maybe Weinstein can get a pardon.

Other than his proclivity for doing exactly what Donald Trump has done, though accusations against Trump exceed anything Weinstein comes close to, there is a long career here. Pulp Fiction, the Lord of the Ring films and a life none of us will know about because of how its end has been defined.

He doesn’t produce Homeland, a monstrous propaganda “crapola” and is far from Hollywood’s worst. It isn’t Jews in Hollywood. Jews in Hollywood include great writers, not so many directors, but have made great contributions.

On the other hand, Jews in Hollywood, those with no talent and mob connections, spent decades and still are strangling free expression and pour polluted crap into the entertainment industry.

Why is this an issue and why isn’t it antisemitism? First of all, Jews aren’t Semites anyway, they are Eastern Europeans and Turks.

Second, Jews have been a huge pool of talent. The problem is, Jews with no talent at all are extremely successful as well, simply because of cronyism. This is what Weinstein made his ‘bones’ with and why he was allowed to become a monster just like Trump who may be Jewish, we are told, but is certainly treated as though he is.

What are we saying? Simple, time for Jews to clean house. American Jews didn’t do it but do they allow it through backing the ADL, SPLC, and AIPAC? Maybe.

Are “they” to blame because they don’t, with the exception of Bernie Sanders and a few others, stand for what is right and good? Maybe, maybe not. Are Jews a group?

The Weinstein problem became a Jewish problem when Israel’s government sent thugs and killers to help Weinstein silence victims. With great power comes great responsibility, and this is where American Jews have failed miserably, in policing their own.

Is this a reasonable expectation?

When laws were pushed through ending freedom of speech and expression in 38 states over boycotting Israel over war crimes, very real war crimes according to world tribunals, became a threat to national security and American freedom.

When in Europe, academics are dragged to prison after fake trials over questioning the holocaust, it became a problem. When 9/11 happened, it became a national security issue for the US.

Many of us who aren’t “Jews” as such have Jewish families. I have no problem with religions I consider fake, and that’s 100% of them, or even ethnic or social groups that band together. It’s a dangerous world.

It used to be that Jews were notoriously “non-stupid.” I grew up with those Jews. They are largely gone. I miss them, although my personal friends are pretty much half-Jews to this day. It comes with the territory.

The issue is simply this, that for reason of ethnicity alone, a powerful foreign government has chosen to not only protect but to facilitate not just Weinstein but other monsters as well, top of the list is Donald Trump, a “crypto” and Erdogan, another “crypto.”

Many, but not enough, Jewish leaders stand up and say “enough” but not enough do.

What makes this worse is that the longtime coalition, unionized industrial workers, and many Jews worked in factories in the US at one time, and Jews who were the conscience of the American progressives, put together a nation that may have failed but had promise.

It cared about climate and environment, about reforming our fake courts and partially corrupt police (no blanket attacks there, police don’t deserve it).

So, what are we saying? Maybe is the failure here that allowed Weinstein to be a monster, that allows Trump to freely be a dozen times worse and that puts a nation-state and its intelligence agencies behind serial sex criminals…more than a “Jewish” failure?

Is the real problem an America that’s drowning in its own ignorance and sloth?

Last week I had a talk with educated young people who were far more informed on politics than I was. They are all drowning in student debt, underemployed, paying a third of their income on healthcare and the rest on car insurance.

Others that do better buy big homes have kids they seldom see and try to fit in an empty world of golfers and illiterates who watch Fox News and live devoid of education and culture.

America’s “big house/fancy car” folks are the stupidest generation in American history, shamefully ignorant and, universally, behaviorally psychopathic and sub-human.

It isn’t that Jews are bad, it’s that they are no longer better.


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  1. ” Do not worry about American pressure on Israel,
    We, the Jewish people, control the United States and the American people know it !”
    Ariel Sharon, in a speech to the Knesset, Oct 2001.

  2. I’m sure if Weinstein was another Leo Frank they’d be screaming to high heaven. Also it doesn’t seem that he’s an enthusiastic supporter of the IDF like suspected child rapist and murderer Steven Spielberg.

  3. My opinion is that Weinstein must have stepped on some toes in the industry. It’s interesting that Wind River produced by Weinstein’s company which exposed the Government’s lack of concern and possible complicity in the rape and murder of Indigenous women was shut out of the Oscars because of the hypocritical #metoo crowd. Many who gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl while Meryl Streep was acting as a madam keeping the casting couch well supplied with aspiring actresses.

    Hollywood is a seething snake pit of pedophila, rape, murder and cannibalism which in many ways makes Weinstein look like a boy scout.

  4. “Are Jews a group?” – GD

    Have to agree with Atzmon that the only factor common to all Jews is Jewish tribal identity.

  5. My ancestors were Jewish[ Thorpe, Deverrier] Alsace Lorraine in France was a Jewish enclave. Like author Gerard Menuhin, I can not so proudly say that I am descended from 1000 years of Jewish rabbis. Gerard is the son of famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin eulogized by Stewart Granger in Hollywood b&w flick. He has written a book which is subject to a wall of silence and bans. “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”. Here is a quote from Gerard in the introduction ‘ If you don’t recognize the one true enemy and join forces to fight him and his stooges, you and your children are doomed to slavery.”

  6. No President should be permitted to avoid or delay or post pone court dates and court charges. He must be treated like any other citizen. What do we have a Vice President for? If court dates take too much time let the VP do his job or remove him from office. But allowing a President special favors raises his status to that of Monarchy. This is wrong and against everything our Constitution once stood for. Justice delayed is Justice Denied. We must demand Liar Trump answer any and all charges in all courts pronto. The group of lying lawyers has totally corrupted the so called “justice system” in this country. As author Earl Carey proposes we must ban this group of evil people from holding any jobs or offices in government. Lying lawyers are responsible for most of our problems.

  7. (This is) thematically consistent with the observation of a nation governed by “lesser men”.

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