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Bibi beats Benny but is three seats short of finish line

by Jim W. Dean, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, …and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1816), a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa.

One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. — Carl Sagan

[ Editor’s Note: As of this posting, the Gantz coalition has had one defection that appears to be going over to Likud in return for a minister position, which will not be the first time that has happened. Blue and White is requesting that the minister’s status be revoked for her “betrayal”.

But even with her defection, the Blue and White coalition has a 61-59 edge to block Bibi from attempting to form a government. That same majority is needed to pass a bill that no MK, including Bibi, can form a government while under indictment.

The other Israeli news is they are going full lockdown on the virus, warning that most will eventually get it; and they have the same shortages of hospital support as everyone else, in that their capacity is designed to being full most of the time, which is what they base their budgets on.

Even now they don’t want to clear other patients to make room for 30 virus beds per hospital, as they need the money from every bed. Already 100,000 Israelis are in quarantine, with more to come. Already 900 doctors and nurses are under quarantine. Unlike buddy Trump, there has been no denialism from Netanyahu or blaming it on the Chinese. 

An Israeli lab at the Galilee Research Institute has predicted it will have a working vaccine soon, due to have been working on a similar one for chicken virus, which turned out to be similar to coronavirus, so they have been tweaking the needed changes. The vaccine will still take 90 days before being publicly availability. We wish them well … Jim W. Dean ]

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Israeli lab claims to have a COVID-19 vaccine ready in a few weeks, and in production in 90 days

– First published … March 11, 2020

Update:  Last Thursday morning brought bad news for Bibi. Avigdor Lieberman announced that he was adding his party’s votes to the Blue and White coalition to support a bill in the new Knesset to ban any MK who is under indictment from forming a government.

While the Likud coalition remains three votes short needed to get first shot at forming a government, Lieberman’s move could be his final revenge on Netanyahu by closing the door on his long running and controversial premiership. Benny Gantz will have the 63 votes in his pocket to pass the bill when the Knesset session opens on March 16th.

Expect to see lots of fireworks from Mr. Netanyahu, who will resist with every tool that he can. That has already had him firing off that the Gantz plan is an attack on Israeli democracy.

This was a strange move, as Bibi had already floated the idea in the last few weeks of the election that if he led the new Knesset, he would move to pass a bill to retroactively give him immunity on his three felony cases. I would consider that putting the fix in from the top down and completely nullifying the judicial system’s authority would be considered by many to be an attack on democracy.

Additionally, law enforcement sources were quoted saying an investigation would be opened soon on the Likud party hiring a private intel firm led by a former Shin Bet chief to track and dig up dirt on Gantz. The business daily, The Marker, reported that attorney Yossi Cohen, described as “extremely close to the Netanyahu family”, contacted the CGI group looking for compromising information on Gantz.

Netanyahu’s Likud won the Knesset elections, but with a twist

Welcome to Israeli politics. I must add that using intelligence operatives in political campaigns is something that needs a serious looking into for stiff regulations. VeteransToday finds them involved in elections all over the world as part of their normal information gathering, destabilization, and election rigging work.

Israel woke up to a surprise result Monday morning after the Likuds and Blue and White had been polling within a few percent of each other. Despite the legal baggage that Netanyahu has in his political wagon in the last two weeks he focused the voters on sticking with the man they knew, versus the new guy with no experience on the world stage.

With 99% of the vote counted, Likud was ahead with 36 Knesset seats to Blue and White’s 33 seats. With Bibi’s coalition parties, he had 58 of the needed 61 seats to form a government without enticing some of the moderate MPs to abandon ship to help Bibi cross over the finish line.

On round three, a fractured Israel political system gave the prize to a candidate who awaits a trial date on March 17th for three felonies. Where else in the world could this happen other than in Israel? You just can’t make this stuff up. None of Bibi’s backers care if he is guilty, as long as they get to stay in power.

Gantz stumbles under Bibi’s attacks during the final week

IDF General Gantz was up against a seasoned campaigner, whose detractors admit that he is a master politician on the podium. Bibi’s strategy was to parley his known statesmanship talents against the good general who had to admit that yes he stuttered, but that should not be a disqualification for public office.

That was a mistake that only a political rookie would make. No old timer in politics ever admits to a fault. Its not in their DNA. You talk about the other guy’s faults. Bibi had plenty, and they had one hell of an airing out in the first two elections. The best counter is to attack your opponent always, to put him or her on the defensive.

It was more than just stuttering that tripped up Gantz in the run up to the vote. He tried to imitate being the smooth master like Bibi, winging it at the podium where he appears to be talking extemporaneously, but every word in the last week or two of a campaign has to be carefully crafted for maximum impact on the voters.

Gantz got caught by seeming to get lost within his own message, ending a sentence without a point fully being made, like he forgot what he was going to say. Bibi jumped all over this, charging that Gantz was not ready for the office and voters would sell themselves and Israel short by voting for him.

Leaked audio tape via his own team a huge blow

The Lukids ambushed Gantz with a devastating leaked audio tape. As I wrote in last week’s NEO article, his campaign strategist allowed himself to be recorded in a private conversation with a Rabbi where the tape was magically leaked where Benny’s strategist, Israel Bachar, put a bullet into his campaign by saying that Benny would never have the courage to attack Iran and thus constituted a threat to the people of Israel.

The Israeli public seemed to not care that Rabbi Guy Habura was a close friend of Bibi’s lawyer, where the tape ending up at Channel 12 would be viewed as an incredible coincidence.

Welcome to dog eat dog politics in Israel. It was a huge blow to Gantz, who now had blood in the water and the sharks were circling. Bibi was no longer defending his record. It was now Benny’s turn to defend his.

Likuds’ professional hi-tech get out the vote campaigning

The Likud team had quietly been deploying a secret weapon, using the voter database that all candidates have equal access to, but where the data cannot be passed to a third party. Netanyahy praised his campaign chief Yair Revivo, the mayor of Lod, for winning the extra seats to put Likud on top, despite the initial 36 seats at the 90% count having been trimmed to 35 at the 99% vote count.

Revivo had used the Elector App where the names of 6.5 million eligible voters was uploaded, including all previously registered Likud voters or good prospects were marked down by location to be followed up with 20,000 Likud “fishers of votes”.

People were called, calls logged into the system and a follow up call would be made to assure they had transportation or whatever they needed to get them to the polling station. This good old-fashioned ABC precinct work was effective.

This is the magic of organizing the human touch in a campaign, to move heaven and earth to get your supporters to the polls. While living in Atlanta during Obama’s first run, I watched the Democratic black Americans in the churches make sure all elderly people that could not travel to a polling station had a campaigner make sure they got their absentee voting form mailed.

This included even going to nursing homes to help people. This attention wins close elections, if the vote flipping of the electronic machines does not steal the vote away from you.

In the end, Likud is still short of the magic 61 number by three votes so the pre-election knives have been put away, and now the tools of enticement are being leveraged to find defectors from the other parties to cross over to Bibi.

Why would they do that, you ask? How about being offered a ministerial position, something that has worked in the past. Likud wheeler dealers were making contacts, widely reported in the media, but with news that they were being rejected, so far.

Bibi three seats short of grabbing the prize

The Times of Israel reported that:

“Without 61 seats, Netanyahu will likely seek to woo members of opposition parties to break off and join his coalition, possibly from the right-wing branch of Blue and White, which includes MKs Yoaz Hendel, Zvi Hauser and Omer Yankelevich.

Hendel and Hauser both denied they had been asked to jump ship, saying in identical tweets: “They haven’t approached us. They won’t approach us. And they know why.” Hendel is a former aide to Netanyahu, and Hauser is a former cabinet secretary who also served under the Likud leader. Yankelevich also denied “rumors” that she could defect. She tweeted: “Won’t happen!”

Haaretz reported that Likud had been threatening Yankelevitch with the release of embarrassing tapes about her if she does not join them.

Gantz delays conceding until final official vote count

General Gantz was not all doom and gloom on election night. He knew the polls were showing Bibi winning the most seats, but he had his plan B in the waiting, to cut Bibi off at the pass.

On Wednesday Netanyahu accused Gantz of trying to steal Monday’s election with his beginning efforts to pass a law that would prevent an indicted MK from forming a government.

Bibi charged during a press conference that such an effort would undermine democracy. “This is an effort to divide the nation when we are facing serious challenges like the corona crisis…There are also opportunities like US President Donald Trump’s plan [to steal the Palestinians’ land] that require us to be united and respect the will of the people.”

After the press left the room, Bibi let loose even more, upgrading his attack on Gantz, saying that he was worse than Iran’s Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei. “In Iran they disqualify candidates before elections, but here Gantz is doing it after an election despite the results.”

Bibi forgot to mention that it was he who posed that, if he won the election, he would submit a bill to be passed to give him retroactive immunity.

Another threat to Bibi is on center stage

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel has moved forward with its earlier plans to file a petition in the High Court of Justice that Netanyahu should not have the right to form the next government due to his facing criminal charges.

The same group had an earlier petition dismissed by Attorney General Mandelblit when he ruled that because Bibi had failed to form a government after the second election, the issue was moot until he was in a position to so do.

As generals have historically said when they could not foresee the result of a battle engagement, “The issue is still in doubt.”

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VT, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. Suppose Bibi visited that same house of ill repute his son uses over there and his rubber broke. And at the same time suppose his luck was so bad he contacted Corona from her too! It could have been his bad luck day but a good luck day for humanity.

  2. Trump and Bibi owned by the Mafia… Deep state and London bankster’s own the perception of political correctness… AIPAC is run by the same forces that control the narrative of human perceptions via, the MSM and the ideological conditioning that humans find appealing to their state fed education… free thinkers are demonized as radical intelligentsia… Brain dead, is mostly aggravated buy the reasoning given for making any political change a format that includes truth!… Politicians are truth tellers? Turn off the tube and turn on the critical thought lost in the politics of political correctness… Kiss baby’s and make the mothers vote for baby killers that hold us hostage to the capitalist military industrial complex of corporate fascist NWO CFRians… those that hold us hostage to slavery and fictional thinking with a capitalistic format.
    Where as, the economic fulcrum is in the hands of underworld black markets and fictional laws that create lawlessness and incoherence to constitutional rule of law. The deck is stacked… MSM is owned by the stackers of narrative dementia… dealing from the bottom of the deck is taught in the halls of Rockefeller institutional education… no one in their right mind would home school their children to be slave in the industrial dialog of self-slavery to those that do not give a shit about anything but power and money!

  3. What I am wondering (Jim) is whether Benny & Blue + White together with the Palestinian List & other assorted antiBiBi’s plus the Russian Party ( :)))) could allow BiBi & Likud to enter Government while contemporaneously voting down any attempts by Likud to grant ex post facto indemnity or pardons to BiBi for his Crimes and also vote to stop annexation of Palestine Territories? Long shot I know but ……

    • The Pals have a chance in this as the Arabs in the Joint List will want a contract the new negotiation is wanted on the West Bank. But the reality of it is there is way more than enough public support to vote No through their MKs, regardless of what Benny would choose. It is these kinds of battles inside Blue and White that has unbiased political analyst predicting that it will tear itself apart over the sub-party passionate agenda. One of the Arab MPs has said “no more bombing of Gaza is a red line. That is a tall order, one the could kill their being able to form a government of getting an anti- Bibi bill passed.

  4. He’s not only 3 seats short but also one sandwich short of a picnic. Even though I don’t know the guy. I’m rooting for Gantz to take down Bibi.

  5. Remember, remember, the 5th of September …

    Most fellows might have forgotten these famous words. Itzak Rabin was murdered 1995 by a jew.

    We all too often tend to forget this traumatic event for the jewish world. A lot of things happened just before this event and Nethanjahu was always right in the middle of it at that time. Afterwords, he started his first session of reign. Yes, I remember very well …

    • Bibi’s “incitement” has gotten play in Israeli media with Gantz. Gantz is walking a tightrope with his diverse coalition, one that might be hard to hold together for a bunch of newbies. There have been analysts there posing that it might be best to let Gantz have the government and then watch it self destruct with all the infighting and Blue and White might get spread to the wind next time.

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